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Released in Disney Digital 3D and IMAX 3D on November 3rd, 2009, A Christmas Carol is adopted from the Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol. It is Disney’s 3rd time retelling the story of Scrouge, first through Mickey in the 1983 films Mickey’s Christmas Carol, then again in 1992 with The Muppet’s Christmas Carol.

On Christmas Eve, 1843 in London, the movie follows Ebenezer Scrooge (Jim Carrey), a miserable old moneylender. Scrooge hates everything but money, he even declined his nephew Fred’s (Colin Firth) Christmas dinner art invite. Sitting at his desk counting money as usual, Bob Crachit (Gary Oldman), his loyal employee asked to have Christmas off to be with his family. Scrooge reluctantly agrees.

That night Scrooge is visited by the ghost of Jacob Marley (Gary Oldman), his deceased business partner. Marley warns Scrooge to change his ways quickly or her will forever be carrying heavy chains due to his own greediness then tells Scrooge that three spirits will visit to help guide him. The first spirit was the Ghost of Christmas Past (Jim Carrey), who time travels them to Scrooge’s early years, they watch as Scrooge becomes a young adult growing into the successful entrepreneur. At that time, Scrooge was engaged to Belle (Robin Wright) but she broke it off when he become obsessed with money. They return home.

Not before long, Scrooge was awoken by the Ghost of Christmas Present (Jim Carrey). They visit Bob’s house where they see the family celebrating with very little money and food but they enjoyed each other’s company. Scrooge begins to feel for Crachit’s ill son, Tiny Tim

(Gary Oldman), who may not make it another year. Before Scrooge knew what happened, Big Ben struck midnight and he was back home.

The last spirit to visit was Ghost of Christmas Yet to come (Jim Carrey), who appears as a dark shadow figure. They teleport to the future where Scrooge hears townsfolk talking about the funeral of a unnamed colleague. They are then transported to Crachit’s home again to learn that Tiny Tim has died. They then travel to the cemetery to learn that Scrooge was really the man who died the townsfolk were discussing. It woke Scrooge up from his miserable ways, learning that this was his future.

He wakes up the next morning, Christmas Day, in his bed with a whole new feeling. Scrooge quickly gets ready and surprises the Crachit’s family with a big turkey dinner. Afterwards he finds the charity workers and helps spread happiness before heading to his nephew Fred’s home, where he his welcomed. The following morning, Scrooge gives Cratchit a raise at work and helps the family with Tiny Tim, becoming like a second father. From that day on, Scrooge is now a compassionate and generous man.

A Christmas Carol Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This Jim Carry Version of Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol is also a classic. It is how Jim Carry brings Scrouge alive and makes him likable. Jim Carry has also been talented but this and Grinch are his top two best and always known for.

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