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The Tracy family, led by former astronaut Jeff Tracy, operate International Rescue (IR), a secret organization that aids those in need during disasters using technologically advanced machines called Thunderbirds, operating out of Tracy Island in the South Pacific. The youngest son Alan lives at a boarding school in Massachusetts and dreams of being a Thunderbird pilot. He and his friend Fermat Hackenbacker, son of the Thunderbirds’ engineer Brains, are extracted by Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward, an IR agent, and her butler Aloysius Parker, using her limo FAB 1, as the Thunderbirds return from an oil rig fire off the Russian coast. Unbeknownst to them, a tracking beacon used by the Hood, a psychic criminal mastermind who has a vendetta against Jeff for not saving him in a collapsing diamond mine when his brother Kyrano was rescued, has been planted on the hull of Thunderbird 1.

The Hood’s submarine locates Tracy Island and fires a missile at the orbiting Thunderbird 5, sending the Tracys in Thunderbird 3 to rescue John Tracy. The Hood and his minions’ Mullion and Transom take over the island’s command center, imprisoning the Tracys in Thunderbird 5 as their oxygen runs out. The Hood reveals that he plans to use the Thunderbirds to rob the major banks of the world, which would plunge the world’s monetary system into chaos. The IR organization will be blamed and disgraced for it. Alan, Fermat and their friend Tin-Tin, Kyrano’s daughter, use a ventilation shaft to reach the Thunderbird silos. Fermat removes Thunderbird 2‘s guidance chip, delaying their plan, and the young people flee into the island’s jungle.

While traversing the jungle to find the island’s remote transmitter, Tin-Tin displays psychic powers like her uncle. Alan insists on confronting the villains, but Jeff tells them to wait for Lady Penelope’s arrival. The trio flees from Mullion, but Fermat and Tin-Tin are captured when Alan tries to tow them to safety on hovercraft. Lady Penelope and Parker arrive, engaging the Hood’s minions in combat, but the Hood defeats them with his powers. Alan appears but the Hood forces him to hand over the guidance chip and locks him and the others in the compound’s walk-in freezer. The Hood, Mullion, and Transom pilot Thunderbird 2 to London and use the Mole to sink a monorail line into the Thames and drill into the Bank of England’s vaults. Alan and co. escape confinement and contact the Tracys who regain control of Thunderbird 5. While the adults head off to stop the Hood, the teenagers, Lady Penelope, and Parker fly to London in Thunderbird 1.

Arriving in London, Alan and Tin-Tin rescue a submerged monorail car using the aquatic Thunderbird 4 before going after the Hood. Together, Fermat, Tin-Tin, and Parker defeat the Hood’s henchmen. The Hood locks Jeff and Lady Penelope in a vault and challenges Alan to defeat him. Alan dangles from a catwalk over the Mole, but Tin-Tin appears, using her own powers to turn the tables on the Hood. The Hood taunts Alan to let him die as his father did, but Alan, knowing that his father had in fact tried but failed to save the Hood, rescues him. The Hood and his minions are arrested and the Tracys return to their island. Alan, Fermat, and Tin-Tin are inducted as official members of IR, and depart for their first mission.

Thunderbirds Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I almost forgot about this one. When this film came out I was OBSESSED. It was fun, comedic and like a family version of Power Rangers. Plus a young Vanessa Hudgens plays Tin Tin. It is a fun family movie.

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