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Season 1, Episode 1: Welcome to Monsters. Incorporated

Monsters University scare graduate Tylor Tuskmon receives a letter of acceptance from Henry J. Waternoose III to be an official scarer at Monsters, Incorporated. However, Tylor arrives at the factory the day after Waternoose’s arrest for his plot to kidnap human children to forcibly extract their screams for energy.[a] The Board of Directors put Sulley and Mike in charge of the factory and give Roz’s old position to her twin sister, Roze. Under Sulley and Mike’s new management, the company is revamped and the scarers are now jokesters. Having studied for a discontinued job, Tylor is transferred to MIFT (Monsters, Incorporated Facilities Team) as a maintenance worker, a position he dislikes and is eager to leave. He runs away from his new co-workers, bluffs his way onto the Laugh Floor and attempts to make a child laugh. Because of his lack of experience, his attempt backfires and results in a major accident. Nevertheless, Sulley believes in him and Tylor reluctantly accepts his position in the facilities crew while Mike decides to teach a comedy class.

Season 1, Episode 2: Meet MIFT

The MIFT team puts Tylor through an initiation ceremony, but his lack of enthusiasm and skill make his future with them seem uncertain. Meanwhile, Mike is struggling to keep up with his positions as both a jokester and a comedy teacher, and the energy crisis begins affecting Monsters, Incorporated. While Mike is making a child laugh, an outage causes the doorway portal to deactivate, trapping Mike in the human world. Thanks to Tylor’s first successful repair job, Mike is saved. The other members of MIFT learn Winchester’s actual name (they had all nicknamed him Banana Bread) when he resigns to be a jokester after impressing Ms. Flint; giving Tylor hope that one day he will be a jokester.

Season 1, Episode 3: The Damaged Room

Phlegm damages a wall in a baby girl’s bedroom, forcing MIFT to enter and quickly fix it. The child needs to be removed during the repair, so Mike decides to look after her and ends up naming her Snore, due to her snoring. Sulley reveals he got tickets to a baseball game and Mike takes Snore with them to see it. Val tries to remind Tylor of their time together at Monsters University, but he does not recall spending time with her. They manage to fix the wall, but accidentally get trapped. Val admits to Tylor that her time at Monsters University was special to her because he was the only one who spoke to her. Cutter gets them out of the room and Mike brings Snore back and sings her a lullaby to put her back to sleep. As they leave, Tylor gains a greater appreciation for Val and reveals that he recalls speaking to her at Monsters University.

Season 1, Episode 4: The Big Wazowskis

At Monsters, Incorporated’s annual bowling tournament, Mike gets into a heated bet against his charismatic rival/doppelganger Gary. Taking the opportunity to impress Mike, Tylor offers to assemble MIFT into a bowling team to compete on Mike’s behalf. An ecstatic Fritz appoints Tylor the team captain, but none of them except Tylor can play well. Competing as “The Big Wazowskis”, MIFT fumble their way to the top of the tournament by a series of accidents. Duncan secretly meets with Tylor to replace MIFT in the final match with a more skilled team: Tylor misleads MIFT into thinking the match has been cancelled. On the day of the match, the MIFT team confront Tylor over his lie. Duncan’s team abandons Tylor for his selfishness, but Tylor takes responsibility and leads the MIFT team by turning their lack of skill into brilliant plays (to Duncan’s dismay). However, the match ends up being a tie, forcing Mike and Gary to share the grand prize of a dinner for two at Harryhausen’s, much to Mike’s chagrin.

Season 1, Episode 5: The Cover Up

When Fritz takes an impromptu vacation to the human world, he spins a wheel to decide who will be temporary supervisor in his absence. The wheel lands on Val, but Duncan guilts Val into allowing him to be temporary supervisor. Duncan abuses the position with outrageous demands, particularly of Tylor. When Tylor engages in a prank to get even, however, Duncan retaliates and the pair accidentally cause a citywide blackout. MIFT reluctantly agrees to cover up the incident, but things get tense when an inspector from the Monstropolis Energy Regulatory Commission arrives and discovers the truth. When he confronts the team, he is accidentally knocked unconscious by a scream canister and Duncan and Tylor throw him through Fritz’s vacation door. Two weeks later, Fritz and the inspector emerge and the inspector, having enjoyed his own impromptu vacation, decides to let everyone off with a warning. Mike and Sulley confront the team over their fireable offenses but are convinced by Fritz to let it slide when both Tylor and Duncan take responsibility for the accident.

