#RIP John by Sivan

Trigger Warning: This book contains graphic scenes of bullying and suicide.

Everyone wants a chance to fit in, and that’s all John King wants when he starts at his new school. A relentless bully, a blogger, and a pretty girl all have a different plan for him, and after he endures all he can, John takes his own life.
The only problem left for Devan, Melinda and Jenny?
He doesn’t stay dead.

It is available on Amazon here.

I am so glad there was a trigger warning. This is a tough read if you have been bullied or ever thought about suicide. If you can power through it though, it is worth the read. The first have is depressing and completely relatable in terms of the bullying. It was easy to sympathize with John and what he was going through.

Then the twist happened. So by the book cover and title, you can assume John would be hung and die. We know it is a suicide front the trigger warning as well. However, it does not prepare you for the dark twist of tables. That was sadistic but yet satisfying as a reader. I don’t want to give anything more away. Go ahead and read it yourself if you like dark revenge.

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