Movie Review: A Muppet’s Christmas: A Letter to Santa

A Muppet’s Christmas: A Letter to Santa Review

A Muppet’s Christmas: A Letter to Santa Summary

On Christmas Eve, the Muppets go to the post office in New York City to deliver each of their letters to Santa Claus. When they head back to their apartment, Gonzo discovers that three letters wound up in his coat from a mishap there. One of those letters he recognizes as being written by his friend, a neighbor girl named Claire (Madison Pettis). On Gonzo’s insistence, the principal Muppets decide to go to the North Pole and deliver them personally. The Muppets end up getting tickets from a North Pole Airlines clerk named Joy (Uma Thurman) and getting caught by a bitter security guard Officer Frank Meany (Nathan Lane) who, for being a bully, perpetually ended up on Santa’s naughty list. He and Bobo the Bear allow the Muppets to pass through.

They eventually reach the North Pole, only to find out that Santa has already left to deliver the presents. The real Santa (Richard Griffiths) overhears their grieving and returns. While on a sleigh ride, they hand him Claire’s letter and the other two which are revealed to have come from Frank Meany (who wants to be taken off the naughty list) and Pepe the King Prawn. Santa brings them home to New York in time to spend the rest of the holiday with Claire and her mom, which was all Claire wanted in the first place.

A Muppet’s Christmas: A Letter to Santa Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This was an adorable shorter film perfect for the whole family. There are surprising cast like Madison Petitis, Jessie L. Martin and Richard Griffths to begin with. The music is catching and makes me wonder why I don’t want the muppet films as often with my kiddo.

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