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In 1968, a young boy named Charlie Hansen goes to live with his grandmother, Agatha in Demopolis, Alabama after a car accident kills his parents in Chicago. Gradually, Charlie is cheered up by Agatha who buys him a pet mouse whom he names Daisy. One day, Charlie goes to a store to buy a box of nails to train Daisy and to build a house for her as well. The boy is approached by a witch trying to lure him with a snake and a caramel, but Agatha calls him, and the witch disappears.

After telling Agatha about the encounter, Charlie learns that the witches are in fact real. She says a witch cursed her childhood friend Alice into spending the rest of her life as a chicken. Agatha says that witches never leave once they find a child. Frantically, they decide to stay in a nearby hotel where her cousin Eston is the executive chef. While there, Agatha teaches Charlie how to tell a witch from an ordinary woman: real witches have claws instead of fingernails, which they hide by wearing gloves; are bald, which they hide by wearing wigs that give them rashes; have square feet with no toes, which they hide by wearing sensible shoes; have a purple tinge in their pupils; and have a powerful sense of smell, which they use to sniff out children.

The next day, Charlie takes Daisy and a rope to do some training at a grand hall. During his walk there, he meets a gluttonous but friendly boy named Bruno, who is pulled away by his mother. Charlie then goes into the grand hall, thinking he will be alone. As he is getting ready to train Daisy, a group of witches led by their all-powerful leader, The Grand High Witch, enters the grand hall. Charlie hides under the stage, and so overhears the Grand High Witch planning to give the world’s children a potion, mixed into confectionery products, that will transform them all into mice. The Grand High Witch waits for Bruno to arrive, to whom she earlier gave a Swiss chocolate bar laced with the potion. After Bruno arrives, he turns into a mouse and enters the vent where Charlie and Daisy are hiding. The Grand High Witch discovers Charlie and forcibly transforms him into a mouse with the potion, before they escape.

Fleeing to the hotel room where Charlie and his grandmother are staying, they tell Agatha about the witches’ plan and discover that the Grand High Witch is staying in the hotel room below them and that Daisy was once an orphaned young human girl named Mary turned into a mouse by a witch. Charlie, Bruno, and Mary devise a plan to get a bottle of the potion so that Agatha can devise a cure to turn them back into children. The plan to get the potion is successful, but since she is unable to create a cure, they instead decide to put the potion into a broth of pea soup which will be given to the witches during their dinner. All the witches drink the soup except the Grand High Witch, who realizes that she met Agatha before; she was the witch who turned Alice into a chicken. While the mice steal the Grand High Witch’s room key, the witches all begin turning into rats, and chaos ensues.

After she and the mice flee to the Grand High Witch’s room, Agatha starts to collect all the potions to destroy them. The Grand High Witch finds Agatha, and prepares to kill her, but the mice intervene and trick the Grand High Witch into swallowing her own potion, transforming her into a rat. They trap her in an ice bucket and prevent her from escaping. Before they leave the room, Agatha takes the Grand High Witch’s trunk full of money and also releases her cat Hades from its cage. As they close the door, Hades attacks and kills The Grand High Witch.

Since his parents can no longer accept him, Bruno joins Mary, Charlie, and Agatha to go home with The Grand High Witch’s trunk and become a family. Years later, Charlie (now a grown mouse) and Agatha advise young children against the witches.

The Witches Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A great depiction from the Roald Dahl’s book. Perfect for the whole family.

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