Season 1, Episode 6: The Vending Machine

Tylor accidentally damages Vendy, the MIFT vending machine. At the same time, profits and morale are down at the company and Fritz is asked to fire one of the members of the team due to budget cuts, leaving Tylor worried about being fired due to his lack of repair skill. When Mike hears of the situation, he decides to improve company morale by making several outlandish and expensive upgrades to the facility, starting with a brand new vending machine for MIFT. However, an argument between Duncan and Tylor leads to the new machine being damaged and Duncan’s attempts to repair it causes it to severely malfunction. When the machine attacks Duncan, Tylor destroys it to save him. Fritz is left heartbroken by the ordeal and announces that, rather than firing one of his team, he will retire. Though it turns out that Mike’s ideas to boost morale have worked, increasing productivity and profits and Fritz stays on. The next day, Tylor surprises the team by repairing the original Vendy.

Season 1, Episode 7: Adorable Returns

Tylor gets a chance to become an official jokester when Mike summons his comedy class to the Laugh Floor to help generate power during a heatwave. However, Tylor must first help fix the door rails. In his haste, he accidentally gets caught in one and ends up through a banishment door to the Himalayas where he meets the Yeti, who prefers to be called Adorable. Val gets Tylor back, but they accidentally bring Adorable along who reminisces on his past at Monsters, Incorporated. Everyone is afraid of him due to rumors over why he was banished. Val decides to find out why he was banished while Tylor opens up to Adorable about how he wants to be a jokester. After convincing him go back through the door, Val informs Tylor that Adorable was banished after he discovered a letter from Waternoose in regards to plans for his scream extractor. Tylor gives up his chance to be a jokester so that he can bring Adorable back to Monstropolis where Mike and Sulley formally un-banish him and make him the official Monsters, Incorporated snow cone vendor.

Season 1, Episode 8: Little Monsters

After several failed jokester auditions, Ms. Flint tells Tylor that he is not funny and will not be offered any more auditions. However, Tylor sees an opportunity to redeem himself during Monsters, Incorporated’s annual ‘Mini Monsters Day’ when he attempts to impress Ms. Flint’s daughter Thalia with his jokes. He briefly gets along with her when MIFT rescues a baby monster from the door shafts. Though she later tells him that he is not funny. While ranting to Val about Ms. Flint, Thalia overhears and says that she will go tell her mother. While chasing after Thalia, Tylor crashes into a coffee cart and inadvertently ends up making others laugh. He admits to Thalia that he wanted to make her laugh in the hope of becoming a jokester. His honesty earns him her respect and she tells MIFT that she enjoyed her day with them and that they are the unsung heroes of Monsters, Incorporated, including Tylor. Later, she tells her mother that she found Tylor funny.

Season 1, Episode 9: Bad Hair Day

Due to his previous failed auditions, Tylor believes that he will never become a jokester and decides to instead focus on being a perfect MIFT member. The other MIFT members are celebrating former employee David who was sucked into a shredder shaft and killed, aside from a lock of hair that they keep in a jar to honor him. To prove himself, Tylor offers to do tasks for the other MIFT members while they are out of the office. However, things go wrong when Duncan’s pet Roto eats David’s hair. Tylor eventually goes to the shredder shaft to find more of David’s hair, and accidentally turns the shredder on. He manages to stop the shredder, but gets knocked out and dreams that he meets David. When he awakens, Tylor returns to the office and ends up admitting what happened. The others commend Tylor for his honesty and assure him that he is a good MIFT member, and it is revealed that they have a bag of David’s hair to replace it.

Season 1, Episode 10: It’s Laughter They’re After

Mike and Sulley are told by Roz that the Monstropolis Energy Regulatory Commission had found that Monsters, Incorporated is not generating enough power. Unless the factory can generate one million gigglewatts in one day, laugh power will be considered unreliable and the factory will be shut down, with power needs transferring to Fear Co. (which has retained the scaring method, much to Sulley’s disgust). Since laughs provide ten times more power than screams, Tylor reasons that they need to make larger canisters. While Cutter works on a prototype, Tylor is summoned to Ms. Flint’s office where she tells him that his humor comes from physical comedy. Mike then makes Tylor a jokester-in-training to help the factory generate enough power. As he begins on the Laugh Floor, MIFT arrives to cheer him on. The power deadline is almost not met, until Cutter brings in the larger prototype canister and attaches it to Mike’s door. After Monsters, Incorporated is saved from shutting down, Tylor is transferred to the Laugh Floor as an official jokester. As he begins his first day with Val as his assistant, the epilogue from Monsters, Inc. is seen.

Monsters at Work Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

We absolutely love this show. It is super cute and filled with Easter eggs and hidden mickey’s. Besides that, it goes off the end of Monster’s Inc. It is a must for kids and parents.

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