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Amanda Pierce (Monica Potter), a New York paintings conservator at The Met, has bad judgment in men, which becomes apparent when she finds her boyfriend cheating on her with a supermodel. She looks for a new apartment, and finds one with four struggling models: Jade (Shalom Harlow), Roxana (Ivana Miličević), Candi (Sarah O’Hare) and Holly (Tomiko Fraser).

When Amanda discovers that Jim Winston (Freddie Prinze Jr.), a guy she likes, lives in the apartment across from hers, she starts spying on him to try to find his flaw. One night she sees him kill a woman, Megan O’Brien (Tanja Reichert). However, she is the only witness; and when the police arrive, they find no evidence of the crime.

Annoyed by the police’s lack of effort, Amanda and her new friends investigate Jim on their own. When Amanda confronts him, he turns out to be an undercover FBI agent, Bob Smoot, who was trying to gain a suspect’s trust by staging his partner Megan’s death. Amanda learns that Jim is investigating a Russian named Strukov (Jay Brazeau), who, under the alias of Halloran, has been smuggling money. He is also the client for whom Amanda has been privately restoring a painting.

Strukov captures Jim, Amanda and her roommates; but they escape when Roxana seduces their Russian guard. They discover Strukov is actually smuggling diamonds. They go to a fashion runway, take down Strukov, and receive special commendations from the FBI.

Jim asks Amanda if they can start over, but she refuses and he leaves. However, Amanda and Jim—going by his real name, Bob—”meet” again. He takes her up to his new apartment, from where they can see Amanda’s model friends, who are obviously happy that things turned out so well for her.

Head over Heels Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Cheesy but hilarious and cute. A great underrated rom com. When I fest saw this film I was obsessed with watching everything Freddie Prince Jr. was in after I crushed on him from Scooby Doo. Found this fun romcom and I fell in love with the plot. It covers all emotions. Seriously, you won’t regret watching it. It’s appropriate for kids but not aimed for them so I would hold off until they are teenagers.

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