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The Voyage of the Dawn Treader Summary

Three Narnian years after the events of Prince Caspian, Lucy and Edmund Pevensie are staying with their irritating, bookworm cousin Eustace Scrubb while their older siblings Peter and Susan are in America with their parents as the war still rages on. Edmund is still too young to enlist in His Majesty’s Armed Forces, much to his chagrin. At their cousin’s home a magical painting of a ship on the ocean transports Lucy, Edmund, and Eustace into an ocean in Narnia.

They are rescued by the Dawn Treader. Caspian invites them on a voyage to rescue the seven Lords of Narnia whom his uncle Miraz banished. In the Lone Islands, where people are sold as slaves, Caspian and Edmund are captured and imprisoned while Lucy and Eustace are sold as slaves. Caspian meets one of the lost lords, who reveals that the slaves who are not sold are sacrificed to a mysterious green mist. The crew of the Dawn Treader then rescues the four. The lord, who becomes the new governor, gives Caspian a sword, one of seven originally given to the lords by Aslan.

At another island, Lucy is abducted by invisible Dufflepuds who force her to enter the manor of the magician Coriakin to find a visibility spell. Coriakin encourages the crew to defeat the mist by gathering and laying the lords’ seven swords at Aslan’s Table on Ramandu’s island, but warns they are all about to be tested. Lucy recites a beauty incantation she found, and enters a dream in which she is Susan, and neither Lucy nor Narnia exist. Aslan chides Lucy for her self-doubt, explaining that her siblings only know of Narnia because of her.

At a third island, another sword is recovered from a magical pool that turns anything that touches it (as it also did to one of the lost lords) into gold. Meanwhile, Eustace discovers and steals from a rock pit full of treasure. While Edmund and Caspian look for Eustace, they discover the remains of another of the lords and recover his sword. A dragon approaches and is driven away from the Dawn Treader. The dragon turns out to be Eustace, transformed by the enchanted treasure after succumbing to its temptations. Reepicheep befriends Eustace, and Eustace is touched by the mouse’s kindness. He has a change of heart and becomes useful to the crew.

The crew arrives at Aslan’s Table to find three lost lords sleeping. As they place the swords on the table they realize one is still missing. A star descends from the sky and transforms into Lilliandil, a beautiful woman who guides them to the Dark Island, a lair of the mist, where they discover the last surviving Lord. The island uses Edmund’s fear to create a monstrous sea serpent that attacks the ship. Eustace fights the serpent, but the panicked lord wounds him with the last sword, causing him to fly away. He encounters Aslan, who transforms him back into a boy and sends him to Ramandu’s island with the last sword. As the crew continues to fight the serpent, the mist tries to distract Edmund by appearing as Jadis, the White Witch. Eustace reaches the table, but the mist tries to stop him from putting the sword on the table with the others. Ultimately, he overcomes the mist and succeeds, allowing the swords to unleash their magic and bestow Edmund’s own sword with the power to slay the sea serpent, the death of which awakens the three sleeping lords, destroys the mist and Dark Island, and liberates the sacrificed slaves.

Eustace rejoins Lucy, Edmund, Caspian, and Reepicheep, and they sail to a mysterious shore before a massive wave. Aslan appears and tells them that his country lies beyond, although if they go there they may never return. Caspian wishes to enter Aslan’s country but he changes his mind, knowing that he has more duties to do as a king, but Reepicheep is determined to enter. Aslan blesses him and he bids farewell to Caspian, Edmund, Lucy & Eustace. When Eustace becomes emotional due to Reepicheep’s departure & asks that he will not be seeing him again. Then Reepicheep answers him (Eustace) that he is a magnificent puzzle and a true hero. Reepicheep also says that it has been an honor for him to fight beside a brave warrior and a great friend. Finally, he bows before Eustace and he paddles beyond the wave for reaching Aslan’s country. Aslan says to Lucy and Edmund that they cannot return to Narnia anymore as they have grown up like their elder siblings Peter & Susan. Aslan encourages them to know him in their world by another name. Aslan opens the portal to send them back to the world. Lucy, Edmund & Eustace bid farewell to Caspian. As The three walk to the portal, Eustace stops in between and asks Aslan that will he be able to come back. Aslan replies to Eustace that he can return. The three of them are transported back to the bedroom. Eustace hears his mother announcing a visitor, Jill Pole. Edmund, Lucy, and Eustace stare at the painting. Eustace picks up the painting from the floor and hangs it back on the wall. As they exit the bedroom, they look back at the painting and they see that the ship voyaging through the waves disappears slowly and Lucy closes the bedroom’s door.

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

The third in the Chronicles of Narnia franchise (well triology of movies) and its honestly forgettable. I didn’t really like the book either. However, I love the characters especially Lucy and Peter and would absolutely love to live in Cair Paravel.

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