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The Mole Season 4 Summary

Season 4, Episode 1

El Loco Taxi: The first player is given the keys to a taxi and must look for the other seven players. The players have an envelope which contains a clue giving the location of another player and a hint at the player that must be found. Each player found adds $5,000 to the pot. However, if the taxi does not make it back in time, no money is earned.

Artifact or Fiction: Two players are designated as salesmen. One person is given an ancient artifact while the other is given a fake. They will each develop a story about the object they were given. If the other players can determine who is lying, the group earns $10,000. If the group chooses incorrectly, the liar will earn an exemption.

Moon over Yucatán: The player who chose journal #2 is told about a secret game. For every person this player can convince to go swimming after dinner, $2,000 is added to the pot. If anyone goes skinny dipping, an exemption will be given to the player with journal #2.

Season 4, Episode 2

Piñata Party: The players are split into two groups: four players who want to stuff themselves and three who would rather swing. The four stuffers each pick a piñata and are led to a ring where larger sizes of the piñatas are located. The stuffers will man their piñatas while the three swingers will be given five minutes to break one each. If a piñata is broken, the swinger who broke the piñata earns that box. The players who are in piñatas that did not break earn their boxes. For each box that was broken that contains one of three $10,000 boxes, the group earns that money. Whoever possess the other box earns an exemption unless they give it back for up to $50,000.

Exemption or Bust: The group must unanimously decide who will be given an exemption in this episode. If they do that, $25,000 will be added to the pot. However, if they can not reach an agreement, $25,000 will be taken out of the pot.

Season 4, Episode 3

Clucks for Bucks: The players are put into three groups of two. Each group will have to turn over a sombrero and catch the chicken with the matching number. They can only turn over one sombrero and catch one chicken at a time. Each of the twenty regular chickens caught adds $2,000 to the pot, while each of the four “super chickens” adds $5,000. Each group has five minutes to catch as many chickens as they can, but a chicken that was caught by one group will not be caught by any other group. After the three groups have completed their five minutes, one player will be chosen to catch a rooster for an additional $10,000.

Mariachi Maze: The six players are brought to a maze and split into three groups of two. Each group of two will have a navigator and a runner. The runner takes a wrestling belt and, with help from the navigator, tries to get to the exit without being touched by a wrestler. If the wrestler tags the runner, that group’s turn is over. In addition, a mariachi band is in the middle of the maze and will play music whenever they see a wrestler. Each team that successfully completes the maze earns $20,000. Inside one of the belts is an exemption. The runners who did not complete the maze will cost the group $5,000 for a chance at the exemption.

Leftovers: The runner who picked the belt with the green print is given a secret game. If the player can eat everyone’s leftovers fifteen minutes after everyone has completed their meal, he will earn an exemption and $10,000 for the pot.

Season 4, Episode 4

Tequila Shooters: The remaining players must cross a bridge, pick up a tequila bottle and walk back across the bridge without it falling. The players can not touch the bottle while on the bridge and can only take one bottle per person at a time. In addition, the three executed players will be throwing dodgeballs at the remaining players, trying to knock them or the bottles off the bridge. The players have ten minutes to get as many bottles across as they can. Each bottle that is successfully taken across the bridge, $500 is added to the pot. The executed players split among the three of them $500 for each bottle that does not get across. Afterwards, the remaining players can double the money earned from this game if one worm is eaten for each player who brought at least one bottle across.

Still Life: The players are split up into three groups: one group has three players that are a kid at heart; the other two players are either a chatter box or someone with a good eye. The chatter box is shown three paintings and tells the kids at heart a description of each painting. The kids at heart will use finger paint to replicate each painting. The player with a good eye is taken to a gallery and must match the paintings. If successful, the group earns $20,000.

Season 4, Episode 5

Donkey Rally: The players are split up into two groups. In each group, the female is the brains while the male is the brawn. The groups will travel down a road and meet merchants who have instructions on a sign written in Spanish. Only the females can look in the dictionary to translate and steer the donkey while only the males can take the goods from the merchants. For each stop that a group followed the instructions, $10,000 is added to the pot. The groups have 45 minutes to complete the task. Each group that crosses the finish line under that time adds an additional $5,000 to the group pot.

The Graduate: The players are in the back of an elementary classroom and start out with $40,000 and will be asked a series of grade school questions. Each incorrect answer deducts $1,000 from the game while a correct answer means that player can move up one seat. The players are also given a card that can hold back a player who answered a question correctly. Each card can only be used once and using that card also deducts $1,000 from the game. The player to reach the front of the class first stops the game and adds the money to the pot. That player is also given a choice between taking up to $20,000 for their own and giving someone else an exemption, or to put that money into the pot as well.

Who Nose a Celebrity?: The players are given a name and must find which of the six noses belongs to that celebrity. Each correct answer is worth $5,000.

Season 4, Episode 6

reasure Code: Two players are on a boat while one player is at the bottom of the lagoon steering the boat. Along the way are four buoys with a clue. The two in the boat must figure out the answer and relay the message to the one at the bottom of the lagoon who has a choice of two chests. Each correctly chosen chest is worth $10,000. However, the boat has some holes in it. If the boat sinks before getting to shore, no money is won in this game.

Flashback: The players are designated as fastest, clean up and good memory. The three players are shown 27 pictures in chronological order featuring the four seasons of The Mole. The first four seasons’ hosts winners and moles are on one side of the board while the executed players and games from this season are on another side. Question marks take the place of the three current players in the respective sides of the board. The players are given one minute to look at the pictures and leave the room. The pictures are taken down and mixed up. Each player is given one minute, starting with the fastest player and ending with the player with the best memory, to put up as many pictures as they can. Each correct picture after the third player finishes is worth $2,000.

Briefcase Test: At the beginning of the episode, each player was given a briefcase and told not to open it. If they all followed instructions, the group would double the money from the Flashback game. However, inside the briefcase is a piece of photographic paper with the answers printed on one side. When developed, the paper would remain white if it had not been exposed to light (i.e., by a player opening their briefcase). If any player opened their briefcase, the paper would turn black when developed. In that event, no money is added.

Season 4, Episode 7

The final episode revealed Dennis as the winner and Angie as the Mole. To reveal the results, the three finalists were placed behind three locked doors. A key was slipped to each one, but only one key would open a door, that which belonged to the winner. After Dennis’ door opened, he was announced as the winner. He then slipped a second key to the door belonging to the mole, and Angie emerged. Mark settled for the runner-up position. This method had been done in The Mole 2: The Next Betrayal.

In this episode it was revealed that Dennis would have been eliminated from the game in Episode 5 had it not been for the exemption Tracey gave him at the end of the Graduate Game. It was also revealed that through most of the season, Mark believed Angie was the mole until the final episode as Dennis became a more suspicious player. Dennis did not take any notes but answered 17 out of 20 questions correctly in the final quiz to win the game.

The remainder of the episode was focused on the moments between the two finalists, the ways the Mole sabotaged games, the return of Stephen and Corbin, and explaining the hidden clues that pointed to the Mole’s identity to the viewers.

The Mole Season 4 Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Another season, new competitors and lots of fun in the mystery and challenges.

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