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The film premiered April 8, 2005 on Disney Channel and on April 11, 2005 on Toon Disney. It was the first animated Disney Channel Original Movie. This film was aired before the last few episodes of the series’ third season. The film was originally intended to be the series finale but Disney Channel ultimately renewed the series, and the fourth season of Kim Possible premiered on February 10, 2007, with events of the series continuing after the movie itself.

Dr. Drakken has been developing a new and elaborate master plan to take over the world that baffles everyone, even his sidekick Shego. Among the plan’s stages are the procurement of a new toy design stolen from Japanese developer Nakasumi, the creation of synthodrone androids, and a bizarre research project investigating the lifestyle of teenage girls.

Meanwhile, Kim Possible realizes that her crime-fighting lifestyle has left her with only Ron Stoppable as a potential date for the junior prom, much to her distress. Ron introduces Kim to Eric, a new student, and they soon become a couple, causing a jealous Ron to find himself edged out of Kim’s life. Ron also begins to notice numerous annoying changes at Bueno Nacho, his favorite fast-food chain.

Drakken kidnaps Kim’s father, who possesses the most advanced cybertronic technology in existence, which can fix, modify, or enlarge any machine. Kim and Ron rescue Dr. Possible, unaware that Drakken has already obtained his knowledge in cybertronics by tapping his brain. Bueno Nacho introduces their first kiddie meals, which come with toy robot figures called “Lil’ Diablos” (based on Nakasumi’s design) that become vastly popular worldwide. Kim realizes Ron’s growing unhappiness and talks with him, promising that her new relationship with Eric will not affect their friendship. While Kim and Eric attend prom together, Ron, depressed and conflicted by his changing feelings for Kim, becomes upset again by Bueno Nacho and makes a call complaining to the new owner, who is revealed to be Drakken. Lars, Bueno Nacho’s new manager and one of Drakken’s goons, activates the Diablo army of toys which pursue Ron and his pet mole-rat Rufus.

Escaping the Diablos, Ron bursts into the prom to warn Kim about the toys. Kim contacts her assistant Wade, who confirms that the Diablos are made from Dr. Possible’s technology. In retaliation, Drakken attacks Middleton, transforming the toys into large, deadly robots with a command signal at Bueno Nacho. With help from the Possible family, Kim and Ron destroy the command signal, disabling the Diablos. Drakken shows Kim that Shego has kidnapped Eric after she left the prom dance, and demands her surrender in exchange for Eric’s safety.

Kim dons a new experimental battle suit and heads with Ron and Rufus to Bueno Nacho headquarters, where Drakken and his forces are operating from. Kim fights and defeats Shego before reuniting with Eric, who is revealed to be a synthodrone made by Drakken to distract her from his plans; he shocks Kim unconscious and she is captured along with Ron. At midnight, Drakken launches a worldwide attack with the giant Diablo robots. Kim admits defeat and gives up, but Ron encourages her by finally confessing his feelings for her, which she accepts. Rufus then helps them escape and they head to Bueno Nacho’s roof to destroy the tower controlling the Diablos with an EMP. Shego and Eric intervene, but Kim fires the EMP at the tower. Eric catches it just in time, but Rufus destroys him by puncturing his foot, draining all his cyber liquid and making him drop the EMP on the tower, shutting down all the robots and returning them to their normal sizes. Drakken, Shego, and their henchmen are arrested and Kim and Ron are hailed as heroes for saving the world once again. They return to prom holding hands, where students cheer them as they dance and share their first real kiss.

Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I miss Kim Possible being on TV. It was so fun watching a powerful, multitasking female protagonist. Kim Possible was empowering. I also loved Ron and Rufus. Heck, I named one of my cats Milo Rufus after him. A must watch fun film based ofd the show.

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