Short Movie Review: Wind

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Wind Summary

Ellis (portrayed by Emilio Fuentes) and his Grandmother (portrayed by Sonoko Konishi) live in a mysterious sink-hole full of floating rocks and strange debris of disused items and machines. They manage to make a small home for themselves out of the garbage and feast on potatoes, the only food they are able to grow. Every day, Grandma has Ellis attach a cord to himself to float out and collect items that they can use for their benefit. In particular, the two are building a rocket so that they can escape from the hole and into the bright light at the top. One day, Ellis discovers an abandoned plane in the wreckage, but is downcast when he realizes that it can only sit one person. Grandma offers a plan that he ride the rocket out and simply pull her up with the cord to which he agrees.

With the final touches added to their rocket. Ellis gets in and flies upward; avoiding the rocks and debris that he passes by. Despite some turbulence, Ellis makes it out through the top and lands on the outside where he ends up in a lush field and sees birds flying overhead. He then grabs the cord and pulls it up which takes almost the entire day. To his surprise, it is not Grandma at the end of the cord – but a box of potatoes. He hugs the box in tearful gratitude for her sacrifice.

Wild Review:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Lets just face it, Pixar does such an incredible job with both their movies and shorts. I will forever be biased. The storylines are simple and yet layered with complexity. The animation is beautiful and even in a short film, Pixar gets you to feel strong emotions like they describe in Inside Out. Highly recommend binging the Short films.

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