Short Movie Review: Chips Ahoy

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Chips Ahoy Summary

Chip and Dale are both hungry sitting in their tree, which has few acorns. After a squabble over their last acorn, which falls into a lake below, Chip sees a larger tree overflowing with acorns across the way from them. However, the lake stands between them and their potential gain.

Chip and Dale spot a ship in a bottle in Donald Duck’s fishing shack and decide to use it to attempt to cross the lake. Later, as Donald is taking a stroll along the pier, he spots the chipmunks carrying the ship and salutes them. Donald does not realize until he returns to the shack that they have pilfered his ship,and he sets out to get his boat back from the “pirate” chipmunks.

He catches the ship with a fishing rod and reels it in. To get back at Chip and Dale, who have taken on the personas of the ship’s captain and a seaman respectively, he torments them with the ship rudder, filling the cabin with water (forcing the chipmunks to pump it out), then puts on an imaginary series of stormy weather. The ruse seems to work, as Dale gets seasick. However, he spots Donald’s feet on the ground and alerts Chip, and the two are able to escape into quarters before the duck can get them while slamming his finger in the door. Undeterred, Donald tricks Dale into getting captured. Chip counters by releasing the ship’s anchor right on Donald’s foot so that he drops both Dale and the ship.

Dale then ties up Donald and jumps back onto the ship, moments before Donald can free himself. As Chip sees this, he panics and tries to steer the ship away while Donald begins chasing them. However, Dale is a step ahead of Chip and has cut holes in Donald’s boat sail, drilled holes in his canoe, unscrewed the bolts to dismantle his rowboat and tied his motorboat to the dock. When his motorboat is pulled by the rope, Donald flies out of it and takes a header into the tree just as Chip and Dale reach it, spilling acorns in the chipmunks’ boat. A furious Donald tries one more time to catch them, but falls and causes a wave to carry the ship back to the tree where Chip and Dale eat their haul of acorns. Undaunted, however, Donald chops down the tree and tries to build a dugout canoe.

Chips Ahoy Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Donald Duck is one of my least favorite character but seeing him upset with Chip ‘n’ Dale makes it funnier. I love watching these shorts with my kiddo. We can go through so many and just laugh together. It forms good memories, they have a little lesson but mostly just meant to entertain. Disney did a great job coming up with these ideas and created a long lasting dominate company.

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