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Space Jam: New Legacy Summary

In 1998, a young LeBron James is dropped off at a youth league basketball game by his mother. His friend Malik gives him a Game Boy, which LeBron plays with until Coach C demands him to concentrate on his skills. After he misses a potential buzzer beater and is reprimanded by Coach C, LeBron decides to follow his advice and discards the Game Boy.

In the present day, LeBron encourages his sons, Darius and Dominic, to pursue basketball careers. While LeBron’s attempts with Darius are successful, Dom aspires to become a video game developer. LeBron, Malik, and Dom are later invited to Warner Bros. Studios to discuss a film deal. LeBron rejects the idea while Dom is interested in the studio’s Warner 3000 software, particularly its AI, Al-G Rhythm. Their differing views lead to an argument as Dom reveals his hatred towards LeBron’s aspirations. Having become self-aware and desiring more recognition in the world, Al-G lures LeBron and Dom to the basement server room and traps them in the Warner Bros. Serververse.

Taking Dom hostage, Al-G orders LeBron to form a basketball team to compete against his own, only earning his freedom if he wins, before sending him to Tune World. LeBron finds Tune World abandoned except for Bugs Bunny, who explains that Al-G persuaded the other Looney Tunes to leave their world and explore the Serververse. Using Marvin’s spacecraft, the two travel to various worlds to locate and recruit the other Looney Tunes to form the Tune Squad. Meanwhile, Al-G manipulates Dom into allowing his help in upgrading himself and his game, which Al-G intends to use against LeBron.

In Tune World, despite Bugs’ objections, LeBron insists on teaching the Tune Squad the fundamentals of basketball rather than using their cartoon physics. They encounter Al-G’s team, the Goon Squad, composed of avatars of basketball players and led by Dom. Al-G upgrades the Looney Tunes to CGI, reverts the animated LeBron to his live-action form, livestreams the game and abducts several viewers, including LeBron’s family, into the Serververse, while various inhabitants arrive as spectators. Al-G threatens to delete the Looney Tunes and imprison the real-world spectators permanently if the Goon Squad wins.

The Goon Squad easily lead the first half, using their powers to score extra points. LeBron realizes his error and allows the Looney Tunes to use their cartoon physics to improve during the second half. During a time-out, LeBron apologizes to Dom for not respecting his desires; Dom forgives LeBron and joins the Tune Squad. Al-G assumes control of the game and uses his abilities to substantially strengthen himself and the Goon Squad. Recalling a glitch in Dom’s game, where a character is deleted and the game crashes after a specific move is performed, LeBron volunteers to perform the move, but Bugs does so at the last moment, sacrificing himself in the process. LeBron scores the winning point with Dom’s help, deleting Al-G and the Goon Squad. The Looney Tunes and the Serververse are restored and LeBron, his family and the other real-world spectators are returned to their world as Bugs reconciles with his friends before being deleted.

One week later, LeBron, understanding Dom’s wishes, allows him to attend the E3 Game Design Camp. He subsequently reunites with Bugs, who reveals that his cartoon physics allowed him to regenerate and that his friends have also entered the real world. LeBron, having accepted the Looney Tunes as his extended family, allows them to temporarily move in with him.

Space Jam: New Legacy Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

We were pleasantly surprised. We loved the first and heard bad review on this one, but we were non stoping laughing once the toons showed up.

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