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It’s been two years since Jesse (Jason James Richter) saved and freed his orca friend, Willy. Jesse, now 14 years old, has since been adopted by his foster parents, Glen and Annie Greenwood (Michael Madsen and Jayne Atkinson). Jesse and his adoptive parents are preparing to go on a family camping trip to the Pacific Northwest. Glen has been trying to teach Jesse to drive their motorboat named Little Dipper, but Jesse is more interested in girls. However, before they leave town, Dwight (Mykelti Williamson), Jesse’s former social worker, shows up to inform them that they have found Jesse’s biological mother, who abandoned him 8 years ago in New York City. Jesse’s mother has died and left behind another son, Jesse’s younger half-brother named Elvis (Francis Capra). Jesse is devastated about this news, but comes to terms, after talking his feelings out with Glen. When Elvis arrives, he is morose, overly talkative and mischievous, and he is also prone to telling lies and easily gets on Jesse’s nerves. He is invited on their trip to San Juan Island so that he and Jesse might get to know each other.

At the environmental institute, Jesse reunites with his old Native American friend, Randolph Johnson (August Schellenberg) whom Jesse met at the Northwest Adventura Park when he met Willy years back. Jesse quickly becomes smitten with Randolph’s attractive and kindly goddaughter, Nadine (Mary Kate Schellhardt). Jesse also tracks down and reunites with Willy one night. Jesse cautiously begins to show his interest in Nadine, and as the awkward teenagers grow closer, Jesse helps Nadine befriend Willy. Elvis spies on the two, forming his own bond with the young playful Littlespot, and lies to Glen and Annie telling them that Jesse kissed Nadine. Glen talked to Jesse who says that he didn’t kiss Nadine, and Glen locks Elvis in his tent.

As the Greenwoods continue to enjoy their camping trip, the Dakar runs aground on a reef and spills oil into the ocean due to an engine malfunction, trapping Willy, Luna and Littlespot in a small cove. When word gets out that the orcas are trapped and Luna is dying from the oil in her lungs having swam through the oil when the oil tankerran aground, Benbrook Oil CEO John Milner (Jon Tenney) arrives and announces a plan to move the orcas into captivity where they can recover from their injuries. Jesse makes a deal with Milner to get the whales back to their mom or else he’ll be blamed for Luna’s death.

With Luna’s condition worsening despite receiving treatment from Kate Haley (Elizabeth Peña), Randolph and Jesse eventually use an old Indian remedy that they administer to Luna, who recovers the next morning. Elvis, who runs away believing that Jesse is more important and after Annie breaks her promise to allow him to help the whales, overhears Milner and whaler Bill Wilcox (M. Emmet Walsh) discussing their real plan to sell the orcas to marine mammal parks and rushes back to camp. Shortly afterwards, with the oil spill reaching dangerous proximity to the cove, Benbrook Oil and the whalers boom it off despite Jesse, Randolph and Nadine’s objections and begin extracting the whales. As the extraction of Littlespot commences, Elvis returns in time to warn Jesse and the brothers expose Milner’s plot which lead to them knocking Milner and his assistant (Paul Tuerpe) into the water while Haley and the others laugh at them struggling to swim to the dock. With the help of a distraction by Jesse and Elvis, Willy manages to rescue his little brother by tipping Wilcox’s boat.

With time running out before the oil reaches the cove, Jesse, Elvis and Nadine hijack Little Dipper to lead the whales to safety. On Jesse’s signal, Willy is able to break the boom and leads his siblings out of the cove. However, an explosion on the tanker, due to fuel vapors igniting after trying to start the tanker’s generator, results in the crude oil in the water catching fire. Despite the danger, the three whales are able to swim under the flaming oil to safety. Having followed the whales to ensure they got safely past the oil, Jesse, Nadine and Elvis fall into danger when they take Little Dipper into another cove to avoid the flaming oil, but the fogginess from the smoke caused Jesse to hit a rock and the boat begins to sink while the flames seal off the cove.

At the same time, Glen, Annie and Randolph search for the three in the latter’s boat, Natselane, with him sending a distress signal that summons the Coastal Marine Patrol to the trio’s aid. A search and rescue helicopter locates them, and Elvis and Nadine are pulled to safety. However, the Little Dipper then submerges completely, leaving Jesse struggling in the oily water, and unable to secure himself sufficiently in the helicopter’s harness. He ultimately slips out and falls back into the ocean, just inches away from the helicopter and, due to smoke choking the helicopter’s engine, it is forced to leave Jesse behind even though a backup ship is called in. Jesse nearly drowns but is rescued by Willy who returns for his friend. Willy is able to carry him safely under the fire to the Natselane, where Glen and Annie pull Jesse to safety. Though Jesse was curious as to why Willy won’t leave, it was revealed through Randolph that the signal must be performed. An emotional Jesse does it, and he and the Greenwoods say goodbye to Willy before he departs back to his family.

Shortly after, the Coastal Marine Patrol drop off Nadine and Elvis to the Nastelane. Elvis gives Jesse an old picture of him and their mother, and explains that he once ripped it up out of anger, but taped it back together for him. He also tells Jesse that their mother always talked about him and that she felt bad about abandoning him. Jesse thanks him for the picture and hugs him, finally able to put his past at rest. Glen and Annie decide to keep the brothers together. When asked by Elvis about Littlespot’s whereabouts, Jesse tells him that Willy and his siblings are back with their mom. He then says the same Haida prayer to himself after knowing that they are all free.

Sometime later with the oil spill cleaned up, Willy, Luna and Littlespot reunite with Catspaw.

Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home Review

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home is the 2nd in the film series. I haven’t heard anyone even mention this movie or the rest in the series but it is a great family movie for education. It deals with a real world problem that happens too often. Oil spills truly effect a lot of our ocean life as well as land life. There were over 137 since 2018 alone. If that’s not enough to wanting a change to help our environment, well I don’t know what is. Anyway, Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home is a great starting point for these conversations with your children.
Signing off with the effects of Oil Spills.

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