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Supernatural Season 2 Summary

The second season of Supernatural, an American dark fantasy  television series created by Eric Kripke, premiered on September 28, 2006, and concluded on May 17, 2007, airing 22 episodes. The season focuses on protagonists Sam(Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) as they track down Azazel, the demon responsible for the deaths of their mother Mary and father John. They attempt to discover the demon’s plan for Sam and other psychic children—young adults who were visited by Azazel as infants and given abilities, and whose mothers often then died in a fire. During their travels, they use their father’s journal to help them carry on the family business—saving people and hunting supernatural creatures.

Season 2, Episode 1: In My Time Dying

As the season opens, the Winchesters are taken to a hospital in Memphis, Tennessee following a car wreck caused by one of the demon Azazel’s henchmen. Though Sam (Padalecki) and his father John (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) make it out of the crash with minor injuries, a dying Dean (Ackles) is in a coma. He has an out-of-body experience, and is approached by a Reaper (Lindsey McKeon) who tries to take his soul. She reveals that if he refuses to move on, he will one day become a vengeful spirit. Meanwhile, Sam tries without success to save his brother, so John contacts Azazel (Fredric Lehne) and offers to make a deal; in exchange for saving Dean’s life: he will give up his own life, his immortal soul, and the mystical Colt—a gun capable of killing anything. Dean is saved before he can die, but after making peace with his sons, John dies.

Season 2, Episode 2: Everybody Loves a Clown

After cremating their father’s body, Sam and Dean refuse to discuss his death. Instead, they head back to work, and track an old message on John’s phone to Harvelle’s Roadhouse, a bar frequented by hunters. There they meet Ellen Harvelle (Samantha Ferris), an old friend of John’s, and her daughter Jo (Alona Tal). As the group’s resident genius, Ash (Chad Lindberg), attempts to analyze John’s research on Azazel with his computer, the brothers investigate the murders of visitors to a traveling carnival, currently near Medford, Wisconsin. They discover that a Rakshasa—a demon of Hindu mythology—has been taking the form of a clown and tricking children into inviting it into their homes so that it can eat their parents. When not feeding, it takes the form of a blind knife thrower at the carnival. The brothers kill it with a brass pipe. Dean later takes out his anger at his father’s death on the Impala, one of his most prized possessions.

Season 2, Episode 3: Bloodlust

Having repaired the Impala, the brothers investigate a series of decapitations and cattle mutilations in Red Lodge, Montana, and find that the last victim was a vampire. They then run into vampire hunter Gordon Walker (Sterling K. Brown), who Ellen warns is dangerous. Sam is later captured by a group of vampires, and their leader Lenore (Amber Benson) reveals to him that they have reformed, feeding only on cattle. After being released unharmed, Sam tries, to no avail, to convince his brother that the vampires should be left alone. However, when they arrive at the vampire’s hideout, they find that Gordon has already captured Lenore. They try to convince Gordon not to kill her, but he cuts Sam’s arm to tempt the vampire. When Lenore resists the temptation, the brothers overpower him. As Dean ties Gordon up, Sam takes Lenore to safety. Dean later admits to Sam that he was wrong about the vampires.

Season 2, Episode 4: Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things

As Sam buries their father’s dog tags at their mother’s grave, Dean’s suspicions are aroused when they notice dead plants over the nearby grave of a recently deceased young woman named Angela Mason (Tamara Feldman). They soon discover that the woman’s cheating boyfriend was murdered the previous night. Sam and Dean dig up her grave and find the coffin empty. They deduce that her close friend Neil (Christopher Jacot), who was secretly in love with her, resurrected her as a zombie. Having killed her boyfriend, her next target is her roommate, with whom her boyfriend had been cheating. However, Sam and Dean save the woman and they later lure the zombie back to the graveyard and kill it with a silver stake. Dean later apologizes to Sam for his recent behavior, and reveals he has had trouble coping with his guilt over their father’s death.

