T.V. Series Review: Sesame Street Season 51

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Sesame Street Season 51 Summary

Season 51, Episode 5101: Ramp Racers

Elmo and Rosita set up today’s theme of ramps, though neither of them knows exactly what a ramp is.

Season 51, Episode 5102: Camp Out

Elmo and Grover set up today’s theme of nighttime, but first must wait for the sun to set (which takes awhile).

Season 51, Episode 5103: Measuring Big Bird

Elmo and Abby set up today’s theme of measuring by measuring a flower. Abby uses magic to make it grow taller.

Season 51, Episode 5104: Bye Bye Boo Boos (repeat)

Elmo gets a quick check up from a doctor, setting up today’s theme of doctors.

Season 51, Episode 5105: Cardboard Castle

Elmo tells the viewer that today, they’ll be seeing many things made out of paper, including a cardboard box Ernie pops out of.

Season 51, Episode 5106: Holiday at Hooper’s

Prairie Dawn sets up today’s theme of holidays. Grover likes to celebrate “Wear a Bunny Slipper on Your Head Day.”

Season 51, Episode 5107: It’s Sesame Circus

As Elmo sets up today’s theme of circuses, the Two-Headed Monster argues over who gets to be the clown. Elmo tells them they can both be a clown.

Season 51, Episode 5108: Return of the Fairy Tale Helpers

Elmo and Abby set up today’s theme of fairy tales. They picture a few in a thought bubble, when they mention “The Three Little Pigs,” nothing appears. The Three Pigs come in to report that their artwork hasn’t been finished yet.

Season 51, Episode 5109: Sneeze a Seasons (repeat)

Cookie Monster introduces the four seasons and has a cookie for each one. He concludes any season is best for cookie eating.

Season 51, Episode 5110: Huff, Puff and Away!

Elmo and Rosita set up today’s theme of storytelling. Elmo tells a story with only a beginning and an end

Season 51, Episode 5111: Tough Monster Race

Elmo sets up today’s theme of opposites while Grover gives his patented near and far demonstration.

Season 51, Episode 5112: The Waiting Game

Elmo sets up today’s theme of games. Oscar prefers grouchier games than what Elmo likes playing.

Season 51, Episode 5113: Elmo and the Healthy Heroes (repeat)

Cookie Monster shows off (and eats) some healthy foods, which we’ll be seeing in just a bit

Season 51, Episode 5114: The Counting Booth Counters (repeat)

Count von Count sets up today’s theme of counting by counting some sentient hats that stop by.

Season 51, Episode 5115: The Cool Tool Kid

While Biff rummages through his toolbag, Elmo greets the viewer and says that today is all about tools. Biff displays some common tools, such as a hammer and screwdriver, but they aren’t what he’s looking for. Sully arrives with the perfect tool for Biff — his toothbrush, so he can brush his teeth after lunch.

Season 51, Episode 5116: Glitter Jar

Elmo and his popsicle stick pal “Sticky” set up today’s theme of arts and crafts.

Season 51, Episode 5117: Abby, Rosita and Zoe Make a Story (repeat)

Grover introduces the theme of princes and princesses by posing as a prince with a glass slipper. He looks for a fair damsel to try it on, but is instead met with the large foot of Freddy.

Season 51, Episode 5118: Rainy Day Play

Season 51, Episode 5119: The Bike Shop Music Band (repeat)

Season 51, Episode 5120: Potluck Pickle

Elmo and Bert set up today’s theme of cooking by naming things one cooks. Bert only names oatmeal and gets surprised when a sentient bowl of oatmeal (Tyler Bunch) appears to return his affections.

Season 51, Episode 5121: Twinkle Twinkle Little Band (repeat)

Elmo tells the viewer about friends.

Season 51, Episode 5122: Match It!

Elmo and Grover set up today’s theme of matching. Elmo shows how his block towers are matching, while Grover produces a flock of chickens that match each other.

Season 51, Episode 5123: We Wonder What Happened to Snowman

Ernie has Elmo guess what we’re learning about today, using Rubber Duckie and an ice cube tray as clues. It’s … water!

Season 51, Episode 5124: Elmo and Rosita’s Tallest Block Tower Ever

Elmo introduces today’s subject: blocks. He and Slimey like building block towers, as well as knocking them down, which surprises Oscar — he thought only Grouches liked knocking down things.

Season 51, Episode 5125: Teacher Appreciation Day

Elmo introduces today’s subject: school. His dad makes sure he has everything he needs in his backpack, including his lunchbox.

Season 51, Episode 5126: The Itsy Bitsy Spider Search (repeat)

Elmo and Rosita just finish singing “The Itsy Bitsy Spider,” and are starstruck about meeting the Itsy Bitsy Spider herself.

Season 51, Episode 5127: Karli’s Life Box

Elmo is with his mommy and daddy to demonstrate today’s topic of families, and he initiates a couple of group hugs.

Season 51, Episode 5128: Abby Airlines

Today’s show is about airplanes, so Ernie shows off his paper airplane to Elmo.

Season 51, Episode 5129 : A Windy Mystery (repeat)

Grover gets caught in varying weather conditions while introducing today’s theme of weather.

Season 51, Episode 5130: The Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

Elmo sets up today’s theme of the alphabet. He’s surprised to hear that the Count enjoys the alphabet, but only because he can count the letters.

Season 51, Episode 5131: Bowl With Elmo

To introduce the theme of bowling, Rudy imitates what it is like to bowl.

Season 51, Episode 5132: Family Day

Elmo is with his mommy and daddy to demonstrate today’s topic of families, and he initiates a couple of group hugs.

Season 51, Episode 5133: Turtle Tunes

Elmo introduces one of his favorite reptiles, who is standing right next to him. The reptile (Tyler Bunch) is confused because he thought he was a turtle, not a reptile. Elmo explains that turtles are a type of reptile.

Season 51, Episode 5134: Cinderella’s Clockworks

Elmo introduces the theme of machines, to which a robot asks what a machine is. Elmo explains that the robot himself is a machine, and that there are many different kinds of machines. The robot wonders if the other machines are his cousins.

Season 51, Episode 5135: Move and Groove on Sesame Street (repeat)

Elmo and Abby do some exercises, as today’s show is all about exercising.

Sesame Street Season 51 Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A great show for young kids to learn.

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