Movie Review: Super Duper Super Sleuths

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Super Duper Super Sleuths Summary

A shooting star falls toward the Hundred Acre Wood. Winnie the Pooh, Darby, and Tigger are out in the Hundred Acre Wood one night, stargazing. They see the shooting star fall to the wood, but are too sleepy to go look for it. The shooting star (or space rock) lands in Rabbit’s garden and begins to put its effect on it. The next day, they get a call from Rabbit who claims his vegetables are giant. They discover the space rock and eat these giant vegetables and get super powers. Tigger becomes super strong, Pooh can see very far, Buster can dig at super speed, and Darby can fly. They make new costumes and continue to help others around the wood with their new superpowers. Lumpy and Roo were soon trapped on an island and a large rock is blocking the way out. Their mothers call the super sleuths (who now call themselves the Super Duper Super Sleuths) to help find them. Meanwhile, Rabbit hosts a festival to show everyone what the space rock can do. The super sleuths come across a cliff that’s too high for jumping but they come up with a way to get down by making a slide out of a log. While Rabbit prepares to make another vegetable grow, the rock suddenly stops glowing which also loses its powers. Also, the giant vegetables began shrinking back to their normal sizes which makes Rabbit realize that this could also mean no more superpowers so he goes to find the super sleuths. Rabbit shows up to deliver the news just as Tigger tries to remove the rock but fails when his powers wear off. The super sleuths then realize that their superpowers were gone but they were able to figure out an idea by making a pulley system out of the wheels of their scooters and the vines that Darby saw earlier to lift up the rock long enough for Lumpy and Roo to get across. After rescuing them, all is well as they go back to being normal super sleuths.

Super Duper Super Sleuths Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

They changed the style of Animation but it is cute for those that love Winnie the Pooh. Great for kids, and maybe the family.

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