Movie Review: Pocahontas II: A Journey to the New World

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Pocahontas II: A Journey to the New World Summary

Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World was released August 25, 1998 as the sequel to Pocahontas. The sequel focuses on Pocahontas’ trip to England with John Rolfe to negotiate between the Indigenous and England. Disney doesn’t show what happens after Pocahontas (Irene Bedard/ Judy Kuhn)  returns to her land with John Rolfe (Billy Zane).

The movie opens up in London with John Smith (Donal Gibson) being ambushed by a group of soldiers. The soldiers had a warrant for his arrest but John Smith fought back and presumably died. Governor Ratcliffe (David Ogden Stivers) reported back to King James (Jim Cummings) and lied about Smith being a traitor and planned a war against the Powhatan Nation to get their gold. With this information, King James ordered John Rolfe to go to the New World and bring Chief Powhatan (Russell Means) back for negotiation. 

Back in the New World, Pocahontas mourns John Smith. One day she sees another ship arrive at the colony. Pocahontas goes to welcome the new comer but he only wants to speak with Chief Powhatan. John Rolfe wanted to gift the Chief with a horse who gives it to his daughter, Pocahontas. John Rolfe asks the Chief to return to England for negotiations but he declined as this was his land. Pocahontas goes in his place, instead. Chief Powhatan sends Uti (Brad Garrett) as a bodyguard with her. 

Skipping ahead, Pocahontas and Rolfe arrive in England. Rolfe takes Pocahontas to his home before meeting with King James and Queen Anne (Finola Hughes). King James refuses to meet to with Pocahontas despite the pleas. At Governor Ratcliff’s suggestion, King James invites Pocahontas and Rolfe to an upcoming back but only if she impresses him by acting “civilized.” It was a threat, as if she didn’t behave, he would send and armada to declare war. 

Rolfe saw right through Ratcliff’s manipulation. Rolfe returns to his home where his maid, Mrs. Jenkins, was trying to educate Pocahontas on British etiquette. Mrs. Jenkins (Jean Stapleton) even tries to prepare Uti for the upcoming ball but it didn’t go as smoothly.

The day of the ball has arrived. Pocahontas has done really well and flatters King James and Queen Anne preventing the war. That was until Governor Ratcliff surprised them with entertainment featuring a bear-baiting. This upset Pocahontas who went off on Ratcliffe and King James calling them savages. Ratcliffe suggests she be arrested and declaring war to King James who agrees, order for her and Uti’s arrest. 

Rolfe returns home, thinking about how to stop this chaos when he is approached by a hooded figure. The hooded figure planned to break out Pocahontas and Uti with Rolfe’s help. They are successful and hide at an inn, where the hooded figure reveals that it’s really John Smith. Smith asks Pocahontas to hide with him but she takes Rolfe’s advice and wants to stop this war. All together they went to confront King James with the truth. Pocahontas reveals that John Smith is still alive and that it was Governor Ratcliffe who lied. King James orders a battalion to stop the armada and arrest Ratcliffe. Smith, Rolfe, Pocahontas, Uti and her animal friends help in stopping the ships from sailing. Ratcliff tries to kill Pocahontas when Smith steps in to fight him off. Ratcliffe draws a gun and Rolfe hits him over the head with the ships mast. Ratcliffe is arrested by King James. 

King James apologizes to John Smith and gives him a royal pardon and his own ship. Meanwhile, Pocahontas and Rolfe are on the verge of admitting their love when Smith appears. Smith asks Pocahontas to accompany him on his journeys but she declines, saying they will always be friends. Pocahontas returns to the New World with Uti, and surprised with John Rolfe going with. The film ends with the two kissing as they sail into the sunset.

Pocahontas II: A Journey to the New World Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

While Disney continues to hide a lot of the truth of what happened to Pocahontas, this film does continue her story and how Pocahontas had to stop a war from breaking out between her tribe and England. It does still romanticizes her relationship between both John Smith and now John Rolfe but it is a decent sequel. It is not talked about within the fan base unlike other straight to video sequels.

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