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Sing Along Songs: Beach Party at Walt Disney World Summary

Originally released on June 30, 1995 as part of the Mickey’s Fun Songs, but it was rebranded under the Disney Sing Along series in 1996. The film starts out with the kids (Melanie Atmadja, Boo Bailey, Sancha Baucom, Mika Boorem, Tiffany Burton, Brendan Clark, Toby Granger, Bobby Gibson and Caitlin Wachs) are shown playing their favorite games like basketball, ring toss, hopscotch, and jump rope. Mickey (Wayne Allwine) and his friends, Minnie (Russi Taylor), Donald (Tony Anselmo) and Goofy (Bill Farmer) surprise the kids, and the the kids are happy to see them. Later on, they all are joined by Pluto (Bill Farmer), and after a while they head to the beach and they get ready to have fun and spend the day together (“Celebration”).

The Disney gang is very happy and some of the characters exclaim about whatever they like at the Walt Disney World beach. Mickey tells Donald to check his list to see if the whole gang is complete. But Caitlin gets sad because she wants more friends, but Tiffany tells her that it’s easy to make friends by introducing one’s self, talking with a person, and hanging out with him or her; and soon the girls and their friends join together and set their names free (“Set Your Name Free”).

Next, the whole gang decides to go to Typhoon Lagoon where Goofy is ready to surf; as Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Tigger (Jim Cummings), and the others (who are on the sand) dance to “Surfin’ Safari”, and Goofy, and the others surf by. After the song, Donald notices that he cannot get out of the hole.

Then the kids take photos at Shark Reef, and then they see see Mickey who greets the guests and then the kids start snorkeling in the water where there are lots of fishes and other sea creatures; even some of the other characters including Mickey join the kids in snorkeling (“Three Little Fishies”).

After that, Brendon finds a golden coin and shows it to the boys, and one of the boys says that the coin reminds him of pirate treasure, but then Toby gets shocked saying “Pirates?”. So the boys take to a pirate ship (same as the 1995 version), but Scrooge does not like pirates, so he complains until one of the pirates stops him and tells him that he and his allies are good pirates. Tigger understands. And so, Scrooge, the boys, the pirates, Peter Pan (Chris Steele), and Wendy, have fun, singing and dancing to “A Pirate’s Life”. Suddenly, Captain Hook (Corey Burton) and Mr. Smee (Corey Burton) appear, as Captain Hook tells Smee to “report at once” and makes the guys stand in line. When Captain Hook and Smee see Wendy, Captain Hook chases her, but Smee gets confused and Captain Hook forces Smee to get her, but it is too late. Peter Pan starts to fight Captain Hook, complete with Tiger Lily helping out, and soon Captain Hook is defeated. The guys cheer and Peter Pan saves Wendy. And everybody in the pirate ship sings the last line of “Yo Ho (A Pirate’s Life for Me”) one more time. Meanwhile, Ariel (Jodi Benson) sings jovially, as the girls notice her and stay with her for a while (“Part of Your World”).

Goofy, and the kids notice something funny and weird in this place; well of course it is Blizzard Beach. Goofy notices that every beach is hot. So he and the other characters (in this conversation group,) take the kids on a tour at Blizzard Beach (“Hot, Hot, Hot”).

On the way to the luau, Donald, Chip, Dale and the kids sing “The Hukilau Song” at the Polynesian Village Resort. As the get to the luau, the hula performers, even Mickey, Minnie, and the other characters provide them leis and only the girls grass skirts. Everybody is ready to join the Hawaiian dance, and the dancers dance and sing their favorite Hawaiian song “Pearly Shells”.

As the sun sets, Mickey says that it’s time for the next party, taking place as the Electrical Water Pageant goes by on the Seven Seas Lagoon, just so as everybody does limboing (“Limbo Rock”) and dancing with all of the others (“Slicin’ Sand”).

Sing Along Songs: Beach Party at Walt Disney World Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This brings back so many memories. I used to watch this all the time as a kid. I even had the song “Hot, Hot, Hot” stuck in my head for years and I couldn’t figure out why until I sat down to write The Disney Pixar Connection: Volume 2 Straight to Video book. While I wrote the first, it was enjoyable and fun to share with my son, but this was a whole level of unlocking forgotten memories.

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