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Cinderella is an ambitious young woman who wants to establish her shop “Dresses by Ella” one day in her patriarchal society. She catches the eye of Prince Robert in the guard-changing ceremony. The next day, Robert, dressed as a commoner, goes to the market, where he finds Ella trying to sell her dress, and buys it from her and tells that he wants it to buy for his little sister as a surprise for her and he offers three times the amount of the dress to which Ella agrees and sell her dress to the prince. He later invites her to the ball being held two weeks later, with the promise of introducing her to various people from the world to sell her dresses to.

When the day arrives, Ella is getting ready when her stepmother, Vivian throws ink on her dress and tells her that only her stepsisters, Malvolia and Narissa, can attend, since Thomas the vegetable merchant has already confirmed his desire for Ella’s hand. Ella is sad, but her Fabulous Godmother magically appears and dresses her in a design of Ella’s, with glass shoes, and turns mice into footmen and a crate into a carriage. Ella goes to the ball and meets Tantiana, a visiting queen who offers to take her around the world as a dressmaker for her and asks to meet her the next day in the market square. Later, Robert finds Ella, shows his sister, Princess Gwen wearing the gown he bought from Ella previously and proposes to Ella. Ella refuses, however, as she wants to start her career. She tells that when she marry him that will be the end of her dream and Robert from his small age wanted to become the king and he also is not ready to accept this.At the stroke of midnight, she leaves the hall after throwing her shoe at one of the King’s attendants, who tries to catch her. The next day, Vivian, tells Ella her life story that she was also an ambitious girl like Ella and even had got an opportunity to learn piano in a reputed music school.She left home to study and when she came back home her husband gave her divorce saying that she is not a suitable wife and droves she and her daughters out.That is why she is teaching her daughters only household chores.While she was about leave Ella’s room she finds Ella’s glass slipper and on knowing the truth that her stepdaughter is the mystery princess, tries to convince Ella to marry Robert. When Ella refuses, Vivian gives her to Thomas.

When the king entered into the queens’s room she does not take any notice of him.To which the queen replies that this is family and love is important.The king says that he loves Robert and she says that he loved him before he became a king and that he is not even paying an respect for her and not even accepting her words.She even tells since he became the king he only thought of expanding his kingdom .Robert’s mother, Queen Beatrice, helps his father, King Rowan, understand that it will be right to let him marry a commoner.The king thinks of these words and allows the prince to marry his love.Rowan even gives him the glass slipper.Robert keeps searching for Ella and finds her running in the forest after she escapes from Thomas. They confess their love to each other as Ella and Robert kiss and reach the market in time to show her benefactor her designs, who accepts them and asks Ella to travel with her.

Robert introduces Ella to Rowan and Beatrice and informs them of their decision to travel the world. He knows this will ruin the plan for his future ascension to the throne, but Beatrice smiles as Rowan proudly declare that Gwen (who has repeatedly shown an interest and ability in affairs of state), will now be first in line to the throne. Citizens of the kingdom gather to witness the ceremony announcing the Princess’ position and that Robert and Ella are in love.

Cinderella (2021) Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Mixed reviews. I watched it twice to get the full scope. Don’t hate on me but I loved Billy Porter s Fairy Grade Mother. The costuming otherwise was mostly eh and lack luster. The singing was great from all but Camilla Cabello in a few scenes, which felt forced. And the prince was just annoying with his two friends. I am also so over all these various cinderella’s. Try a new story line. Okay rant over. Final note is this scene is hilarious and an Easter egg to both Ella Enchanted and Mamma Mia

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