Recess Christmas: Miracle on third street

Recess: Miracle on Third Street Trailer

Recess: Miracle on Third Street Summary

Prickly, Grotke and Finster get caught in a snowstorm. During which they look back at  all the fun time with T.J and the Recess crew. While stuck in the snowbank and reminiscing, the three get rescued by T.J and his gang. Prickly finally admits that they aren’t actually bad kids. Finster agrees, telling them that she felt more warm by telling the stories. The film ends with the Recess gang singing a song about their classmates in true Christmas cheer.

Recess: Miracle on Third Street Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

This fairly short film for Disney brings us 90’s kids back with the Recess Crew. While this was released when we were kids, its so much fun watching with our own kids.

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