Movie Review: Fox and the Hound 2

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Fox and the Hound 2 Summary

The direct to video sequel of the 1981 class, Fox and the Hound, was released November 21, 2006. Tod (Jonah Bobo) and Cooper (Harrison Fahn) are young again, playing as friends and chasing a cricket when they see trucks go by. The trucks were heading to the county fair to set up. The pair hear a truck go by with The Singing Strays, an all dog band, but before they could follow, they had to return home. Amos (Jeff Bennett), Cooper’s owner, takes him out for a hunt but Cooper’s tracking skills disappointed his master. Amos tied Cooper up. Tod comes by and gets Cooper out of the his collar to go to the fair.

The two friends find the band and meet The Singin’ Strays, which consisted of Dixie (Reba McEntire), Cash (Patrick Swayze), Granny Rose (Vicki Lawrence), Waylon and Floyd (Jim Cummings). They are practicing because a talent scout from the Grande Ole Opry will be coming to see them. However, Cash and Dixie end up in an argument ending with Dixie quitting. The rest of the band goes on to perform. Cooper is watching and starts singing along. Cash invites hm up to finish their performance, impressing the band, who asks him to join. Copper agrees, lying to his new friends about being a stray. Copper spends the rest of the day with them, completely forgetting about Tod.

Meanwhile, Tod is sad and feels abandoned when Dixie sees him. Completely understanding what Tod was going through, she comforts him. Tod accidentally let it slips that Copper has a home. Dixie decides to use this information with the help of Tod, to get back at Cash and Copper. Dixie reveals the truth about Copper to the band, getting him kicked out while Tod goes back to lead Chief (Rob Paulsen) and Amos Slade to the fair, causing chaos sabotaging their next performance in front of the scout. Copper is dragged back home with Slade. 

Back at the fair, the band breaks up due to half of them feeling bad for the pup where the other half is angry. Cash goes to accuse Dixie of her devious plan. Copper tells Tod that its over and its his fault everything is ruined. Widow Tweed arrives to take Tod home but on the way home, Tod and Widow Tweed are most hit by the scout’s car. The scout’s hat flies off landing on Tod. 

The next day, Tod brings the hat to Copper, where they make up. Copper uses the hat to track down the scout at the local diner. Meanwhile, Tod runs off to find Cash and Dixie and tricks them into believing the other is in trouble, gathering the gang in front of the diner. Copper asks the the band to sing their song Harmony, because it means so much but they reprise it into We’re in Harmony and starting singing again, uniting the band back together. The song is heard by the talent scout, who comes out to listen. Impressed, he makes sure they band plays at the Grand Ole Opry. After their performance, Copper chooses to stay with Chief and Amos Slade so he can be with his best friend Tod, ending the film with the two friends playing.

Fox and th Hound 2 Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I’m not sure if I told you all, I had a love of Copper as a kid. My parents went through hell and back to get me another Copper after I lost mine. Looking back, I don’t know why I loved him so much. I can’t even remember that. I remember being a kid loving Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid and 101 Dalmatians the most. That being said, I’ve watched this sequel more than a few times. It was okay in storyline. The music was good but it is still incredibly sad. Matthew seems to like it though.

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