Movie Review: Beauty and the Beast: Enchanted Christmas

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Beauty and the Beast: Enchanted Christmas Summary

Released straight to video on November 11, 1997, following the successful film Beauty and the Beast. The movie begins with the preparation of Christmas. Cogsworth and Lumiere begin bickering over who saved Christmas last year. Mrs. Potts intervenes and Chip asks if she can tell the story. Everyone gathered to listen closely as the story begins right after Beast saved Belle from the wolves, bad when they were still enchanted objects.

While everyone was looking for ways to bring Belle and Beast together, Belle was getting excited for Christmas. Beast however is not because its the anniversary of his curse. One day Belle finds Beast outside and offers to teach him to ice – skate.

Meanwhile, through a secret door in the west wing, an enchanted organ named Forte () and a piccolo named Fife hear the laughter outside. Angry at humanity and thinking its overrated, Forte convinces Fife to break them up. Fife causes Belle and Beast to fall and crash in the snow but instead they end up laughing and making snow angels. When they got up and looked at their work, Beast became enraged that his angel looked like a hideous monster. He storms back into the castle and seeks comfort in Forte’s musical abilities.

Belle, still convinced that Christmas will change Beast, she creates a new book for the Beast. Belle goes and persuades Cogsworth and Lumiere  to help her. They bring her to the highest tower to meet Angeic (), the castle decorator. Unconvinced that Christmas will make the Beast be in a better mood, Angelic helps anyway. As a team, everyone helps to decorate and create a feast. The only thing they were missing was the christmas tree. Chip and Belle took an axe and went to find the perfect tree but none on the castle grounds were good enough. They grab a sled and Philippe () and ride into the Dark forest, without knowing that Fife had tagged along to sabotage them. 

Meanwhile, the Beast wanted to gift Belle in return. No one could find her so Mrs. Potts try to distract him while Lumiere and Cogsworth chase after her. Figuring out that 

Beauty and the Beast: Enchanted Christmas Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

One of my favorite films, but also a fantastic mid-Sequel. The basic story is a flashback of what happened while the Castle was still enchanted. It is a fun movie for the whole family and perfect for the holiday season. If you haven’t seen it already, its on Disney +.

Who is your favorite Beauty and the Beast Character? Mine is Lumiere.

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