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Cinderella II: Dreams Come True is the first of the two Cinderella sequels, both of which were directed straight to Video. Cinderella II was released on February 26, 2002 and while it originally received negative reviews, it is a fan favorite among Disney groups. Cinderella II is broken down by three stories from different points of view, which are “Aim to Please,” “Tall Tail,” and “An Uncommon Romance.”

“Aim to Please” is Cinderella’s story. It begins with Cinderella (Jennifer Hale)  and Prince Charming (Christopher Daniel Barnes) returning from their honeymoon. The King (Andre Stojka) immediately puts Cinderella in charge of the Royal banquet as he and Prince Charming are away. Cinderella’s lead maid, Prudence (Hiolland Taylor), and her two ladies in waiting, Beatrice and Daphne (Russi Taylor), teach her how the Royal banquet should be run. Cinderella has to deal with all of it in a new uncomfortable dress that has a frame. Cinderella is so off balance that she ends up falling while practicing the dance. Ashamed, Cinderella retreats to her room. Jaq (Rob Paulsen), Gus (Corey Burton), and Mary (Russi Taylor) the mice, find Cinderella crying and they comfort her. The mice tell her to just be herself. That is exactly what perks Cinderella up. Ignoring Prudence’s disapproval, Cinderella changes things about the banquet like inviting all the villagers, removing prunes from the menu, opens the curtains and doesn’t force waltzing. The Royal banquet is underway when the King and Prince Charming return. At first the King was furious but after having chocolate pudding dropped on his head, the King is pleased by Cinderella’s changes. The story ends with Cinderella and Prince Charming sharing a kiss.

Jaq, Gus and Mary add Cinderella’s story to the book with the help from the Fairy Godmother (Russi Taylor). Jaq says he doesn’t like magic after what happened last time. This launches him into telling the story of “Tall Tail.” Being a mouse means you are small, and that is exactly how Jaq feels. He feels too small to help Cinderella. Fairy Godmother had arrived to help Jaq, and he asks if he can turn human. Fairy Godmother did just that, however that didn’t stop the castles cat Pom-Pom (Frank Welker) from chasing Jaq no matter his form. At one point, Jaq was at the fair and had an incident with an elephant which cause Castle staff to mistaken him for “Sir Hughes.” All the chaos helped Jaq appreciate being a mouse and that he was in love with Mary the mouse, He also fully believes that Pom-Pom was at one point Lady Tremain’s with the way she’s evil. 

At the end of Jaq’s retelling, another mouse accidentally spilled magic dust on the art supplies, causing them to be animated. The supplies begin creating havoc on the book but Fairy Godmother stops it. The mice take a look at how much damage was done as Jaq begins to reminisce over “An Uncommon Romance,” which is all about Anastasia, who is one of Cinderella’s stepsisters, love story. 

Anastasia (Tress MacNeille) has fallen in love with the Baker, unfortunately her mother Lady Tremain (Susanne Blakeslee) and her sister Drizella (Russi Taylor),  disapprove. Lady Tremaine and Drizella want Anastasia to ignore the Baker and find a rich man. The two put down the Baker and everything that he has made. For the first time ever, Anastasia goes against her mother’s wishes. Anastasia was out walking when we see Lucifer chasing the mice, Anastasia gets tripped into a horse, who in returns kicks Anastasia into the Bakers shop where she ends up with bread and egg all over her. Ashamed by her ragged appearance she runs away but ends up seeing Cinderella. Cinderella invites Anastasia to the Castle for a makeover. Cinderella also helps Anastasia with her confidence and telling her to follow her heart. The two planned on meeting the following morning to visit the Baker.

In the meantime, Lucifer (Frank Welker) chases the mice into the castle. He meets Pom-Pom and fells in love, but Pom-Pom doesn’t reciprocate the love, The mice and Lucifer strike a deal, they will help Lucifer win Pom-Pom’s affection if he stops chasing them. And so they work together until Pom-Pom makes Lucifer breaks his promise. The two cats now end up chasing the mice around the palace. 

Back with Anastasia, she is in the village and has an idea of buying the Baker a garland. The Baker had the same idea and just happened to be asking another woman her opinion when Anastasia sees. Making an assumption, Anastasia is devastated and runs to the fountain to cry. The baker follows her, giving her the garland and asking her to the ball. Anastasia uses Cinderella’s advice by following her heart and staying with the Baker, even though her family thinks they will be the laughingstock of the town.

The movie ends with the mice finishing the book and singing “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo” as they follow Cinderella trying to gift her the book. Cinderella loves her gift and asks if they can all read it together, with an outstanding “Yes” from the mice, they all sat down gathering around as Cinderella read “Once Upon a Time..”The mice finish their book, and the Fairy Godmother asks if they are ready to show it to Cinderella. She is spotted out in the hallway and the mice follow after her with the book. They sing a reprise of “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo”, When they catch up with her (with some assistance by the Fairy Godmother), she asks them what it is, Gus telling her is a book about them all. Cinderella thinks it is wonderful and asks if the mice would like to read it together, to which the mice give a resounding “Yes!”. The movie ends as they gather in front of the fire and Cinderella begins to read.

Cinderella II: Dreams Come True Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Cinderella II gets praised for its genius as a sequel. It is too bad it didn’t have a theatrical release as it is one of the best sequels Disney has done. Back before Disney started doing spins on the villains through live action films, Anastasia got her own story shown in this film. It really puts her in a good light despite her mother and sister. Many of us Disney Fans have a soft spot for her after this film. It is a must as a Disney film, family film and if you love Cinderella.

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