T.V. Series Review: Sesame Street Season 47

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Sesame Street Season 47 Summary

Season 47, Episode 4701: Be Kind to Your Worm

‘Be Kind to Your Worm.’ Oscar participates in the Be Kind to Your Worm day activities. Guest: Gwen Stefani.

Season 47, Episode 4702: The Kindness Kid

The Kindness Kid.’ The Kindness Kid (Zachary Levi) visits Sesame Street to spread kindness and Grover wants to be a Kindness Kid too.

Season 47. Episode 4703: Abby Helps Clear Things Up

 ‘Abby Helps Clear Things Up.’ Abby helps Prince Charming calm down so he doesn’t feel anxious at the Eye Doctor’s office.

Season 47, Episode 4704: Having a Ball

When Saul the Ball is disappointed that he can’t play ball with Elmo and Rosita inside the house, Elmo and Rosita help him use his imagination to play other games.

Season 47, Episode 4705: Twinkle Twinkle Little Elmo

Twinkle Twinkle Little Elmo.’ Elmo learns how to play the song “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” on his piano. Guest: Fifth Harmony.

Season 47, Episode 4706: Dress Up

‘Dress Up.’ Abby and Elmo play dress up and pretend to be lots of different people, like bike repair assistants to help fix Rosita’s bike.

Season 47, Episode 4707: Norbert’s Birthday

Norbert’s Birthday.’ Rosita, Zoe and Grover give Norbert the Robot a surprise birthday party to show how much they care about him.

Season 47, Episode 4708: Elmo Comes Clean

‘Elmo Comes Clean.’ Elmo keeps hiding from Nina because he wants more time to play before his bath.

Season 47, Episode 4709: Elmo’s Sweet Ride

‘Elmo’s Sweet Ride.’ Elmo shares his scooter with Zoe and learns how to be patient and wait for his turn while she learns how to ride.

Season 47, Episode 4710: Big Birds Song

Abby and Elmo help Big Bird calm down before he is about to perform live on TV singing on the show, The Squawk. Includes Elmo’s World: Songs, and special guest celebrity Sia.

Season 47, Episode 4711: Meet Julia

Big Bird tries to be friends with a girl who has autism.

Season 47, Episode 4712: Counting Hats

‘Counting Hats.’ Elmo and Zoe compete to see who can wear the most hats on their head.

Season 47, Episode 4713: Wild Animals for Lunch

‘Wild Animals Stop for Lunch.’ Snuffy helps out in Hooper’s Store when zoo animals come for brunch. Guest: Audra McDonald.

Season 47, Episode 4714: The Camouflage Show

‘The Camouflage Show.’ Elmo, Rosita and Chris try to find six camouflaged things on Sesame Street. Guest: Kyra Sedgwick.

Season 47, Episode 4715: Bert and Ernie Makes a Movie

Bert and Ernie Make a Movie.’ Ernie and Elmo help Bert tap into his imagination as he acts out different scenes for a movie.

Season 47, Episode 4716: Big Bird’s Home

A real estate agent tries to sell Bigbird on the idea of migrating to a new home.

Season 47, Episode 4717: Rudy Lets Loose

Abby and Rosita help watch over Grover’s dogs but Rudy scares the dogs when he tries be friendly with them. Using Abby’s wand, Rudy perfects a spell that transforms himself into a “dog’s best friend.”

Season 47, Episode 4718: The Four Seasons

‘The Four Sneezons.’ Grover wishes he didn’t have a cold in the Fall, so Rudy uses Abby’s wand to change the season.

Season 47, Episode 4719: House of Worm

Grover sets up today’s theme of homes by pointing out some nearby ones. He points to Elmo’s apartment, then Oscar’s trash can. Oscar naturally tells him to get lost.

Season 47, Episode 4720: Wild Animals Shop for Lunch

Server Abby sets up today’s theme of restaurants, as waiter Elmo tends to their (stuffed animal) customers.

Season 47, Episode 4721: Sheep in a Jet Pack

Abby Cadabby tells the viewer they’ll be seeing a lot about opposites today, as well as a sheep in a jet pack.

Season 47, Episode 4722: Rocking Rollie

Elmo sets up today’s theme of building, having made a popsicle stick ramp for Slimey to get into Oscar’s trash can.

Elmo and three colorful monsters harmonize as they set up today’s theme of colors.

Season 47, Episode 4724: Father’s Day

Elmo is making a clay sculpture of his dad as a Father’s Day present.

Season 47, Episode 4725: The Recyling Fairy

Abby and The Count introduce today’s theme of recycling as they recycle some bottles. The Count counts them, of course, and can’t wait for more bottles to count.

Season 47. Episode 4726: The Camouflage Show

Repeat of 4713

Season 47, Episode 4727: Twinkle Twinkle Little Elmo

Grover introduces a theme of “music” for today’s show, interrupted by some sunglass-wearing chickens.

Season 47, Episode 4728: Bert and Ernie Make a Movie

Repeat of 4425

Season 47, Episode 4729: Big Bird’s Big Move

Repeat of 4187

Season 47, Episode 4730: Battle of the Chefs

Repeat of 4271

Season 47, Episode 4731: Hello Rudy

Abby promotes today’s theme of families and hints at her new role as a stepsister. Oscar interjects and tells her to keep it down.

Season 47, Episode 4732: Rudy Gets Loose

Grover introduces today’s theme of dogs using a pack of dogs, who drag him away.

Season 47, Episode 4733: Hide and Seek Rudy

Bert sets up today’s theme of siblings by introducing his twin brother, Bart. They also remind the Two-Headed Monster that they are siblings.

Season 47, Episode 4734: The Four Sneezons

Cookie Monster introduces the four seasons and has a cookie for each one. He concludes any season is best for cookie eating.

Season 47, Episode 4735: Snazzy Society

Repeat of 4503

Sesame Street Season 47 Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Great for kids to learn.

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