Season 2, Episode 5: Simon Said

When Sam has a vision of a man committing a murder-suicide, Ash helps the brothers track down Andy Gallagher (Gabriel Tigerman), whose mother was killed in the same manner as their own mother—dying in a nursery fire. They head to Guthrie, Oklahoma, and Sam is able to stop the murder, although the man still ends up killing himself. The brothers later locate Andy, and learn that he has mind-control abilities. They believe that Andy forced the man to commit suicide. However, Sam has another vision of a woman’s suicide, and it comes to pass while they are talking to Andy, exonerating him. After learning that Andy was adopted and that the woman who killed herself is his biological mother, they conduct research and discover that he has a twin brother named Ansen (Elias Toufexis) that he never knew about. Ansen has been using the same ability out of anger to kill those connected to the adoption that separated them. He targets Andy’s ex-girlfriend, and the Winchesters rush to save her. However, Andy ends up killing his twin to save Dean, making Sam realize that every child connected to Azazel seems to end up becoming a killer. After they return to the Roadhouse, Ash reveals that Ansen’s adoptive mother did not die when he was an infant, meaning not every psychic child follows a traceable pattern.

Season 2, Episode 6: No Exit

When Ellen will not allow Jo to investigate mysterious disappearances of blonde women in an apartment building, Sam and Dean take the case and head to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. However, Jo secretly follows them and offers to help. They find ectoplasm in the latest victim’s apartment and realize that a ghost is behind the kidnappings. Jo’s extensive research shows that America’s first serial killer, H. H. Holmes (Stephen Aberle), had been executed and buried on the location where the apartment building was later built. Another woman soon vanishes, so the three rush to find a way to save her. Jo is captured by the spirit. The brothers find the ghost’s lair in the sewer system under the building and free Jo and the other woman. They then trap the spirit within a ring of salt—a deterrent of ghosts—and seal the chamber’s entrance with concrete as they can’t destroy the spirit. After Jo is reunited with her mother, an angry Ellen reveals that Jo’s father died while on a hunt with John Winchester.

Season 2, Episode 7: The Usual Suspects

The brothers investigate the mysterious murders of a lawyer and his wife in Baltimore, Maryland, but are soon arrested, with Dean’s previous record—having been framed for attempted murder by a shapeshifter—coming back to haunt him. However, Sam manages to escape. One of the detectives, Diana Ballard (Linda Blair), sees an apparition of a murdered woman, and on Dean’s insistence, helps Sam discover that the woman is a missing heroin dealer who had been working as a police informant. To put the spirit to rest, they must burn her body, but the woman appears and leads them to it, hidden within a wall. A necklace on the body points to Diana’s partner, Det. Pete Sheridan (Jason Gedrick), as being the woman’s murderer. Sam realizes that the woman’s spirit was actually a death omen warning Diana. Meanwhile, Pete takes Dean from the police station, and drives him into the woods to kill him. Sam and Diana are able to track them down, and Pete admits to killing the woman after convincing her to sell heroin that he had stolen from the property room at the station, and having later killed the lawyer who laundered the money and his wife who knew too much. The spirit returns and distracts him long enough for Diana to kill him, then disappears. Diana lets the brothers go so that they can continue saving people.

Season 2, Episode 8: Crossroad Blues

Sam and Dean investigate a suicide and believe a black dog may be involved. After research, they find that the man worked at a bar ten years earlier, but suddenly became an overnight success in architecture. They eventually realize that the dog was a hellhound sent to collect his soul, the man having made a demonic pact to gain his talent. However, the demon also made deals with other people, so the brothers track down one of them, learning that he gave up his soul to cure his wife of cancer. As Sam stays behind to protect the man from the hellhound, Dean summons the demon at a crossroads and tricks it into stepping into a devil’s trap—a mystical symbol that contains a demon and strips it of its power when the demon is inside of it. When the demon refuses to relent, Dean starts an exorcism. Eventually, in exchange for her freedom, the demon relents and releases the man from his deal. Before she leaves, she taunts Dean about his father’s deal, revealing that John is suffering in Hell.

