T.V. Series Review: Sesame Street Season 50

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Sesame Street Season 50 Summary

Season 50, Episode 5001: Big Bird Across America

Elmo tells the viewer about friends.

Season 50, Episode 5002: The Great Sesame Street Cake-Off

A hungry Cookie Monster poses as a chocolate chip cookie to blend in with a group of foods one bakes (a cookie, bread, and a pizza). The food catches wise and runs off before Cookie can start eating.

Season 50, Episode 5003: Pigs for Another Day

Elmo sets up today’s theme of building, having made a popsicle stick ramp for Slimey to get into Oscar’s trash can.

Season 50, Episode 5004: Getting Dressed, Not Stressed

Baby Bear sets up today’s theme of getting dressed while he struggles doing it himself. Oscar points out his head is in the sleeve.

Season 50, Episode 5005: A Dog and a Song!

Aided by a beat-boxing pigeon, Bert, his brother Bart, and his cousin Bertina introduce today’s theme of music with a song.

Season 50, Episode 5006: It’s Only a Game

Grover sets up today’s theme of games with a dog named Woofy. Grover starts a game of fetch, where he’s the one who fetches the stick.

Season 50, Episode 5007: Grouch University (repeat)

Grover sets up today’s theme of scientists. Both he and a talking rock find out what kind of scientists study rocks.

Season 50, Episode 5008: A Recipe for Dance

Zoe sets up today’s theme of patterns using a pattern of chickens and pigs. Elmo fills in for the last missing chicken.

Season 50, Episode 5009: Humpty Dumpty’s Football Dream (repeat)

Telly Monster informs the viewer that today, they’ll be seeing lots of nursery rhymes and nursery rhyme characters. The cow from “Hey Diddle Diddle” attempts to jump over the moon, but crash lands on Telly instead.

Season 50, Episode 5010: Abby’s Party Preparation (repeat)

Grover introduces today’s theme of dressing up by donning some costumes, including a cookie that attracts the attention (and appetite) of Cookie Monster.

Season 50, Episode 5011: The Great Fruit Strike

A bunch of fruit set up today’s theme of fruit. The banana nearly throws off the proceedings, uttering “monkey” due to his nervousness.

Season 50, Episode 5012: Elmo’s Good Luck Charm

Grover introduces today’s theme of games while playing tackle football with some chickens.

Season 50, Episode 5013: New Neighbor on Sesame Street

In the midst of a game of tag with Mr. Snuffleupagus, Big Bird notices a moving truck on the block, meaning a new neighbor is coming to Sesame Street today.

Season 50, Episode 5014: Let’s Draw!

Elmo and Cookie Monster are drawing, which is today’s theme. Elmo’s made a drawing of Cookie Monster, who has drawn a circle with a cookie within it. His artwork is consumed moments later.

Season 50, Episode 5015: There’s a New Count in Town

Count von Count sets up today’s theme of counting by counting some sentient hats that stop by.

Season 50, Episode 5016: You Can Do It, Elmo (repeat)

Grover tries introducing today’s theme of balls, but is interrupted by what he calls a “round-bouncy-thing,” unaware that it’s actually a ball.

Season 50, Episode 5017: Magic Spell

Since today’s show is all about writing, Ernie writes his name several times. Bert finds this annoying, especially when Ernie shows how he’s written Bert’s name as well.

Season 50, Episode 5018: What Floats Rocco’s Boat (repeat)

Ernie, Bert, and Rosita pretend that they’re sailing on a boat. Even though it’s only pretend, Bert ends up in the direct path of a real wave.

Season 50, Episode 5019: Comic Book Adventures

Super Grover sets up today’s theme of comic books. He asks the Two-Headed Monster if their newsstand sells any comic books about himself, of which there are none. He decides to write his own and once again bungles his attempted take-off.

Season 50, Episode 5020: Neighborhood Safari (repeat)

Bert waits for Ernie, as the two are dressing like elephants today. A real elephant shows up first, which Bert believes is Ernie’s extremely-detailed costume.

Season 50, Episode 5021: The Fluffster Kerfuffle

Oscar sets up today’s theme of toys while playing fetch with Fluffy.

Season 50, Episode 5022: The Disappoint-O-Meter

Telly Monster and Oscar set up today’s theme of emotions. Oscar presents Telly with a can to open, which he is unable to. Oscar does it for him and they are both surprised by the spring-loaded snakes flying out.

Season 50, Episode 5023: Zoe Breaks Her Arm

Abby Cadabby sets up today’s theme of body parts. Rudy panics when he can’t find his elbow.

Season 50, Episode 5024: Dog Day Engineers

Big Bird and Grover set up today’s theme of engineers, having engineered a large block tower (which topples over).

Season 50, Episode 5025: A Very Special Fiesta

Cookie Monster recites some Spanish words he’s learned, including his favorite – galletas (cookies)!

Season 50, Episode 5026: Back to Nature

Grover introduces today’s theme of nature in the garden, where he’s frightened off by a bear

Season 50, Episode 5027: Welcome Baby Chicks

Zoe, dressed as a chicken, sets up today’s theme of chickens, with the aid of some other chickens.

Season 50, Episode 5028: Searching for Letter Y (repeat)

Big Bird sets up today’s theme of the alphabet. He opens his mailbox to find a letter – B, for Big Bird.

Season 50, Episode 5029: The Treasure of Yucky Mama

Elmo and Abby set up today’s theme of maps with the aid of a flower, who uses a map to find out “how to get to Sesame Street.”

Season 50, Episode 5030: Making the Band (repeat)

Grover introduces a theme of “music” for today’s show, interrupted by some sunglass-wearing chickens.

Season 50, Episode 5031: Rudy Blows His First Bubble

Grover sets up today’s theme of bubbles, as a lone bubble floats into frame. Before Grover can use it as a visual aid, it floats away.

Season 50, Episode 5032: Big Bird’s Fairytale (repeat)

Grover tries introducing today’s theme of kindness, while Elmo acts kind toward him, making him lose his train of thought.

Season 50, Episode 5033: Lucky’s Unlucky Day

Biff and Sully set up today’s theme of construction vehicles. Biff lists one of the kinds they’ll need to follow their blueprint plans, but the building turns out to be a block construction by Ovejita (which Biff knocks over).

Season 50, Episode 5034: Fourth of July

Rosita tells the viewer today they will be celebrating the Fourth of July. Grover arrives, decked out in red, white, and blue gear, but he claims this is merely his normal Tuesday attire.

Season 50, Episode 5035: Let’s Go Camping (repeat)

A herd of animals helps Elmo set up today’s theme of animals.

Sesame Street Season 50 Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A great show for young kids to learn.

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