Short Movie Review: Tangled: Before Ever After

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Tangled: Before Ever After Summary

On the day before Rapunzel’s coronation, Rapunzel and Eugene are out racing Maximus and Fidelio in the forest against the royal guards to the border wall. Rapunzel won, climbing up the wall to see the incredible view before the guards catch up. Eugene and Rapunzel are escorted back to the castle. Cassandra, who is helping the princess adjust to he new duties,  is waiting for Rapunzel. Rapunzel loves her new life but is having a tough time adjusting to the title of princess and all the responsibilities it comes with. Her father has overburdened her with guards and staff to keep her safe and focused but all it does is make the princess want to explore the world more and feel overwhelmed. 

Later that night, Eugene proposes and Rapunzel turns him down, not feeling ready for marriage despite all the love she has for him. Rapunzel returns to he room to find Cassandra. Instead of Cassandra overbearing her as usual, Cassandra suggests sneaking beyond Corona’s security wall. Rapunzel agrees, so he two girls sneak away. Cassandra leads them to the location where the healing flower had been found. In the flowers place is now thorn like rocks. Curious, Rapunzel touches the rocks and is instantly struck by magic, causing her hair to glow. The rocks begin to grow chasing the girls as they run back towards the castle. As soon as they out safely out of the woods, they realize that Rapunzel’s long blonde magical hair is back. 

As the sun rises, the girls sneak back into the castle and hide up in Rapunzel’s room, trying to come up with a solution. Cassandra tries to cut it but its unbreakable. Eugene gets into the room and sees her hair. He joins in on finding a solution before the King and Queen see. Rapunzel ends up wearing an oversized wig to cover up her new hair do, while she has breakfast with her parents. Meanwhile, under the orders of Lady Kaine, private’s are invading, committing crimes and purposely getting caught. The guards bring them back to the castle where they are locked in the dungeons.

During the coronation Lady Kaine attends in disguise as a visiting duchess. She sneaks down to the dungeons to free all the prisoners as revenge for imprisoning her father. Lady Kaine locks the royal family and their guests in a cage. That’s when Rapunzel takes off her wig, revealing that her magical hair was back. She uses it to defeat the bad guys with Eugene and Cassandra at her side. Rapunzel tells her father the truth on how it came back, upsetting him more that she’s endanger. He forbids her from leaving the castle without him. 

Seeing how hurt Rapunzel is, Eugene apologizes for the King’s actions as well as making her feel trapped. Even though he doesn’t understand, he would try and go slow. Rapunzel then sits down to read a journal her mother had given her. She read a line that inspired her to face her problems and live life to the fullest. It ends with a mysterious visitor at the old location of the magical flower, now covered by the thorn rocks.

Tangled: Before Ever After Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This is a glimpse between after Tangled and her Coronation. This set the stage for Tangled the series. Its a cute short film and really sets an interesting timeline while revealing a lot.

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