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National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets Summary

On April 14, 1865, five days after the end of the American Civil War, John Wilkes Booth and Michael O’Laughlen enter a tavern in Washington, D.C., and approach Thomas Gates to decode a message in Booth’s diary. Thomas recognizes the message as using the Playfair cipher and begins to translate it. While he does so, Booth leaves for Ford’s Theatre to assassinate US President Abraham Lincoln. Thomas solves the puzzle and realizes the men are members of the Knights of the Golden Circle and are Confederate sympathizers. A fight breaks out, and Thomas is shot. Thomas rips several pages from the diary and throws them in the fireplace. The gunman retrieves only a page fragment.

Approximately 142 years later, three years after the events of the first film, Thomas’s great-great-grandson Ben Gates delivers a lecture on the story at a Civilian Heroes conference. A black market antiquities dealer, Mitch Wilkinson, shows one of the 18 missing pages of John Wilkes Booth’s diary, with Thomas Gates’s name written on it, convincing everyone that Thomas was not only a conspirator but also the grand architect of the Lincoln assassination. Ben sets out to prove Thomas’ innocence by finding a possible treasure that Thomas was searching for.

Using spectral imaging, Ben, his estranged girlfriend, Abigail Chase, and his friend, Riley Poole, discover a cipher pointing to Édouard Laboulaye hidden on the back of the diary page. Ben and Riley travel to Paris, where they find a clue engraved on the torch of the scale model of the Statue of Liberty, referring to the two Resolute desks. One of the desks is used by the President of the United States at the Oval Office in Washington, and the other is used by the Queen of the United Kingdom in Buckingham Palace in London.

Ben and Riley then head to London to infiltrate the Queen’s private living quarters, and Abigail shows up unannounced. From the Queen’s desk, Ben obtains an ancient wooden plank. Meanwhile, Wilkinson has broken into Patrick Gates’ house and cloned Patrick’s cell phone to track Ben’s whereabouts. Wilkinson eventually obtains the wooden plank, but not before Ben manages to photograph the symbols carved into the plank.

At Ben’s insistence, Patrick reluctantly asks his ex-wife and Ben’s mother, Dr. Emily Appleton-Gates, for help in translating the symbols. She does so but points out that some of the glyphs are partial, leading Ben to conclude that another plank must be hidden in the other Resolute desk at the White House.

Ben and Abigail coax Abigail’s new love interest, Connor, a curator for the White House, into letting them into the office to see the desk. Ben discovers that the second plank is missing but he finds a stamp bearing the seal of the “President’s Secret Book.” Riley tells Ben that the so-called “Book of Secrets” contains documents collected “for presidents, by presidents and for presidents’ eyes only” and covers such controversial subjects as the JFK assassination, Watergate, and Area 51. Ben then deduces that the only way to ask the President about the book alone is by kidnapping him.

Ben rigs the President’s birthday party to be moved to Mount Vernon, where he crashes the party by showing up uninvited to convince the President to follow him into a secret tunnel under the House, where he asks him about the book. The President, upon learning of Ben’s cause, sympathizes, but warns Ben that if he finds the treasure, his actions will constitute a kidnapping in the eyes of the law, and he will be charged with a felony. Ben convinces the President to reveal the location of the book, which is at the Library of Congress, with the stipulation that he is not to tell anyone else about the information contained in the book.

In the book, Ben finds a picture of the missing plank from the desk and an entry by President Coolidge, who found the plank in 1924, had it destroyed, and commissioned Gutzon Borglum to carve Mount Rushmore to erase the map’s landmarks to protect the treasure. However, FBI Agent Sadusky tracks Ben to the Library, and the three narrowly escape capture.

Ben, Riley, Abigail, and Patrick then travel to Mount Rushmore, where they meet Wilkinson, who has kidnapped Emily. Wilkinson helps them find the entrance of a cave containing the legendary Native American city of gold, Cíbola. Once inside, they encounter several booby traps and Ben, Riley, Abigail, and Mitch get separated from Ben’s parents. Eventually, they reunite and find the city of solid gold underneath Mount Rushmore and it begins flooding with water. To get out alive, one person must stay behind to hold open the door to the tunnel. After a struggle and Ben’s attempt to sacrifice himself, Wilkinson ends up staying behind and asking Ben to give him joint credit for helping them in finding the treasure.

Ben clears his family’s name with the discovery and is cleared of all charges when the President, in an attempt to protect Ben, tells everyone that Ben saved his life. Ben also ensures Wilkinson receives joint credit for the find. At the end, the President mentions the favor he asked of Ben when he gave him the location of the book. Riley meets a woman who has read his book and gets his Ferrari back from the president who owes him a favor. Ben and Abigail get back together. Emily leads the excavation of Cíbola and reconciles with Patrick.

National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The team is back together to solve another theory to clear Ben’s name. We now meet Ben’s mom, Riley is still hilarious and Ben and Abigail are back together. It’s a really fun, informative and will gets your mind going. As I said in National Treasure review, my son finally watched them and absolutely loved them. Great for the whole family.

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