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In the kingdom of Lamia, misguided fairy godmother Lucinda Perriweather bestows the “gift” of obedience on newborn Ella of Frell, causing her to instantly obey any command she is given. Some years later, on her deathbed, Ella’s mother warns her daughter not to tell anyone about the gift, for fear that someone might use it to exploit Ella. 

Years later, Ella’s father Sir Peter marries wealthy socialite, Dame Olga, who dislikes Ella and treats her poorly. Ella meets Prince “Char” Charmont, pursued by his besotted fan club, who invites her to his coronation ball. Jealous, Olga’s daughters Hattie and Olive find out about Ella’s obedience and use it to humiliate her. Olga later forces Ella to cut ties with her best friend, Areida.

Ella resolves to find Lucinda to undo her gift. Mandy, the household fairy, lends Ella her boyfriend, Benny, whom she accidentally transformed into a magic book. Ella learns that Lucinda is attending a wedding in Giantville and leaves her home to find her.

On her journey, Ella rescues Slannen, an elf who wants to be a lawyer rather than be forced to be an entertainer. They are captured by ogres who intend to eat them, but are rescued by Char. He joins them as he intends to avenge the death of his father and Ella opens his eyes to the cruelty of the laws oppressing elves and giants enacted by Char’s paternal uncle, the Regent Sir Edgar.

They discover Lucinda has already left, and Char suggests visiting the castle’s hall of records, which is overheard by Edgar’s talking snake Heston. After Ella performs “Somebody to Love” for the wedding guests, she and Char begin to fall in love.

At the castle, Edgar learns of Ella’s gift from her stepsisters. Knowing his nephew is in love with her, Edgar orders Ella to murder Char at midnight when he inevitably proposes to her at the coronation ball, and to keep this plan secret. Edgar reveals that he murdered Char’s father, and the prince’s death will make Edgar king. Ella writes Char a letter, saying she must leave but cannot explain why. She has Slannen chain her to a tree, hoping to wait out Edgar’s command, while Slannen recruits more elves and giants to protect Char.

As night falls, Lucinda appears and Ella begs her to take back her gift. Offended, Lucinda insists that Ella remove the gift herself, unchains her, and gives her a fancy dress. Forced back to the castle, Ella stumbles into the ball. Char whisks her away to a secret hall of mirrors where he proposes. As Ella is about to stab Char, she sees her reflection and commands herself to no longer be obedient, permanently freeing herself from the gift. Char notices the dagger and Edgar has Ella arrested before she can explain herself.

Benny, who was left in the hall of records and thrown out, is found by Slannen. Benny reveals Ella is in the dungeon, and Slannen sneaks into the castle along with a band of elves, giants, and ogres, and frees her. Benny shows that Edgar has poisoned Char’s crown, intending to kill him at the coronation.

Ella and the others crash the ceremony and a brawl with Edgar’s soldiers ensues. In the scuffle, Mandy manages to turn Benny human again. As Char and Ella fight off the guards together, she confesses her love for him, and reveals Edgar’s plot and his murder of Char’s father, which Edgar denies. Heston almost fatally bites Char, but is kicked away by Ella and trampled by Char’s fan club; Char takes this as evidence of his uncle’s guilt. Edgar then denounces the prince, and attempts to proclaim himself king, but foolishly puts on the poisoned crown and collapses.

Soon after, Char and Ella are married, much to the envy of Ella’s stepsisters; and Char toasts to a new era of equality among all citizens of the kingdom. Edgar is revealed to still be alive, but severely disabled. The cast performs a final dance number of “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”, before the newlyweds ride off on their honeymoon.

Ella Enchanted Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

While it has its slew of issues within the story line. It is a fun movie and feels relatable more so than the original film. I also loved that this features more of the fairytale world.

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