Movie Review: Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star

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Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star Summary

Princess Stacy Wyndham of Belgravia and Lady Margaret Delacourt, Queen of Montenaro, are preparing to host an international Christmas festival in Montenaro, the centerpiece of which is the “Star of Peace”, a sacred relic said to have once belonged to Saint Nicholas himself, and which the Vatican has personally loaned to the Queen as a sign of goodwill. Shortly after the Star arrives, however, a team of thieves breaks into the palace and steals it without leaving a trace of evidence.

Knowing that the police have no leads, Stacy and Margaret decide to approach the only person they know with a criminal background: Lady Fiona Pembroke, who is currently on probation and working as a custodian at an orphanage. Fiona agrees to help in exchange for Margaret putting in a good word for her when her case is reviewed by a disciplinary board after Christmas. She goes to see her ex-boyfriend, Peter Maxwell, a disgraced former Interpol investigator who now runs his own private security firm. Peter quickly deduces that the mastermind behind the Star’s disappearance is Hunter Cunard, a billionaire obsessed with stealing priceless works of art for his personal collection.

Fiona persuades Hunter to give her an invitation to the Christmas party at his estate by pretending to be interested in selling him her family’s manor. Peter then recruits Fiona’s assistants, Mindy and Reggie, to practice infiltrating Hunter’s estate and bypassing his security measures, while Fiona distracts Hunter at the party. Unfortunately, Reggie injures himself during training and Fiona has no choice but to replace him. Margaret agrees to impersonate Fiona at the party while Peter and Fiona take the star back from the security vault.

As they get ready for the mission, Fiona reflects over her unrequited feelings for Peter, and his insistence that she try to mend her broken relationship with her neglectful mother Bianca. The plan is set into motion, and at first, everything works out perfectly until Peter accidentally trips a pressure plate alarm. Panicked Reggie and Mindy shut off the fake security footage Peter had installed, alerting Hunter to the theft. Peter gives Fiona a bag holding the Star and stays behind to distract Hunter’s men while Frank picks up Fiona. Margaret also escapes with the help of a friendly coat check man. 

Meanwhile, Stacy receives a warning from the head of the orphanage that Fiona’s hearing has been rescheduled to the same night as the heist. She, dressed up like Fiona, appears in front of the committee, accompanied by Prince Edward as a character witness. Edward’s testimony, combined with Stacy’s sincere insistence that “Fiona” is ready to go to jail to prove her remorse, is enough for the board to decide on a commutation of sentence. Everyone regroups at the palace, but Fiona soon discovers that the bag she’s carrying is a decoy. Believing that Peter tricked them, Margaret and Stacy agree to reveal the truth to the Vatican while Fiona, Mindy, and Reggie leave despite Margaret inviting them to stay for Christmas.

Peter asks Fiona to meet him at the boarding school they attended, and he explains that he took the Star to get her attention. He asks Fiona to speak with Bianca, who has traveled to Montenaro to make peace with her daughter. Fiona angrily refuses to do so and is about to leave when she realizes that doing so would be repeating the same mistakes her mother made. Without saying a word, she goes back and hugs Bianca, forgiving her. The two then return the Star to Stacy and Margaret.

At the lighting of the festival’s Christmas tree, Margaret reveals to Kevin that she gave the police evidence of Hunter’s crimes, enabling his arrest and prosecution. Fiona, despite finally being welcomed back into her cousin’s family, is miserable about not having anyone to share the holiday with when Peter suddenly appears. The two share a kiss as the Star of Peace lights up to celebrate the new year.

Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The third in the series and I think it is the best one yet. Okay hear me out, I know the Christmas Romance films can absolutely be overdone. While this used the same characters as the last two, it brought a fun spin. I couldn’t stop laughing and I actually began to like Fiona. Also we absolutely love Peter Maxwell. He is the friend we all need.

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