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Power Rangers Samurai Season 1 Summary

Season 1, Episode 1 and 2: Origins

When the Nighloks are revived and begin to attack the mortal realm, Jayden of the Shiba Clan takes arms to fight them as the Red Ranger. After defeating the company of Moogers, Jayden is informed by his mentor, Ji, that he must assemble his team of Samurai Rangers instead of fighting on his own. Meanwhile, on the Sanzu River, the incredibly powerful Master Xandred finally awakens. Upon learning that the Samurai Rangers still exist, he becomes enraged and sends the Nighlok Tooya to attack the humans with an army of Moogers. Ji summons four other warriors: Olympic swimmer Kevin, kindergarten teacher Mia, carefree gamer Mike, and pure-hearted country-girl Emily. Upon meeting the four, Jayden gives each one a chance to back out of his crusade, and when all four decline, he gives each one a Samuraizer phone. Jayden, Emily, Kevin, Mia, and Mike then take on Tooya and his numerous Moogers. Red Ranger defeats Tooya, but despite that, he tells his teammates to remain on their guard. Sure enough, the Nighlok is reborn as his secondary form, a titanic mega-monster, so the Samurai Rangers enlarge their Foldingzords to confront and destroy him. After the battle, Ji welcomes Emily, Kevin, Mia, and Mike into the Shiba House. All five warriors become full-fledged Power Rangers. After joining Jayden as his teammates, Emily, Kevin, Mia, and Mike begin their transition into Samurai Rangers. However, while Mike spars with Kevin, Emily disappears. Kevin, Mia, and Mike discover her practicing at a nearby park, revealing her reasons for becoming a Samurai Ranger. Meanwhile, Bulk is reunited with Spike, the son of his best friend Skull, and he becomes committed to training his nephew into becoming a samurai. When the Nighlok Scorpionic appears, four of the Samurai Rangers deal with the Moogers while Red Ranger fights the new Nighlok. During the battle, Red Ranger keeps a young girl out of harm’s way before the Rangers defeat Scorpionic with their combined Spin Sword attacks. But when Scorpionic revives into a Mega Monster, the Rangers combine their Foldingzords to form the Samurai Megazord to destroy him and his giant Mooger army. After the battle, Ji congratulates the Rangers while Mike uses his symbol ability to create confetti before dancing all over the house.

Season 1, Episode 3: The Team Unites

The Samurai Rangers, are seen training, but Mike can’t seem to sense Jayden or Kevin’s attacks. Mike soon leaves practice to hang out with his friends, telling them of his struggles. However, the city is attacked by the Nighlok Rofer, sent by Xandred to raise the Sanzu River’s water levels with human fear. Even in his Ranger form, Mike is no match for Rofer as the others arrive as the monster falls back to rehydrate in the Sanzu River. Jayden explains to Mike that being a Samurai Ranger is the ultimate sacrifice and must stay away from his friends and family to protect them. After giving it thought, Mike gets an idea and starts to train himself as Jayden undergoes his training. The next day, when Rofer resumes his attack, Mike again takes on the Nighlok on his own, tricking him into tangling up his elongate arms. Mike then executes the finishing move. When said Nighlok is revived and enlarged, despite Mike’s intent to finish him off himself, the Rangers form their Megazord and use Jayden’s training to finish the monster off.

Season 1, Episode 4: Deal with a Nighlok

After confronting the Nighlok Doubletone, the Rangers search for the young boy whom the monster was talking to, a little leaguer named Ryan. Kevin and Mia find the boy only to refuse to answer them as he runs off. Following him to his home to learn whatever secret he has, the two get into a discussion of Kevin’s regret of his life-long dream that he has been keeping to himself before Mia assures him he’ll live his dream once Xandred is defeated. After an all-night stakeout, Kevin and Mia find Ryan as he suddenly disposes of his baseball stuff and calls Doubletone as he performs his promise, hurting himself so he cannot play baseball to get his father back. However, as the garbage truck arrives to take out the trash, Doubletone revealed it to be a lie as part of his plan to make the boy give up his dream to raise the Sanzu River. Vowing to make the Nighlok pay, Kevin and Mia fight him as the others arrive, defeating Doubletone as he revives into a giant before Samurai Megazord destroys him. Later, the Rangers attend Ryan’s game after the boy learns the sanitation worker saved his stuff and gave it to his coach, with Jayden using his Symbol Power to make Ryan’s dream a vision for a short while.

