T.V. Series Review: Mandalorian Season 2

Mandalorian Season 2 Trailer

Mandalorian Season 2 Summary

Season 2, Episode 1: Chapter 9: The Marshal

The Mandalorian and the Child continue their journey, facing enemies and rallying allies as they make their way through a dangerous galaxy in the tumultuous era after the collapse of the Galactic Empire.

Season 2, Episode 2: Chapter 10: The Passenger

The Mandalorian must ferry a passenger with precious cargo on a risky journey.

Season 2, Episode 3: Chapter 11: The Heiress

The Mandalorian braves the high seas and meets unexpected allies.

Season 2, Episode 4: Chapter 12: The Siege

The Mandalorian and the child must make a stop on their voyage to have the ship repaired. They meet two old allies and the Mandalorian helps them with the mission to destroy an imperial outpost.

Season 2, Episode 5: Chapter 13: The Jedi

The Mandalorian journeys to a world ruled by a cruel magistrate how has made a powerful enemy, and takes advantage of a new job.

Season 2, Episode 6: Chapter 14: The Tragedy

Mandalorian and his young companion arrive at an ancient site, from where they hope to make contact with the mythical Jedi.

Season 2, Episode 7: Chapter 15: The Believer

To move against the Empire, the Mandalorian needs the help of an old enemy.

Season 2, Episode 8: Chapter 16: The Rescue

The Mandalorian and the Child continue their journey through a dangerous galaxy.

Mandalorian Season 2 Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Season 2 is back and its fun seeing more of the Child, Mandalorian and the journey. I love this back story. I can’t wait for season 3

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