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Disney PrincessEnchanted Tales Summary

A straight to video film, released on September 4th, 2007 is a two segment anthropology film, originally intended to be made into a series bit that didn’t happen because this film fluent in sales.

The first segment, Keys to the Kingdom, takes us back to Sleeping Beauty. Princess Aurora (Erin Torpey) is left to reign the kingdom while King Stefan (Corey Burton), Queen Leah (Barbara Dirikso), ing Hubert (Jeff Bennett) and Prince Philip (Roger Craig Smith) left for a two day Royal Conference. Her three fairies Merryweather (Tress MacNeille), Flora (Barbara Dirikson) and Fauna (Russi Taylor) offer their help to Princess Aurora but Auora believes in herself to handle everything. Merry weather gives Princess Aurora her wand for any assistance but also warns her to be careful.

On the first day, Auora’s royal duties were to plan banquets, handles the peasants and organize the castle servants to tidy the castle. After a long day, Aurora lays in bed, fiddling with the wand unable to sleep. Aurora decides to use the wand to make herself a beautiful yellow ballgown.

The next day after hearing so many complaints from peasants, Aurora decides to use the wand to help a local farmer in need of chickens and pigs. Due to Aurora’s inexperience, she tries to conjure the animals but there were consequences to her magic. The chickens were giants, the pigs were green and the farmer turned into a duck. Realizing that using the wand was a mistake, Aurora comes up with new ways to solve the problems.

The second segment, More than a Peacock Princess, brings us back to the Royal Palace in Agrabah, where we see Jasmine (Linda Larkin) bored of her usual princess duties. While having her portrait painted as Peacock Princess, she loses it and asks The Sultan (Jeff Bennett) for more responsibilities. He makes her the “Royal Assistant Educator” of the Royal Academy. Seeing her class of miscreants, Jasmine brings Rajah (Frank Welker) her pet tiger to scare the kids but the kids scare her and Rajah instead. Later that night, her handmaids tell Jasmine to use patience and perseverance.

The next day, the stable boy Hakeem (Zach Shada) seeks help from Jasmine to find Sahara, the Sultan’s prized horse. Jasmine finds Shara and returns him with the help of Carpet, Abu (Fran Welker) and Iago (Gilbert Gottfried).

Disney Princess Enchanted Tales Review

It is a cute film with new a new story about the princesses. It went straight to video because it wasn’t a strong film and still didn’t do well. It is hard to find but your kids will enjoy it if they like the princesses. Great for the whole family too.

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