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Lady and the Tramp (2019) Summary

On Christmas Day, Jim Dear gives his wife, Darling, an American Cocker Spaniel puppy whom she names Lady. Lady grows up and befriends the neighbors’ dogs: elderly Bloodhound Trusty and feisty Scottish Terrier Jock. Meanwhile, a Schnauzer-mutt, known to most dogs as the Tramp, spends his days wandering the streets of New Orleans in search of food while causing trouble for the local dog catcher, Elliot. After a run-in with Elliot during which Tramp frees two of his friends from the dog catcher’s carriage, Tramp escapes into one of New Orleans’ more affluent areas and ends up in Lady’s backyard. Wondering why Jim Dear and Darling have been neglectful of late and shooed by Darling’s Aunt Sarah, a distracted Lady initially mistakes Tramp for Trusty and confides in him, from which Tramp surmises that Darling is about the have a baby. Tramp warns Lady that “once the baby moves in, the dog moves out”, which Lady dismisses. However, after the baby is born, Lady realizes there might have been some truth to Tramp’s words.

A month after the baby’s birth, Jim Dear and Darling leave for an extended visit to Jim Dear’s sister and ask Aunt Sarah to dog-sit. While Aunt Sarah is upstairs, her two cats, Devon and Rex, demolish the living room. Blaming Lady for the chaos, Aunt Sarah takes Lady to a pet store in order to buy a muzzle. Lady escapes into an alley but is confronted by a street dog from whom she is saved by Tramp. The two dogs spend the rest of the day together and share a meal at Tony’s Restaurant. Lady confesses she is doubtful whether her owners still want her and Tramp reveals he once had owners, but was abandoned after they had a child. Their conversation is interrupted by Elliot who eventually captures Lady and brings her to the dog pound. The other dogs at the pound discuss Tramp’s self-serving nature, which causes Lady to reevaluate the evening and question why Tramp did not attempt to rescue her from Elliot. Fortunately, Jim Dear and Darling track Lady down at the pound and bring her home, where they resolutely show Aunt Sarah the door.

Regretful that he did not do more to save Lady from Elliot, Tramp eventually makes his way to Lady’s house but she indicates their friendship has reached its conclusion. When a rat that had been plaguing the house for some time finds its way into the nursery, Lady alerts Tramp who manages to kill the rat, getting injured in the process, knocks over Lulu’s crib by accident. He is caught by Jim Dear and Darling. who assume he was not attacking lulu. it was just protecting her from the rat and thanking Tramp nicelly for help Lulu, As Elliot takes Tramp away to be euthanized, Lady reveals the dead rat to her owners, who knew Tramp saved their child. Lady enlists Trusty and Jock’s help and the dogs chase and overturn the dog catcher’s carriage and rescue Tramp. When Jim Dear and Darling arrive having remembered that Tramp was just protecting Lulu in the room up there. on the scene they decide to adopt Tramp and by Christmas-time, Tramp has settled into his new home.

Lady and the Tramp (2019) Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Honestly the remakes can be a hit or miss. This one was a miss for me. I liked that it brought more clarity on location, which was Walt Disney’s home town. The other piece I appreciate from this film was that the actually used shelter dogs and got them adopted after. That is a fantastic way to bring awareness and help charities. Otherwise, it was hard to keep my attention. I just left like the plot was forced and didn’t translate as well in a Live-Action form.

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