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Bones Season 10 Summary

The tenth season of the American television series Bones premiered on September 25, 2014, and concluded on June 11, 2015, on Fox. The show moved time slots from its previous season, airing on Thursdays at 8:00 pm ET.

Season 10, Episode 1: The Conspiracy in the Corpse

The team attempt to find the identities of the people responsible for framing Booth and sending him to prison. Booth is introduced to his new junior agent James Aubrey (John Boyd). Near the end of the episode, Lance Sweets is killed in a parking garage as the conspiracy continues to grow, and the Jeffersonian team vows to solve the case and find out who killed him.

Season 10, Episode 2: The Lance to the Heart

As the team mourn the loss of Sweets, they must piece together the final clues in order to find the identity of his killer and thus another piece in the conspiracy that sent Booth to prison.

Season 10, Episode 3: The Purging of the Pundit

After a right-wing radio host’s remains are found in a storm drain, the team narrow the list of suspects after learning about his surprising extracurricular activities, while Agent Aubrey and Brennan both express concern over Booth’s state of mind.

Season 10, Episode 4: The Geek in the Guck

A body dumped in a river proves to be a wealthy games designer with a history of manipulating others, leaving the team with no shortage of suspects. Meanwhile, Booth and Brennan begin to consider Christine’s future.

Season 10, Episode 5: The Corpse at the Convention

A forensic scientist convention becomes complicated when all the attendees want to help determine cause of death for a body found in a stairwell, with the subsequent investigation revealing that Hodgins is a potential suspect. Brennan encounters a rival after making a speech and Wendell returns with an update on his health.

Season 10, Episode 6: The Lost Love in the Foreign Land

The body of a murdered maid proves complicated when they discover that she was an undocumented immigrant, and Arastoo’s preparation for his dissertation coincides with talk of marriage between him and Cam.

Season 10, Episode 7: The Money Maker on the Merry-Go-Round

Aubrey is troubled by an emotional connection to the case of a murdered hedge-fund trader, and Booth and Brennan face a parental conflict over their contrasting reactions to Christine swearing for the first time.

Season 10, Episode 8: The Puzzler in the Pit

The team is called in after a crossword puzzle master is discovered in an urban fracking site. Meanwhile, Daisy goes into labor.

Season 10, Episode 9: The Mutilation of the Master Manipulator

The team investigates the murder of a college professor. Wendell meets a girl during his clinical trial. Booth has to pass a drivers test after getting too many traffic tickets.

Season 10, Episode 10: The 200th in the 10th

In the 200th episode, Bones pays tribute to Alfred Hitchcock, by reimagining the Jeffersonian and FBI teams in 1950s Hollywood.

Season 10, Episode 11: The Psychic in the Soup

The team investigate the death of a psychic whose body is found in a tree. They are assisted by Angela’s psychic friend, Avalon Harmonia, however some of the team are skeptical regarding her having real psychic powers. Meanwhile, the team remember Sweets on what would have been his 30th birthday.

Season 10, Episode 12: The Teacher in the Books

The team investigate the death of a school teacher whose body is discovered in a bookstore. Meanwhile, Brennan joins Twitter as encouraged by her publisher to expand her fan base for her novels.

Season 10, Episode 13: The Baker in the Bits

An ex-con’s body is found in pieces after being blown up in a mine explosion, which leads the team to investigate a bakery which is known for hiring ex-felons. Meanwhile, Arastoo learns that his brother is dying from cancer, and must decide whether to return to Iran, his birth country from which he fled as a teenager.

Season 10, Episode 14: The Putter in the Rough

The team investigate the death of a professional mini-golfer. Brennan’s father, Max, returns, however she becomes suspicious when he says he has to leave town. Meanwhile, Wendell has Hodgins assist him after he accidentally breaks a family heirloom of his girlfriend’s.

Season 10, Episode 15: The Eye in the Sky

When the remains of a high-stakes gambler are found in an industrial shredder, Booth goes undercover in an underground poker game, much to the dismay of Brennan, and risks relapsing into his gambling addiction. Meanwhile, Hodgins invents an unbreakable material which keeps glass from breaking when dropped, and Brennan and Booth find out they’re expecting a second child. Later, Booth, affected by going undercover, breaks his gambling sobriety and makes a bet.

Season 10, Episode 16: The Big Beef at the Royal Diner

The death of a TV celebrity chef leads Booth and Brennan to investigate the Royal Diner, a local restaurant the Jeffersonian team frequent for lunch every day. Meanwhile, Hodgins sells his invention for millions, and Cam receives word from Arastoo who is in Iran. Booth buys Brennan a golden necklace with the money he won from the bet, and Brennan becomes skeptical of his behavior when she discovers his misplaced gambling sobriety chip, an item he always has.

Season 10, Episode 17: The Lost in the Found

When the remains of a girl are discovered in a ditch, it leads Booth and Brennan to a private high school where they discover she was a victim of bullying. They discover that the girl committed suicide, but made her own death to look like a murder and planted evidence so that the other girls who bullied her would be blamed for her death. Meanwhile, the rest of the Jeffersonian team discover Brennan is pregnant and Daisy ponders whether to start dating again, still reeling from the death of Sweets.

Season 10, Episode 18: The Verdict in the Victims

After Brennan re-examines an old case and finds new evidence, she believes Alex Rockwell, a man she and Booth convicted as a serial killer in “The Baker in the Bits” did not actually commit the murders. The team races to prove who the serial killer is as Rockwell will be put to death in 48 hours. Meanwhile, Angela and Hodgins contemplate their future, possibly moving to Paris. Linda Lavin guest stars as the judge approached to stop the execution.

Season 10, Episode 19: The Murder in the Middle East

Booth and Cam travel to Tehran, Iran, when they learn Arastoo has been kidnapped by a member of the Iranian parliament to assist in a murder investigation. They must identify the killer for Arastoo to be released. Meanwhile, Brennan learns Booth has been gambling again when his bookie shows up at their home telling her he owes money. When Booth returns from Iran, Brennan confronts him and tells him to leave.

Season 10, Episode 20: The Woman in the Whirlpool

Booth and Aubrey investigate the murder of a woman who was a collector of cookie jars. Meanwhile, Booth, who is no longer living at home with Brennan, begins to attend Gamblers Anonymous hoping to overcome his addiction. Also, Aubrey gets close with Jeffersonian intern, Jessica.

Season 10, Episode 21: The Life in the Light

The team must navigate the two very different worlds while investigating the death of an ex-con turned yoga instructor; Booth works to regain Brennan’s trust; Angela and Hodgins make a major decision.

Season 10, Episode 22: The End in the End

The team investigates a killing in which the crime scene points to a possible protege of Pelant; Angela second-guesses the decision to move to Paris; Brennan and Booth consider employment options.

Bones Season 10 Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Some really interesting episodes like trying to find new evidence of the serial killer Alex Rockwell, helping Arastoo, and an Alfred Hitchcock inspired episode. Bones season 10 really stepped up the game and began focusing more on the arcs of interns like Arastoo. Again, this series is enjoyable on so many levels.

Which intern is your favorite?

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