Short Movie Review: For the Birds

For the Birds Trailer

For the Birds Summary

A small blue bird lands on a powerline and makes itself comfortable, only for a second bird to land close by. The two birds start squabbling, and are gradually joined by 12 others of the same species, all squabbling for space. 

A large, awkward heron-like bird honks and waves at them from a nearby telephone pole, interrupting the squabble. The 14 little birds start imitating its plumage and honk, mockingly, until the bigger bird again calls to them, causing the little birds to scoot further down the wire and quietly gossip about it. 

Undeterred, the bigger bird flies and perches between the flock of smaller birds, but its weight causes the powerline to sag almost to the ground. The smaller birds slide down and are squished together against the big bird’s sides, one angrily pecking the big bird and making it fall over backwards, hanging upside down. Egged on by the other 12, the two little birds in the middle start pecking the big bird’s toes, which release one-by-one from the wire. One little bird realizes what is about to happen, and warns the others. They stop too late, and the last toe of the big bird releases, snapping the wire like a slingshot and flinging the little birds up in a cloud of feathers.

The bigger bird lands unharmed on the ground, and plays with the floating feathers until one of the smaller birds, now naked, crashes beside it. It offers the little bird a leaf, but the rest, also naked, land nearby. The big bird laughs in embarrassment while the rest hide behind it. The film ends with a splat of bird poop containing the words “the end” landing on the screen.

For the Birds Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This one has a little surprise that I will reveal to you at the end of my review, unless you want to go buy my book, The Disney Pixar Connection: Featured Animated Films. This short film is well short but cute. It will leave you full of laughter but also teaches the lesson to never judge a book by its cover and be nice to all.

Now for my reveal, For the Birds was in the opening of Toy Story as an Easter Egg.

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