Season 2, Episode 9: Croatoan

After Sam has a premonition of Dean killing a defenseless man, the brothers head to Rivergrove, Oregon to investigate. There, Sam notices “CROATOAN” carved into a pole, reminding him of the lost colony of Roanoke. They soon find that all forms of communication have been shut down, and extremely violent townspeople are blocking the roads out. They go to a local doctor’s office, where a doctor finds that the blood of the violent people has been infected by a virus containing sulfur, leading Sam to believe his father’s theory of Croatoan being a demonic plague. A woman in the office suddenly turns violent and attacks Sam. She infects him with her blood before Dean is able to kill her. Sam tries to kill himself, but Dean stops him. Moments later, it is learned that all of the infected people have suddenly vanished, leaving the town deserted. Sam has his blood tested, and finds out that he was not infected. After the brothers leave town, one of the survivors is revealed to be a demon; it contacts someone to inform him that Sam is immune to the virus, “as expected.” After leaving, Dean pulls to the side of the road and finally starts to reveal to Sam what their father told him before dying.

Season 2, Episode 10: Hunted

Dean reveals that before their father died, he told him that he has to save Sam if he can, or else kill him. A distraught Sam forgives Dean for not telling him, but goes to the Roadhouse to try to find more psychic children like himself. Ash’s search only finds a young man named Scott Carey, but he was murdered a month earlier. Sam heads to Lafayette, Indiana to investigate, and is followed by a young woman named Ava Wilson (Katharine Isabelle). Like Sam, she has premonitions, and foresaw Scott’s death. She has also been having visions of Sam being killed in an explosion. The two steal Scott’s file from a psychiatrist, and learn that he spoke to Azazel and was told about an army of psychic children being used in an upcoming war. The vampire hunter, Gordon Walker, who learned from a demon about Azazel’s plans, then tries to kill Sam, but Dean stops him just in time, though ending up his prisoner. Sam remembers Ava’s vision, and avoids explosive traps set by Gordon. He saves Dean, and police arrest Gordon due to an ‘anonymous call’ made by Sam. The brothers later go to check on Ava back in her hometown of Peoria, Illinois, but find her fiancé dead, with sulfur on the windowsill pointing to a demonic abduction.

Season 2, Episode 11: Playthings

The brothers investigate mysterious deaths at the Pierpont Inn in Cornwall, Connecticut. It is owned and run by Susan Thompson (Annie Wersching), a single mother who plans to sell it. Living there with her are her mother, Rose (Brenda McDonald), and her daughter, Tyler (Matreya Fedor), who has an imaginary friend named Maggie (Conchita Campbell). When another murder occurs while Sam and Dean are there, Sam feels guilty and, after getting drunk, makes Dean promise to kill him if he ends up turning evil. Later, the brothers discover that Rose has been practicing hoodoo, and suspect that she is behind the deaths. However, she recently suffered from a stroke, and would be unable to do so. Susan is soon attacked by a vengeful spirit, but is saved by Sam and Dean. They then discover that Maggie is the ghost of Rose’s sister, Margaret, who drowned as a child in the inn’s pool. Maggie had been kept at bay by Rose’s practice of hoodoo, but has returned since Rose’s stroke. Maggie does not want the family to move away, so she tries to drown Tyler so that she can have a friend forever. To save Tyler, Rose gives her own life, taking Tyler’s place as Maggie’s eternal playmate.