Season 1, Episode 5: Day Off

While the others spend their leisure time at the Rainbow’s End amusement park, Jayden remains behind to master the use of the Beetle Disk as the rest of the team encounter the Nighlok Dreadhead, whose flexible body and marksmanship overpower them. Even with the Red Ranger’s arrival, the team is no match for Dreadhead before he falls back when he begins to dry up. After revealing the Beetle Disc to the others, Jayden resumes training into the night, nearly destroying himself in the process. The next day, a rehydrated Dreadhead resumes his attack with the other Rangers arriving to fight him as Jayden arrives and succeeds in using the Beetle Disc to have his Fire Smasher assume Cannon Blast Mode to destroy Dreadhead. When Dreadhead resurrects into a giant, he overwhelms Samurai Megazord until Jayden uses the Beetle Disc to summon the Beetle Zord. To counter the summoned giant Moogers, the Beetle Blaster Megazord is formed to take them out before destroying Dreadhead. After the fight, Jayden joins the others at the amusement park.

Season 1, Episode 6: Sticks & Stones

During battle training, Emily accidentally injures Mike in the arm, with Emily’s attempts to care for his arm making a mess of everything. The Nighlok Megatron appears and subjects his victims to insults that hurt their feelings so deeply that the verbal abuse becomes a physical assault. Confronting him, all the Rangers are struck down by Negatron’s attacks save for Emily, who is unaffected as the Nighlok is forced to retreat. When her teammates wonder about her immunity to Negatron’s attacks, Emily tells them how her sister Serena taught her to ignore insults and how you need to keep thinking that the person never even said it. When Negatron resumes his attack, Emily weakens him with Mike’s help as Jayden destroys him with the five-disc Beetle Cannon. Negatron revives as a Mega Monster, and the Rangers destroy him with the Beetle Blaster Megazord. Later, the Rangers are then seen walking along the sidewalk while Mike carries Emily, who loses consciousness at the end of the fight. Mia hears an ice cream truck and Emily, who has been faking unconsciousness for a few minutes, pretends to wake up so they can all get ice cream.

Season 1, Episode 7: A Fish Out of Water

While having breakfast, the Rangers learn that the Swordfish Zord has been sighted off the coast as the noxious Nighlok Yamaror appears. While the others go after Yamaror, poisoned by his intense stench. As a result, Kevin is sent to acquire the Zord by fishing for it. But after failed attempts to catch it, Kevin receives the aid of a fisherman before being contacted by Ji and being told that the others got poisoned and the Swordfish Zord is needed to cure them. As Jayden slows Yamiror down despite the poison’s pain, Kevin finally manages to fish the Zord out with the fisherman’s help. After curing his teammates of Yamaror’s poison before using the Fire Smasher’s 5-Disc Swordfish Cannon mode to defeat the Nighlok, Kevin summons the Swordfish Zord to battle the mega monster before having it form the Swordfish Fencer Megazord. As the Rangers spent a day at the beach, a mysterious figure who witnessed the Rangers’ fight with Yamiror walks off into the night.

Season 1, Episode 8: There Go the Brides

Dayu and the Moogers start kidnapping brides, so the Rangers use a fake wedding to try to trap her. After she doesn’t show, they make Jayden and Mia pose as another couple at a wedding, which leads to Mia being kidnapped. However, Dayu didn’t notice the trap and also kidnaped the “real” bride, who turns out to be Emily, in disguise. After sending the replica symbol power Rangers into an ambush, the Rangers challenge Dayu to a battle in the nearby forest and quarry. However, after trying to destroy her, a new Nighlok named Deker shows up, and Jayden catches his attention. Dayu and Deker return to the Netherworld, but not before summoning Giant Moogers to finish the job.

Season 1, Episode 9: I’ve Got a Spell on Blue

Nighlok Madimot shows Master Xandred that he found and possessed the previous Red Samurai Ranger’s Tiger Zord and claimed it as his pet. Madimot attacks in the forest, and the Rangers rush towards the Nighlok. Madimot fires a blast at Mike, but Kevin gets in the way and takes the blast. Kevin becomes possessed by Madimot, and Madimot orders him to attack the others. Kevin fights Jayden, and Jayden rushes towards Madimot, but he is forced to get Emily, Mia, and Mike out of there. Kevin and Madimot attack a construction site, and the Rangers arrive. Deker returns to his human form and watches the fight between Jayden and Kevin, with the other Rangers commenting on Jayden’s abilities. During the fight, Jayden frees Kevin from Madimot’s control, and the five then attack Madimot and destroy the Nighlok. Madimot returns as a mega monster and summons the Tiger Zord; the other Rangers get into their zords, and Jayden’s Lion Foldingzord battles the Tiger Zord and frees it. With the Megazord fused with the Tiger Zord, They finish Madimot once and for all.

