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In Spain, young Ferdinand lives with other calves and bulls at Señor Moreno’s “Casa del Toro”, where bulls are trained for the bullfighting ring. Ferdinand is a pacifist, and is bullied by the other calves Valiente, Guapo, and Bones. A matador arrives, and the calves’ fathers fight to impress him. Ferdinand’s father Raf is picked, and Valiente squishes Ferdinand’s favorite flower in retaliation. Raf does not come back from the ring; realizing his father is dead, Ferdinand runs away from Casa del Toro. He winds up on a flower farm owned by Juan and his daughter Nina, who adopt him, much to the annoyance of their dog Paco.

Some years later, Ferdinand has grown into an enormous but still-gentle bull. Juan determines that Ferdinand looks too intimidating to take along to the annual Flower Festival in Ronda, as in previous years. Ferdinand follows them anyway, but is stung by a bee and panics, accidentally destroying the town square. Animal Controlofficers deem him dangerous, and take him away before Nina and Juan can explain.

The officers decide to give Ferdinand to Casa del Toro, where he meets his old comrades Valiente, Bones, and Guapo, as well as new additions Lupe the goat, Angus the Highland bull, and lab-cloned Galloway Maquina. Ferdinand tries to escape, but is stopped by three German Andalusian horses, who now keep watch to prevent any more bulls from escaping.

Snooty matador El Primero arrives, needing a bull for his final bullfight before retirement. Moreno puts all the bulls in a ring to fight it out, but Ferdinand refuses to take part, causing a chain of mishaps when he tries to help Guapo recover from a stage-fright-induced faint. El Primero gives Moreno two days to get the bulls into shape. Guapo is sent to the chop house, and Valiente informs a horrified Ferdinand that non-fighters now become meat.

That night, Ferdinand comforts Bones as he grieves for Guapo, making a friend of him. The next day, he fixes Angus’ hair so he can see better, earning another friend. Ferdinand, Bones, and Angus then challenge the horses to a dance off, and Maquina joins in the fun, helping them win. Valiente mocks them for bonding and wasting valuable practice time, causing the other bulls to sadly abandon Ferdinand.

With the help of hedgehogs Una, Dos, and Cuatro, Ferdinand and Lupe try to escape through the house. Ferdinand finds a wall of horns in a trophy room, including his father’s horns. Realizing that the chosen bull inevitably dies in every bullfight, Ferdinand goes back and warns the others to run for their lives. Valiente refuses to accept the truth, and starts fighting Ferdinand, accidentally breaking off his own horn. He is taken to the chop house, and Ferdinand is chosen by El Primero for the bullfight.

Ferdinand breaks out and rescues Valiente, as well as Guapo, who had not yet been killed. Together, Lupe, the bulls and the hedgehogs steal Moreno’s truck and flee to Madrid, pursued by Moreno’s staff. They abandon the truck and flee on foot to the Atocha train station. Ferdinand helps the others get aboard the train, but deliberately sacrifices himself to buy them time to get away. He is captured and brought to the ring, but a video of the bulls’ escape has made the news. Recognizing Ferdinand on TV, Paco alerts Juan and Nina, who hurry to Madrid to save Ferdinand.

In Las Ventas arena, Ferdinand refuses to fight, but becomes scared and starts running around in blind panic, accidentally knocking over and humiliating El Primero. Primero wounds him with a banderilla, and Ferdinand nearly retaliates until he sees a carnation crushed beneath his hoof. Unwilling to hurt anyone, Ferdinand spares El Primero and sits down, waiting to be killed. The crowd yells for Primero to let Ferdinand live, and he decides to put down his sword and leave with dignity. Ferdinand becomes the first bull to “win” a bullfight, and is reunited with Nina. Moreno then brings Lupe, Ferdinand and the rest of the bulls to Nina’s farm, where they become a part of the family.

In a mid-credits scene, the hedgehogs are shocked to find their lost brother Tres.

Ferdinand Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

It was cute but didn’t hold my attention well, however my son was well entertained. There were a few funny scenes like with the hedgehogs and bullion a China shop. Ferdinand is family friendly and perfect to pair with Spanish food.
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