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The fourth film in the Disney Fairies series, Tinker Bell: Secret of the Wings was released on to DVD on October 23rd, 2012. Narrated by Anjelica Huston, we begin in Pixie Hallow, where all the Tinker fairies prepare for winter by making snowflake baskets, and giving them to the snowy owls who deliver them to the winter fairies in the winter woods. With curiosity, Tinker Bell watches Fawn take the woodland animals to the winter crossing for hibernation. While Fawn’s back is turned, Tinker Bell sneaks over to the other side to see what its like. On the Winter side, her wings begin to glow. Convinced, Tin tells Fawn that she must explore the winter woods but Fawn, concerned for her friend, rushes Tink to the fairy hospital.

Curious about what happened, Tink goes to the Book Nook to read the Wingology book, except the page on sparking wings was eaten by a book worm. A reading fairy tells her that the Keeper would know the answer but he lives in the winter woods.

Tink preps herself for the journey into the winter woods and sneaks into a basket set for the final shipment to the winter fairies. Her basket is picked up by a novice owl who accidentally drops her onto the ice before landing. She slides across, hiding behind another basket but the wingology book is found by Milori ( ) Lord of the Woods. Miler tells another fairy to return the boo to the keeper, so Tink follows him to the winter library. Hiding behind piles of books, Tink watches as another winter fairy rushes in to talk to Dewey () the keeper. This fairy starts claiming that her wings were glowing the day before but before she can continue her wings begin to glow again, as do Tink’s. Tink steps out to meet Dewey and this other fairy whose name is Periwinkle ().

Dewey brings them to his platform and shows them images of their birth, born of the same first laugh, making them twins. Milori comes into speak to Dewey who hides Tink and Periwinkle high up on the platform. Milori tells Dewey that if he should find a warm fairy he should send her home.

Dewey tells the girls that they can spend the day together but Tin must get home before dark or else her wings will freeze and she wont be able to fly again. Peri gives Tink a tour of her world. Before long its dark and Tink tries to warm a fire in Peri’s home but the floor melts underneath them. Dewey and Peri get Tink back to the warm side of the border but before departing, Tink tells Peri to meet her at the border crossing the next day because she has a plan.

Tink rushes home asking Bobble and Clan to help her with new invention called the snow maker. Tomorrow arrives and Tink and her friends show up at the border. Showing Peri that she too can cross and see Tink’s world. Tink and her friends show Peri around the rest of Pixie Hollow but soon Tink notices that Peri’s wings are wilting. They rush Peri back to the border crossing where Lord Milori is waiting for them. Angry, he knocks the snow maker into the river and scolds Peri about the dangers of border crossing. Queen Clarion arrives and tells Tink why they can never see each other again. Both Tink and Peri are told a story of two fairies who met and fell in love but they were from two different worlds. The two fairies continued to disregard the dangers until one broke their wing, never able to fly again. From then on, the two worlds must remain apart.

Meanwhile, the snow maker gets stuck and creates a massive snow storm. Clank and Bobble try to unwrap it but they need help. Tink and other warm fairies arrive to help free the snow maker but the freeze has begun to affect the autumn woods, heading to the Pixie Hollow Tree. Queen Clarion calls for all fairies to go quickly and protect the tree from the freeze. Tink, however, notices the periwinkle flower she was given was still protected in frost. She sets out to get Peri and the winter fairies to help. They listen to Tink and rescue the Pixie Hollow Tree from the freeze. The winter fairies stand guard while the warm fairies take cover.

Later, the freeze begins to melt and the pixie dust begins to flow again. As all the fairies celebrate and thank the winter fairies, Tink reveals she broke a wing and warns Peri to go before her wings wilt. As the twins say goodbye, their wings touch and a blinding light heals Tin’s wing.

After the credits, its shown that the fairies can cross the border without consequences uniting the two worlds.

The kiddo and I love the Tinker Bell series. This one is not only perfect for winter but the holidays which is all about family. While Tinker Bell was feisty and unlikable in Peter Pan, her series of films gives her the opposite feeling. She’s curious, head strong and likable. We wish there were more films about her then there are.

Secrets of the Wings Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Tinker Bell has a sister!!!!! I love this arc for her. Honestly the Tinker Bell films give her so much more of a character arc compared to the Peter Pan movies. I’m still thinking about how all one Neverland hasn’t frozen over during this but Pixie hallow, which is the hub did. Definitely worth the watch and yes winter filled.

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