T.V. Series Review: Sesame Street Season 49

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Sesame Street Season 49 Summary

Season 49, Episode 4901: When You’re a Vet

Big Bird sets up today’s theme of veterinarians. A dog-tor appears, thinking the job of “animal doctor” means an animal who’s a doctor.

Season 49, Episode 4902: Picture This

To set up today’s theme of photographers, Ernie takes a photo of Big Bird and Bert, though he cuts off most of Bert’s head.

Season 49, Episode 4903: Hey! Sesame Street News

Bert wants to buy a newspaper from newsboy Ernie, who instead promotes today’s theme of newspapers.

Season 49, Episode 4904: So You Think You Can Choreograph

Elmo and Snuffy introduce today’s theme of dancing by doing a shake dance. Snuffy ends up knocking Elmo over with his snuffle.

Season 49, Episode 4905: Elmo’s Factory

Abby Cadabby sets up today’s theme of factories. Herry Monster tells her that he was just pretending to go to work at a lunchbox factory, then finds out he forgot to pack his own lunch.

Season 49, Episode 4906: Math Magic (repeat)

The Great Groverini tries to magically make a rabbit appear from his hat, but nothing seems to work. The cranky rabbit tells him to keep it down; she’s trying to sleep.

Season 49, Episode 4907: New Year’s Eve on Sesame Street

Prairie Dawn sets up today’s theme of holidays. Grover likes to celebrate “Wear a Bunny Slipper on Your Head Day.”

Season 49, Episode 4908: Play Time

Setting up today’s theme of the theater, Oscar the Grouch watches Slimey star in a production of “Wormeo and Juliet.”

Season 49, Episode 4909: Bath Time for Blanky

Abby Cadabby sets up today’s theme of the laundromat, which is where Rudy needs to take his smelly blanket.

Season 49, Episode 4910: Astronaut Elmo (repeat)

Elmo, Rosita and Abby are going to play astronauts today and show off their custom space helmets.

Season 49, Episode 4911: Honk if You Love Libraries

Big Bird sets up today’s theme of libraries, as Abby brings over a large stack of books. Big Bird finds the perfect book, Bears of the World, to read to Radar.

Season 49, Episode 4912: Elmo’s Happy Little Train

Rosita sets up today’s theme of trains, as the Two-Headed Monster plays with their toy train.

Season 49, Episode 4913: The Big Pretend Band

Grover introduces a theme of “music” for today’s show, interrupted by some sunglass-wearing chickens.

Season 49, Episode 4914: Sesame Friendship

Elmo tells the viewer about friends.

Season 49, Episode 4915: Rudy Rides the Bus

Ernie and Bert wait at the bus stop to set up today’s theme of buses. Bert dismisses Ernie’s claim that the bus stop is where passengers wait to be picked up by monsters. Sure enough, a monster appears and carries Bert off to the library.

Season 49, Episode 4916: Mechanics in Space

Ernie sets up today’s theme of mechanics. An Anything Muppet construction worker is in need of one, as her bulldozer is making funny sounds (animal sounds, to be exact).

Season 49, Episode 4917: Fixing X (repeat)

Big Bird sets up today’s theme of the alphabet. He opens his mailbox to find a letter – B, for Big Bird.

Season 49, Episode 4918: Elmo Goes to Chicken School (repeat)

Grover prepares his backpack for school, but finds it’s too heavy to lift.

Season 49, Episode 4919: Walking the Dog

Grover introduces today’s theme of dogs using a pack of dogs, who drag him away.

Season 49, Episode 4920: Elmo the Engineer

Big Bird and Grover set up today’s theme of engineers, having engineered a large block tower (which topples over).

Season 49, Episode 4921: Julia’s Haircut

Elmo sets up today’s theme of hair, which his monster friend Marty loudly declares over and over.

Season 49, Episode 4922: Dinosaur in the Laundromat

Cookie Monster sets up today’s theme of scientists. He uses the scientific principles of observation and investigation to find a plate of cookies.

Season 49, Episode 4923: Earth Day

Grover tries introducing today’s theme of kindness, while Elmo acts kind toward him, making him lose his train of thought.

Season 49, Episode 4924: Four Furry Superheroes (repeat)

Super Grover tries to demonstrate his superhero skills by leaping over a penguin, but she leaps over him instead. It turns out she’s a superhero too…Power Penguin!

Season 49, Episode 4925: Welcome to Sesame Hospital

Telly informs the viewer that today’s show is all about doctors. He watches as Oscar gets his own Grouch checkup (“Open up and say, ‘blah’.”).

Season 49, Episode 4926: Wild Adventure on Sesame Street (repeat)

Grover introduces today’s theme of nature in the garden, where he’s frightened off by a bear.

Season 49, Episode 4927: Little Bo Peep Lost Her Cow (repeat)

A group of animals appear, curious as to when some actual animals will be appearing to set up today’s theme of animals. Abby Cadabby points out that the group are in fact animals.

Season 49, Episode 4928: How to Build a Dinosaur (repeat)

Ernie and Bert pose as paleontologists to find some dinosaur fossils or bones on Sesame Street. Bert is skeptical Ernie will find anything, but faints in shock when a dinosaur drops them a dinosaur bone.

Season 49, Episode 4929: Oscar Uncanned

Grover sets up today’s theme of trash and the folks who take it away each day. An Anything Muppet boy thinks this refers to his mom, who turns out to be a sanitation worker.

Season 49, Episode 4930: Counting Critters

Prairie Dawn sets up today’s theme of counting by counting the heads of the Two-Headed Monster. The monster points out there are actually 3 heads, including her own.

Season 49, Episode 4931: Grocery Games

Big Bird sets up today’s theme of supermarkets. Oscar the Grouch doesn’t like supermarkets, since he prefers spoiled food over their fresh offerings.

Season 49, Episode 4932: Baby Bear’s Just Right Cafe

Server Abby sets up today’s theme of restaurants, as waiter Elmo tends to their (stuffed animal) customers.

Season 49, Episode 4933: Camp Grover

Elmo tells the viewer that he’s going camping today.

Season 49, Episode 4934: Slimey at the Car Race (repeat)

Big Bird, with Radar, sets up today’s theme of cars.

Prairie Dawn teases today’s trip to a museum. Cookie Monster thinks there will be cookies there, but Prairie insists it won’t and tells him to eat a cookie now before the trip.

Sesame Street Season 49 Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A great show for kids to learn and enjoy.

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