Season 1, Episode 10: Forest for the Trees

Jayden and Ji tell the others that the Tiger Zord, the Swordfish Zord, and the Beetle Zord can combine into the Samurai Battlewing, a bird-like Megazord, and they try to find a fitting pilot for each support zord. Jayden keeps the Tiger Disc, Kevin keeps the Swordfish Disc, and the Beetle Disc is given to Mia, much to Mike’s dismay, making him jealous in the process. Mike starts to train harder than usual, but he thinks he can’t catch up to Jayden and Kevin’s progress. Then, when the Rangers face a new Nighlok named Desperaino, who uses the “loss of hope,” Kevin attaches his Swordfish Disc onto the Hydro Bow to try to stop it. When Mia tries to attach the Beetle Disc onto her Sky Fan, the Nighlok knocks it away, and Mike catches the disc. Against the others’ protests, Mike attaches the Beetle Disc onto his Forest Spear, but when Kevin and Mike try to launch attacks onto the Nighlok, the Forest Spear doesn’t work, and the Nighlok gets away. After the battle, Ji scolds Mike for acting so foolish and jeopardizing the team’s mission. Subsequently, after locating Mike at an arcade, Ji leads him to a clearing and tries to teach him about harnessing the Forest Symbol. Then, after another encounter with the Nighlok, Mike destroys him. After a final offensive on the enlarged monster by the Samurai Battlewing auxiliary Zord combination, the Rangers celebrate victory. Mia allows Mike to keep the Beetle disc. Mike creates a plant for Ji to symbolize their growing “friendship.”

Season 1, Episode 11: Test of the Leader

Master Xandred is troubled by how much Deker knows about his past and the Seal that defeated him. Furious, he called upon giant and standard Moogers to attack the city, destroying everything. Bulk and Spike encountered the Moogers and tried to put up a fight, but they end up running for their lives instead. The Pink Ranger rescues Spike, and he begins to develop a crush on her. The girls battle the standard Moogers while the boys take on the giant Moogers in the Samurai Battlewing. Later, a powerful new Nighlok named Robtish appears and challenges Jayden to a duel. The other Rangers follow on and are defeated by the Nighlok’s power. When the Nighlok aims the Red Ranger, Deker appears, announcing that Red Ranger is his opponent. Then the Rangers fight in a triple threat match when the Nighlok ends up drying out and retreating to the Sanzu River. Jayden and Deker continue to fight, but Jayden is defeated, and he takes a minor blow. Mike calls for Ji to bring help so that Emily and Kevin can be brought back to the Shiba house. Back at the Shiba House, Jayden secretly leaves his comrades and goes on a journey alone to protect them.

Season 1, Episode 12: Jayden’s Challenge

Jayden leaves the Shiba House to keep the other Rangers out of danger. Meanwhile, Emily and Kevin start to feel better, and they worry about Jayden. Kevin tells the group that he had an idea of combining the Samurai Battlewing with the Megazord. In the Sanzu River, Octoroo says Master Xandred won’t be happy when he finds out Jayden is still alive. Robtish replies he couldn’t finish Jayden off because of a half-human, and Dayu (who is also half-human but with no human form) thinks it is Deker. Xandred awakens, angered by the fact Deker is “helping” the Rangers, and sends his Moogers to fight Deker. This leads him into getting into a fight with Deker himself. Jayden wanders around the city at night, and the next day, he finds a boy crying because he misses his father, who is currently at work. Jayden says that he misses his father, who is presumed dead after his final battle with the forces of Master Xandred. Jayden creates a paper airplane for the boy like his father did with him, and soon, the other children playing around make airplanes as well. Jayden says in his mind it should always be monster-free until Robtish and some more Moogers arrive. He fights them and is soon helped out by the other Rangers. Jayden now believes he needs his team to succeed. When Robtish turns into a mega monster after being destroyed by the Five-Disc Tiger Cannon, they destroy him with Kevin’s new idea for the Battlewing Megazord, a Samurai combination of Megazord and the Samurai Battlewing.