Season 2, Episode 12: Nightshifter

Sam and Dean investigate a series of robbery-suicides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, that involve employees stealing from their employers and then killing themselves. A former security guard named Ronald “Ron” Reznick (Chris Gauthier) has been conducting his own research, and believes the culprit is a “mandroid”—half man, half machine. With his findings, the brothers instead realize that a shapeshifter is behind it all. Predicting that the next incident will occur at a bank, Sam and Dean pose as security workers to infiltrate the building, and eventually discover that the shapeshifter has taken the form of the bank’s manager. However, before they can act, Ron arrives and takes everyone hostage. The brothers convince him that they believe his theory, and move everyone into the vault so that they can locate the shapeshifter. It has already morphed into another person, and when they discover its identity, it runs. Ron gives chase, but is then killed by a police sniper when he goes in front of a window. A hostage then has a heart attack, and Dean takes him to an ambulance outside the bank. He is identified, and FBI Agent Victor Henriksen(Charles Malik Whitfield) is called in. Henriksen reveals to Dean that he has been tracking him since the incident in St. Louis the previous year, when another shapeshifter framed Dean for attempted murder. Sam and Dean work to track the shapeshifter who repeatedly shifts form to avoid detection and avoid arrest by the police and FBI. Finally, Dean manages to kill the shapeshifter with a silver letter opener and he and Sam barely escape by disguising themselves as SWAT officers.

Season 2, Episode 13: Houses of the Holy

When the brothers investigate murders in Providence, Rhode Island in which the culprits claim to have been ordered to do so by an angel, they find that the victims were a killer and a pedophile, and that both attended the same church. Sam and Dean learn that a priest had been shot to death outside the church. While Sam wants to believe that it really is an angel, Dean thinks it is the vengeful spirit of the priest. Sam is later visited by the angel, who orders him to kill an evil man. While Dean tracks the angel’s target to make sure that the man does not do anything bad, Sam summons the spirit of the priest (David Monahan). The spirit believes himself to be an angel, but another priest (Denis Arndt) at the church convinces him otherwise and puts his soul to rest using the Last Rites. Meanwhile, Dean prevents the man from attacking a woman, and then chases after him in his car. During the pursuit, the man almost crashes into a truck, and a metal pipe on the truck falls and impales him, which Dean believes may have been God’s doing.

Season 2, Episode 14: Born under a Bad Sign

Dean finds Sam, who has been missing for a week, covered in blood and with no memory of what has happened. Security footage depicts Sam murdering a hunter. Sam tries to force Dean to kill him before he hurts someone else. When Dean refuses, Sam knocks him unconscious and leaves. He then track downs Jo at her job in Duluth, Minnesota, and begins to sadistically play mind games with her, but Dean arrives before he can physically hurt her. Sam again tries to convince Dean to shoot him, but Dean throws holy water on him, revealing a case of demonic possession. Sam shoots Dean and flees to the South Dakota home of fellow hunter Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver). However, Bobby tricks him into drinking holy water, and ties him up under a devil’s trap. After Dean’s wound is treated by Jo, he joins Bobby in an attempt to exorcise the demon. The ritual does not work, and Bobby learns that the demon used a binding ritual to bind itself to Sam’s body. As the demon frees itself and attacks Dean, it reveals that it is the same demon which had formerly resided within Meg Masters, wanting revenge for their exorcising it. Bobby slashes the binding mark on Sam with a hot iron poker, and the demon is forced to flee though it is not sent back to Hell. To prevent further possession by the demon or any others, Bobby gives Sam and Dean charms to protect against possession and warns them to keep quiet about their role in the hunter’s death.

Season 2, Episode 15: Tall Tales

After Sam and Dean have no luck in their investigation of several random urban legends coming to life on a college campus in Springfield, Ohio, they ask Bobby for help. He figures out that a Pagan trickster—a demigod capable of manipulating reality—is behind everything and is pitting Sam and Dean against each other with the various pranks they thought the other was committing. They confront the janitor (Richard Speight Jr.) of the building near where the manifestations had occurred, who reveals his true identity. The trickster tries to bargain with them, but the hunters attack him instead. He retaliates by conjuring minions to defend him, but Dean apparently kills him. However, its later revealed the trickster faked his death.

Season 2, Episode 16: Roadkill

As Molly McNamara (Tricia Helfer) and her husband David McNamara drive along a highway, a man suddenly appears in the road. They crash in an attempt to avoid him, and Molly later wakes up alone in the car. The man reappears and chases after her, but Molly flags down a car driven by the Winchesters. She tries to show them the wreck, but the car has disappeared. While later driving to the police, they are confronted again by the man, but Dean drives through him, causing the ghost to dissipate. The brothers reveal that what has been chasing her is the vengeful spirit of Jonah Greeley (Winston Rekert), who died on that roadway fifteen years earlier and now kills drivers on the anniversary of his death. The trio locates Greeley’s home nearby, and, after digging up his corpse, salt and burn the body. With the ghost of Greeley gone, the Winchesters explain to Molly that her husband is still alive, but is now married to someone else. Molly—having died in the same car accident that killed Greeley—is a spirit that has been reliving the same night since her death for fifteen years. Accepting the truth, she finally moves on.

