Book Review: Out of Nowhere by William Cali

Trigger Warnings – There’s death and violence, a bit of cursing, not that wild though

“Adrian Pent was on top of the world in high school. The next several years of his life? Not so much. Pent bags groceries, burns his paycheck at the bar, and carries a gun—though it’s not clear if it’s for his own protection or to find a sense of meaning from something. Anything he can do to take him out of his boring life.

All that changes when he’s transported to the mysterious world of Cinraia. He’s trading in his jeans for a tunic and his gun for a sword. This world is wrought with danger, and if he means to find a way back home, he’ll need to find a way to survive first.

Will Pent be able to navigate this new world? Or will he mess everything up here too? This is his second chance, his opportunity to make something of himself. He’ll have to tangle with knights and wizards, make new friends, and cope without modern conveniences if he has any hope to get out of nowhere.”

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Alright, the beginning was dull, it was hard to get past the first 8 chapters, but because I like giving books a chance, I read on. The twist of Pent falling into another world happened. First exciting thing to happen. I loved that Pent is Black man as a main character, but we can also understand his thinking and emotions as such. Especially in a new world.

Life is constantly compared from Pent’s world to this new world he is in, which makes it interesting but I feel like it dragged on a little bit too long from the day to day.

Then we are introduced to Gillbrant and Yowzer, and that is where the heat is turned up. The send half to ending was great. I am so glad I really pushed through to finish. I didn’t see it going that way which made it all the better. I was imagining something completely different. The Author William Cali ended it perfectly as is, but could easily make a second, which he has, and a third. So now I am off to read the rest of the series.

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