Season 1, Episode 13: Unexpected Arrival

Returning after what seemed to be a false detection of a Nighlok attack on the Gap Sensor, the Rangers find an arrow with a note on it that says “See You Soon.” With Jayden sensing something from before within the house, it starts to haunt him. Deciding to investigate the Gap Sensor, the team encounter a fish-seller whose handwriting matches the note. After the seller gives them the slip, Kevin and Mia find Jayden while Emily and Mike track down the fish seller. Kevin and Mia find Jayden confronting the Nighlok named Vulpes, who was spying on Jayden to find the Shiba sealing symbol that sealed Master Xandred years ago. With his mirror medium destroyed, the Nighlok overwhelms the three with his magic as Emily and Mike arrive with the fish seller following. But even all five Rangers are no match for the Nighlok as they revert to normal. The fish seller arrives, transforming into the Gold Samurai Ranger. After taking out the Moogers in blinding speed, the Gold Ranger battles the Nighlok and destroys him. When the Nighlok revives, he overpowers the Battlewing Megazord until the Gold Ranger enters the fight in the Octo Zord to weaken the Nighlok so the Battlewing Megazord can land the deathblow. After the fight, Jayden reveals he already knows the fish seller as his childhood friend Antonio.

Season 1, Episode 14: Room for One More

As Antonio heads to the Shiba House, the others listen to Jayden and Ji talk of young Antonio. Jayden gave him the Octozord and threatened to quit his training if Ji tried to take back the Octozord. Antonio makes an entrance, all fancy, but when his fish hook rips his pants, he feels embarrassed. Antonio explains that after moving away when he was a kid, he trained himself to be a samurai and built his Samurai-Morpher from a trashed cellphone to communicate with Octozord through text Zords understand the Rangers. They were born into the Samurai heritage. Ji, feeling that Antonio lacks discipline and true samurai training, confiscates Antonio’s morpher, which he later doesn’t react too well. Jayden agrees with Mentor, although Antonio begs Jayden with memories of childhood friendship. As the Rangers fight the Nighlok Steeleto (who vows to avenge his best friend Vulpes), they’re powerless to destroy him. Steeleto retreats when he starts to dry up, and the team starts to consider bringing Antonio along. Antonio, down at the fishing pier, angrily talks with Octozord about regretting meeting the Rangers. Emily and Mike go to ask him to join and go to the mansion. There, Jayden is convinced to give Antonio back his morpher just in time for the next attack by Steeleto. When the Rangers arrive, Antonio struggling to get into a heroic position, they begin fighting, and Steeleto is overpowered when Jayden and Antonio tag-team it. Once Steeleto mega-sizes, Antonio combines the Octozord with the Samurai Megazord and defeats Steeleto. To celebrate, Antonio cooks fish barbecue, and everyone appreciates Antonio’s membership.

Season 1, Episode 15: The Blue and the Gold

Ji and Antonio announce that Antonio is fixing the Claw Zord damaged in battle long ago, and Ji hid it. Kevin doesn’t fully accept Antonio as a “true Samurai” and thinks he’s just goofing around. The monster of the day steals kids’ toys to create sorrow with Octoroo, trying to find another way to open the Sanzu River through a well. Bulk and Spike are sleeping, and their toy panda is stolen, and all that is left is slime. Dayu visits Deker outside the Sanzu River, but around it, he’s still injured. Dayu wonders if Deker does remember anything from his past. Antonio follows Kevin’s morning routine to learn what makes him a true samurai. The boys end up in the forest finding Octoroo, but their morpher signals are blocked. Kevin and Antonio eventually overcome their differences and fight together to defeat the Nighloks.

Season 1, Episode 16: Team Spirit

A Nighlok begins to steal people’s spirits to have them fall into a never-ending slumber; the Rangers search for a way to defeat their enemy without the help of the Yellow Ranger after the Nighlok can steal her spirit.