Season 2, Episode 17: Heart

The brothers investigate a series of werewolf attacks in San Francisco, California, and meet Madison (Emmanuelle Vaugier), the secretary of the latest victim. After speaking to her, they suspect her violent ex-boyfriend Kurt is the werewolf. Dean searches for him while Sam protects Madison. There is an attraction between the two, but Sam does not respond to her flirtation. That night, Madison transforms into a werewolf and sneaks out; she attempts to kill Kurt, but Dean arrives to find Kurt dead and chases Madison away. The next day, the brothers deduce that she had been infected during an apparent mugging the previous month. According to werewolf lore in John Winchester’s journal, a werewolf will return to normal if his or her “sire” dies. Dean is able to kill the werewolf, who is revealed to be Madison’s neighbor. When she does not change the next night, they believe the curse has been lifted. A happy Sam and Madison have sex the following night, but she later transforms once again and flees. Not wanting to live as a monster and with no known cure, Madison convinces a distraught Sam to kill her.

Season 2, Episode 18: Hollywood Babylon

After a stagehand is apparently killed by a spirit on the set of a horror film, Sam and Dean head to Los Angeles to investigate. They first speak with the actress that witnessed the phenomena, whom Dean is a personal fan of and later had sex with. They then learn that it was only a publicity stunt, but a studio executive (Gary Cole) soon dies at the hands of a ghostly woman—a young actress who committed suicide in the 1930s after being seduced and then fired by a studio executive. Though the brothers salt and burn her remains, another producer is killed. Sam then notices that the Latin used in the film’s script is an actual summoning ritual. The writer, Martin Flagg (Michael B. Silver), tells them that the rituals are from the original script written by production assistant Walter Dixon (Benjamin Ratner). They confront Walter, who admits that he has been summoning spirits to get revenge against the people he believes ruined his script. He destroys the talisman used in the rituals, but the now free spirits kill him for what he did.

Season 2, Episode 19: Folsom Prison Blues

Following a tip from their father’s marine buddy, Deacon, Sam and Dean deliberately get themselves arrested in Arkansas to investigate a string of murders in a recently reopened cell block. However, FBI Agent Henriksen shows up and attempts to extradite them. Their public defender, Mara Daniels (Bridget Ann White), believes that they may have been falsely accused of many crimes, but says that they can only stall extradition for a week. To create a distraction in order to allow Sam to destroy what they believe to be the spirit, Dean gets into a fight with a fellow prisoner. However, the vengeful spirit of a nurse attacks Dean in the infirmary proving they were wrong about the ghost’s identity. He defends himself with salt, but she kills the other prisoner. Research reveals that it is Nurse Glockner, who used to kill infirmary patients and was later killed in a riot. She kills anyone who has committed a crime, regardless of how minor it is. Dean convinces Mara to locate where Glockner was buried, and the brothers decide to follow their escape plan. After getting into a fight with one another, they are taken away by a guard (Garwin Sanford)—Deacon. He helps them to escape. When Henriksen learns that Mara supplied the Winchesters with information, he forces her to tell him where she sent them. As the brothers dig up Glockner’s body and then salt and burn her remains, the FBI arrive at the wrong cemetery, having been lied to by Mara. The Winchesters dispatch Glockner in time to save Deacon and realize they are in more trouble than ever before now.

