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Madeline Rose “Maddy” Phillips (Kristen Stewart) is a 12-year-old girl who loves to climb, often ascending the nearby water tower. Her father, Tom, shares her passion, but fell more than 100 feet during a climb years earlier; Tom and his wife Molly (Jennifer Beals) are afraid Maddy may suffer a similar accident and have forbidden her from climbing. Latent injuries from Tom’s fall have recently paralyzed him from the neck down. The family hears of an experimental operation which can save him, but insurance will not pay for the operation, and the family does not have $250,000 USD for the treatment. Harderbach Financial’s president Donald Brisbane (Michael Des Barres) refuses to loan the amount, despite Molly being employed by the bank to design a security system. Maddy comes up with a plan to rob the bank for the money with her knowledge of her mother’s system.

Maddy steals three go-carts from her father’s race course and recruits her two friends Gus (Max Thieriot) a young mechanic, and Austin (Corbin Bleu) a computer geek and aspiring filmmaker, to help her. To convince them, she separately tells each one she loves him and gives him one half of her friendship necklace. They break into Harderbach Financial on the night of a party Brisbane is throwing, bringing along Max, Maddy’s infant brother, who she is supposed to be babysitting. Maddy distracts the security guards, one of whom is Chad, Gus’ older brother. Maddy and Gus progress to a room with thousands of security deposit boxes while Austin watches Max and manipulates the cameras and alarms to keep the guards away from them. Maddy is forced to free climb to get to the main vault containing hundreds of thousands of dollars when her hook gets caught in a crack when using the handhelds. She cracks the code (“Madeline”) and they flee the room, unintentionally setting off the alarm after forgetting to type the exit code. The trio escapes guard dogs and re-escapes Chad. Gus and Austin find out that Maddy played them after seeing each other’s necklaces and leave her, but the trio reunites during a police chase and evades them successfully.

Molly arrives at the bank, and Brisbane accuses her system of being useless and fires a Phillips family friend and bank employee, Hartmann (John Carroll Lynch). Brisbane’s guest, Francois Nuffaut, apologizes to Molly and redirects the blame onto Brisbane, for throwing a party at the bank before the security system was operable. Maddy and her friends go to the hospital with the money to pay the surgery, but Molly realizes who the thieves are (through the amount they stole being equal to that of surgery costs and the climbing gear Maddy left in the vault) and intercepts them. Molly realizes her daughter was only doing what she thought was right for her father and covers by telling the bank executives that the robbery was an unplanned test she performed as chief of security. As they leave, reporters outside the hospital give the public the full story.

Molly forgives Maddy for her actions, the public sympathizes with the Phillips and fundraises the full amount for Tom’s surgery, Hartmann is promoted to president of the bank after Brisbane’s mistakes, Brisbane is fired from the bank, and Maddy, Gus, and Austin continue to argue about who will be a better boyfriend for Maddy.

Catch That Kid Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A fun and adventurous movie for kids, especially middle and high schoolers to enjoy.

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