Season 1, Episode 17: The Tengen Gate

The rangers start in a battle in their Zords against giant moogers. Later, the Rangers talk about a way to stop the Nighlok when Ji and Jayden reveal the existence of the Black Box, a weapon made by the first Red Samurai Ranger with untold power. However, it was never finished, and no one has ever managed to complete it. Jayden doesn’t think it’s a good idea when Emily says that maybe Antonio could do it since he programmed the claw Zord even though he lacks the symbol power training and Jayden’s dismay, they agree. Jayden takes The Rangers to the Tengen Gate, where they meet the gate’s guardian, Daisuke, to hand them the Black Box. Daisuke tells the Rangers a folk tale about a Nighlok king who turned a woman and the man she loved into Nighloks. While Xandred is incapacitated regenerating in the Sanzu River, a Nighlok named Arachnitor tries to overthrow him and tries to force the sealing symbol from Jayden. Octoroo, because of Arachnitor, poisons Jayden as the Rangers sit for tea, trying to get the special sealing symbol from him. While Jayden is poisoned, the other Rangers face off against Arachnitor but are doing poorly without their leader. While the Rangers are distracted, Deker kidnaps Jayden when Antonio confronts Octoroo, planning on purging the poison in him in a nearby river so that they can finally duel. Before Arachnitor can finish the Rangers off, Xandred drags him back to the Sanzu River for trying to overthrow him. After all the Nighloks disappear, Antonio is left wondering what to do, with Jayden missing and his friends unconscious.

Season 1, Episode 18: Boxed In

Deker uses the nearby river to purge the poison from Jayden so that he can recover enough to duel Deker. While Antonio tries to work on the Black Box, the others Rangers recover, leave their ranger discs for Antonio to access the Black Box, and end up fighting a mutated Arachnitor. At the Shiba House, Antonio tries to work on the Black Box. Still, before fully unlocking it, Antonio figures out where Jayden is and decides to help him as he does not have energy symbol energy to finish unlocking the Black Box yet. Antonio then convinces Deker not to duel Jayden until he is back to full strength and insists on a duel the following day, or he would release his Nighlok side on innocent people to force Jayden to agree to the duel. Jayden and Antonio join the other rangers to fend off Arachnitor, who flees before being defeated, leaving the rangers to fend off giant Moogers instead, which the rangers destroy with the Battlewing Megazord and the Claw Zord. Later, Jayden focuses on Deker’s word to him before their impending duel with Deker, until the other rangers unknowingly make him realize that he can choose who he wants to be, despite what Deker had said.

Season 1, Episode 19: Broken Dreams

Furious with Dayu for not following his orders to destroy Deker, Master Xandred set fire to her beloved harmonium when she was provoking him to destroy her. Devastated, Dayu escapes into the human world to fix it. Meanwhile, the Rangers face the Nighlok Rhinosnorus, who traps Dayu and Mia, and Antonio in a dream world. Jayden uses his symbol power to open a portal to the Dream World, allowing Kevin and Mike to enter, but severely exhausts himself in the process, preventing himself from tagging along. In the dream world, aside from Bulk and Spike’s ridiculous fantasies of being samurai along with Antonio’s dream of a fishing champion, Mia learns that Dayu and Deker were both once human, and the two humans are previously mentioned in Daisuke’s story. After Rhinosnorus is defeated, Deker shows up to challenge an exhausted Jayden

Season 1, Episode 20: The Ultimate Duel

Continuing from the end of the last episode, Deker demands Jayden to duel him. Jayden tells Deker he only fights to protect the innocent and not out of amusement. Deker gives him 24 hours before the duel, or else his Nighlok side will start attacking innocent people, should Jayden fail to show up. Kevin and the other rangers try to talk Jayden out of fighting Deker alone instead of defeating him as a team. Jayden refuses and tells them he must be the one to duel Deker, or Deker will never give up. Just as Jayden prepares to leave the next day, Rhinosnorus attacks once more, and Jayden puts Kevin in charge of leading the team while he fights Deker. The Rangers defeat Rhinosnorus while Jayden battles Deker. The battle rages on, with both combatants evenly matched. Eventually, Jayden allows Deker to injure him to get close enough to finish Deker off. Deker’s sword Uramasa is broken, and half of it gets stuck into the ground nearby. Deker thanks Jayden for the Ultimate duel, which has released him from his Nighlok curse, before vanishing in a puff of smoke. Back at the Shiba House, Jayden thanks Kevin for leading the team in his absence as they all celebrate their victory.

Season 1, Halloween Special: Party Monsters

In the Nighlok afterlife, the defeated Nighlok Monsters hold a Halloween party and recap their battles with the Rangers to each other, which Master Xandred views from his mirror. All the Nighloks told their versions of how the Rangers took them down. After the stories, the Nighloks vow never to bring up the Rangers at their next Halloween party. At the end of the episode, Master Xandred is displeased at not being invited to the afterlife party stating, “I would have been the life of the party.” Octoroo states to Master Xandred that the party was meant for those “in the obituary.”

