Movie Review:Beauty and the Beast: Belle’s Magical World

Beauty and the Beast: Belle’s Magical World Trailer

Beauty and the Beast: Belle’s Magical World

Beauty and the Beast: Belle’s Magical World is a straight to video  that is split between four shorter stories. These stories are The Perfect Word, Fifi’s Folly, Mrs. Potts’ Party and the Broken Wing. All four stories are set at the castle with Belle, Beast, Mrs. Potts, Chip, Lumiere and Cogsworth as well as the rest of the Staff. The timing takes place between the winter and the spring before the Beast transformed in Beauty and the Beast. 

The first story is “The Perfect World” where it starts off with Belle (Paige O’Hara) and the Beast (Robert Benson) planning to share a meal. Lumiere (Jerry Orbach) gives advice to the Beast as Belle is being escorted to the dining room by Cogsworth (David Ogden Stivers). On their way, Belle hears Webster (Jim Cummings) a dictionary. Belle invites him to join them for dinner and he accepts. While at dinner, Beast gets hot and demands the Windows open. The staff are now freezing and Belle tries to reason with him but the Beast is stubborn and they end up in an argument. While arguing, Beasts throws Webster off the table. That’s when Belle really went off on the Beast, Webster was translating in an undesired manner. The  two went went their separate ways and refused to talk to each other.  

Webster felt guilty in his part and wanted to help his master and Belle be friends again. With his friends Crane (Jeff Bennett), a pile of papers, and LePLume (Rob Paulsen )  a quill, the three write an apology letter to Belle from their Master. Belle reads the letter and accepts the Beasts’ apology. Everything is all good and the two go on with their castle life. One night as Belle is reading a story to the Beast, she is getting annoyed with his loud munching sounds. She politely asks him to either stop or that she will continue to read later. Anger boils between them and they find out the truth that Webster, Crane and LePLume wrote the apology. Beast was so angry he went to grab the three and throw them out but they ran away as he chased them out, telling them to never return. Later that day, Belle finds the three and apologizes to them for her argument with the Beast. The Beast overheard their conversation. Belle brought Webster, Crane and LePLume in to warm them by the fire. They were afraid that the master would find out. He comes in but apologizes to them and Belle. 

The second story is “Fifi’s Folly” which takes place on the first date  anniversary for Lumiere and Fifi (Kimmy Robertson). Lumiere almost forgot until Belle had reminded him thanks to Fifi’s excitement. Lumiere was nervous so he asked for Belle’s help. They went out in the garden where he told the story of the first date, Fifi saw and began to get jealous thinking Belle was taking Lumiere away from her. Belle helps Lumiere plan the entire date to surprise Fifi. 

Meanwhile, Fifi tries to use Cogsworth to make Lumiere jealous but she was unsuccessful. Things cleared up when it came to the date but it went wrong as Fifi, Lumiere and the tub they were riding in were hanging on to dear life.  Lumiere speaks from his heart and tells Fifi how much he loves her. Belle, Cogsworth and other servants come to their rescue. In the end the lesson was to not jump to conclusions.

The third story is “Mrs. Potts’ Party” begins with Mrs. Potts () was feeling down due to the awful weather. Belle notices and wants to cheer you up, she was the closest thing to being a mother figure. Belle tells the servants to keep it quiet as they prep for the party as they didn’t want to wake the Beast, he just had a rough night.

As usual Lumiere and Cogsworth get into it being extremely competitive. Chaud ( ), the red oven mit and Tres ( ), the blue mit end up taking sides joining in on the argument. Eventually Lumiere and Cogsworth try to sabotage each other, ending up in chaos. Belle scolds them. The two apologize and end up working together to surprise Mrs. Potts. The party happens cheering her up.

The last story is “The Broken Wing.” Belle and Beast are set to have lunch again when a young bird flies into Belle’s room. The small bird is injured and Belle completely forgets about lunch and focuses on helping the bird. This caused Beast to fly into a rage, trying to catch the bird, he trips and bumps his head. Beast locked the bird in a cage and demanded it to sing for him but the small bird was sad and scared and refused to sing.

Cogsworth on the other hand felt his control slipping over the staff, demanded respect but they hated how he treated them. When Belle and Beast were in the garden with the little bird. Cogsworth accidentally falls off the balcony, fortunately he was unhurt. He realized that he needed to give respect to earn it. Belle and Beast try to release the bird but he wasn’t fully healed and couldn’t fly. Beast saved him from falling again, learning to give him compassion.

Honestly one of my favorite sequels. It’s really set in the middle of Beauty and the Beast but not only do we learn more and more about the Castle and the Beast, we see far more compassion amongst all its residents. Even the kiddo loves this one. We highly recommend this watch for the whole family.

Beauty and the Beast: Belle’s Magical World Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Another Beauty and the Beast Midquel that was well done. Absolutely enjoy these sequels and it is too bad they didn’t get a theatrical release. There are great lessons to learn through our favorite characters. If you haven’t watched it yet, well go check it out on Disney +. It os great for the whole family.

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