Season 2, Episode 20: What is and What Should Never Be

Dean is attacked by a djinn, and suddenly finds himself in a world in which his mother had never been killed by Azazel. He and Sam were not brought up as hunters, and thus are no longer close. Although Dean enjoys his new life, a ghostly young woman seems to be haunting him. When he realizes that all the people that he and Sam had saved as hunters are now dead, he decides that he must give up his new-found happiness to save them. Though Sam does not believe him, he accompanies his brother to the djinn’s lair. There Dean discovers that the young woman he has been seeing is a victim of the creature. Noticing that she is alive but hallucinating —a way for the djinn to keep its victims captive while it feeds off their blood —Dean realizes that he, too, is within an illusory world. Despite his dream family trying to convince him to stay, Dean kills himself in the dream, waking himself in the real world where Sam rescues him. Sam and Dean battle the djinn and Dean kills it. They discover the other victim is still alive and take her to the hospital where she is expected to recover.

Season 2, Episode 21: All Hell Breaks Loose (Part 1)

Sam is abducted by Azazel and taken to an abandoned town. Also placed there are Azazel’s other psychic children—Andy Gallagher and Ava Wilson, as well as newcomers Lily (Jessica Harmon) and Jake Talley (Aldis Hodge). As Dean and Bobby head to the Roadhouse for help and find it burned to the ground with the body of Ash buried in the wreckage, Andy uses his mind-control abilities to send Dean his location telepathically. That night, Sam is visited in a dream by Azazel, who explains that he has brought them together so that they can fight to the death, with the sole survivor becoming the leader of his army of demons. He reveals why he killed Sam’s girlfriend, Jessica: she was in the way and shows Sam the source of the psychic children’s abilities—his own demon blood. When he shows Sam the vision of the night of his mother’s death, who Azazel explains he killed as she got in the way, Sam discovers to his shock that Mary recognized Azazel. Meanwhile, Ava uses a new demon-controlling ability and forces an Acheri demon to kill Lily and Andy. She then reveals to Sam that she has been in the town since she went missing, killing off other psychic children that Azazel has sent there. She sets the Acheri demon on him, but Jake sneaks up behind her and uses his superhuman strength to break her neck, causing the demon to flee. Jake attacks Sam as Azazel told him only one of them is getting out alive, but Sam gains the upper hand and apparently knocks him unconscious. However, as Sam is distracted by an arriving Dean and Bobby, Jake regains consciousness and fatally stabs him. Sam dies in Dean’s arms.

Season 2, Episode 22: All Hell Breaks Loose (Part 2)

Dean, devastated by Sam’s death, sells his soul to a Crossroads Demon (Ona Grauer) in exchange for Sam’s resurrection, and is given only one year before collection is due. Ellen later arrives at Bobby’s home, and gives them a map of Wyoming that Ash had left in the Roadhouse’s safe. Research reveals that Samuel Colt—creator of the Colt gun—created a giant devil’s trap using railway lines. At the trap’s center is an old cowboy cemetery, which Azazel forces Jake to go to. The hunters are there to meet him, but Jake subdues them long enough to use the Colt as a key to open a mausoleum. Sam then shoots Jake in the back, and finishes him off with multiple shots as he begs for mercy. As the mausoleum doors begin to open, they realize that it is a Devil’s Gate —a doorway to Hell. A rush of demons escape and break the iron railway lines of the devil’s trap, allowing Azazel to enter. As Ellen and Bobby try to close the gateway, Sam and Dean take the Colt to confront Azazel. Unfortunately, the demon catches them by surprise and takes the gun. He taunts Dean’s demonic pact and questions if what came back was “one hundred percent pure Sam”. Azazel prepares to kill them, but the escaped spirit of John Winchester grabs him. This distraction allows Dean to take back the Colt and shoot the demon in the heart, finally killing him. As Bobby and Ellen manage to close the gates, John’s spirit moves on. However, while Azazel is now dead, hundreds of other demons escaped, an army’s worth and their work is not done yet. Sam also promises to find a way to save Dean after he admits to him about his deal.

Supernatural Season 2 Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Dean and Sam are funny, smart and while they are defeating ghosts and demons, the job looks fun. I sure wouldn’t mind being on their team. Fun to watch but not appropriate for young kids.

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