Season 1, Movie Special: Clash of the Red Rangers: The Movie

In another dimension of Earth, the RPM Red Ranger Scott uses the Skyrev Megazord to fight Venjix’s general Professor Cog in the deserts outside of Corinth. Cog tricks Scott into lowering his guard and then escapes the battle. In a subway within the Samurai Rangers dimension, Professor Cog and his Grinders enter the scene. In the city, the Rangers battle Sharkjaw and the Gold Ranger joins the fight, but he was late. Professor Cog is surprised to learn that Rangers exist in this dimension but dismisses them as mere pests. Sharkjaw retreats after drying up, and Octoroo tells him he is no longer needed as General Gut and his army of Moogers are waiting to attack in the human world. Professor Cog enters the Netherworld to meet Master Xandred. Professor Cog wants to use some of the Sanzu River to poison the humans in his dimension in return for the destruction of the Samurai Rangers. Master Xandred agrees to the plan. Back in the subway, the RPM Red Ranger makes his appearance. The Rangers are celebrating their victory with ice cream when they run into a swarm of Grinders. Their swords prove ineffective against the Grinders until Red RPM Ranger joins the battle and destroys all the grinders. The Rangers bring him to the Shiba House so that he can explain his story. Scott doesn’t de-morph because he fears he might not breathe as he is more accustomed to the atmosphere of a protective biosphere from his dimension. Later the Grinders make their attack on Antonio, who morphs and fights the Grinders. The Gap Sensor alerts the Rangers to battle. Scott gets there early by taking Mentor Ji’s bike and helps out Antonio while the Rangers and Professor Cog enter the fray. Cog uses his hypno-bolts on Jayden and Scott (which will slowly cause them to distrust each other), and he uses his Portal attack to the other Rangers into his dimension. At the docks, Cog blasts the Red Rangers into the water and leaves. Jayden tries to help Scott, who gives him the cold shoulder. Jayden is worried about his friends, but Scott tells him that the Rangers will help them. Back at the Sanzu River, the Grinders start collecting the Sanzu River. At the Shiba House, Jayden and RPM Red Ranger meet up with Mentor Ji, who pinpoints Cog, Sergeant Tread, and General Gut. Jayden morphs into action and summons a horse while Scott takes the bike again. Both Rangers race to the scene. Scott is bitter that Jayden beat him to the scene, and the two Rangers battle each other as Cog watches. After a brief fight, the Rangers both appear unscathed, much to Professor Cog’s confusion. Mentor Ji had noticed the effect of the hypno-bolts and reversed the poison with symbol power. The Rangers were staging the fight to fool Professor Cog. The Red Rangers work together to fight the villains, powering up to Shark Attack (Scott) and Super Modes (Jayden). During the fight, the Rangers return to join the fight (courtesy of Dr. K and the RPM rangers) and defeat Professor Cog and Sergeant Tread. They then turn their attention to the Mooger army. The Rangers summon the warhorses and head towards the Mooger army while the Gold Ranger and RPM Red Ranger use a car. The Rangers work together to trim down the army size. Red Ranger faces off against General Gut, who knocks him to the ground. As General Gut is about to finish him off, Jayden uses the Shark Disc to defeat the swarm of Moogers, and together the Rangers defeat General Gut, who grows into his Mega mode form. After a brief battle, General Gut reveals his True form, which includes a Serpent monster attached to his body. The Rangers form the Samurai Shark Megazord to defeat him finally. Antonio and Scott watch from afar until Scott asks Antonio to help him fix the damaged car unless they want to walk it back. Back at the Sanzu River, Master Xandred is furious with the failure as Octoroo tries to calm him down. Back at the subway, Scott says goodbye to his new friends before wishing Mike good luck with Emily.

Season 1, Christmas Special: Christmas Together, Friends Forever

While reflecting on their first year together, the Rangers learn the meaning of Christmas. Emily reflects on the year through a letter to her sister Serena by writing about their adventures and fun times. Meanwhile, Bulk tries to make his first Christmas with Spike memorable and recap about their moments of comical relief, also their near encounters with the Rangers. The next morning on Christmas Day, everyone opens their presents except Mike. Feeling left out, Mentor tells him to go to the front door where Mike finds a green Motorcross bike. As he returns home, he tells the others that he gave the bike to these two guys who have nothing and are grateful for what he has the others. It turns out that Bulk and Spike are the guys that Mike gave the bike to, and they are last seen riding it chasing Santa in the night sky, wishing everyone happy holidays.

Power Rangers Samurai Season 1 Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Another Spin off not needed. However the movie special was the only part of this that is worth watching.

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