Movie Review: Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers

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Mickey, Donald and Goofy: The Three Musketeers Summary

The movie begins backstage with the narrator and a French turtle named Troubadour,  arguing about a broken promise. The narrator ends up falling through a trapdoor leaving Troubadour to tell a story. He’s rushed onto stage, grabbing the story of the Three Musketeers to read. Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Pluto are the protagonists. The story begins when the boys were small street urchins being robbed by masked bandits when four Royal Musketeers named Athos, Porthos, Aramis and D’Artagnan come to the rescue. Mickey was given one of their hats inspiring them to become musketeers. 

Fast forward to present day, the boys are now janitors for the Musketeers. However, Mickey, Donald and Goofy were more clumsy and messy than they were helpful. One day, one of those Incidents awakens Captain Pete. A furious Captain Pete tells the boys that they will never be musketeers because Donald is a coward, Goofy is a doofus and Mickey is too small. It broke their hearts. 

Meanwhile in France, Princess Minnie Mouse was taking a walk in the palace gardens after discussing finding love with Daisy, her lady in waiting, when the Beagle boys attempt to kill her. They drop a safe from the roof but it narrowly misses the princess. The Beagle boys run to tell Captain Pete that they failed but he reprimands them for misunderstanding his order to keep her safe until he could take over and rule the kingdom. Lieutenant Clarabelle dishes out their punishment by pushing them into the pit.

Princess Minnie summons Captain Pete to tell him to hire personal musketeer bodyguards. Realizing this is the perfect time to get rid of the princess, Captain Pete hire Mickey, Donald and Goofy for the job, knowing they were weaklings. The trio go to the castle to meet with the princess when they see Daisy, assuming she was going to harm Princess Minnie, they attack her. Princess Minnie tops them and tells them she’s the lady in waiting. As soon as the Princess and Mickey lay eyes on each other, they fall in love. 

Meanwhile, Captain Pete gives the Beagle boys one last chance but only if they successfully kidnap the princess and her lady in waiting. If they are out of the way, Captain Pete can announce he has taken over the kingdom. The Beagle Boys take the opportunity up.

While on a carriage ride, Princess Minnie and Daisy are ambushed. Mickey, Donald and Goofy were with them for protection trying to fight them off but were unsuccessful. The new musketeers were thrown off the carriage but they didn’t give up. They follow the carriage to an abandoned tower where Mickey and Goofy go up to fight the Beagle Boys and rescue Princess Minnie and Daisy. Finally safe, Minnie and Mickey spend time with each other as much as possible.

Pete realizes that Mickey, Donald and Goofy are better than he thought. He decides to come up with a plan were they are targeted one on one. That night Clarabelle lures Goofy away using a shadow puppet of Mickey away from the palace. The shadow disappears and Goofy is kidnapped by Clarabelle. The Beagle Boys scare Donald into a trap set by Pete where he locks him in the guilotine. That’s when Donald learns of Pete’s plan to take over as King. Donald figures out a way to escape just before the blade comes down.

Meanwhile, Pluto realizes that Goofy and Donald are missing. While searching for them he bumps into Mickey and warns him. Donald finds them to explain what Pete is up to. After telling Mickey everything, Donald runs away. Pete then captures Mickey, tying him up in the dungeon of Mont Saint- Michel so he will drown when the tide comes in.

Back with Goofy and Clarabelle struggling, they fall in love. Clarabelle tells Goofy that his friend Mickey is in trouble but before they are able to get off the bridge, it breaks and they plummet into the river. By chance, Donald breaks their fall as he was rowing to escape France. Goofy desperately tries to get Donald to help save Mickey as he’s about to drown. It wasn’t until he heard the song from Troubadour that changed his mind. They manage to save Mickey in the nick of time. The three head back towards the castle to rescue Minnie and Daisy with Clarabelle.

Back inside the castle, The girls were locked in a chest in the theater by the Beagle Boys. One of them pretends to be Minnie to hand over the kingdom to Pete, announcing that he’s the new King. The opera begins as Pluto sniffs out for the girls.  Mickey, Donald and Goofy arrive on stage and they fight Pete and the Beagle boys. The three defeat the bad guys but save Minnie and Daisy. All three couples admit their love for eachother and Minnie dubs them musketeers. The film ends as the troubadour ends the movie saying they finally lived their dream and singing all for one an one for all.

Mickey, Donald and Goofy: The Three Musketeers Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

This movie features our favorite fab five members with the classic Three Musketeers, expect with a twist. It is cute for kids so the whole family can enjoy but not a movie I would put on often.

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