Short Movie Review: Boudin’

Boudin’ Trailer

Boudin’ Summary

The film features a sheep that lives in the American West. His elegant dancing is popular with the other animals. One day the sheep-shearers arrive and shear him for wool. The other animals mock his skinny, bare state and he becomes shy and loses the confidence to dance. As the sheep mourns, a benevolent jackalope comes across him, and teaches him the merits of “bounding”, not just dancing (that is, getting up whenever you fall down). The sheep is converted and his joy in life is restored. The sheep’s wool eventually grows back in the winter, only for it to be cut again, but his confidence is now completely unshaken and he continues to “bound.”

Boudin’ Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I remember when this short came out. I thought it was cute. As I watched it more, I actually got annoyed with the Jackolope. As a parent, I fully relate to the sheep. Give me space but also have fun and be true to yourself. We all have purpose in life that we need to find and appreciate.

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