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In 2015, three years after winning their first championship, the Barden Bellas are now led by senior Beca Mitchell and three-time super senior Chloe Beale. The Bellas have been the ICCA National champions for three consecutive years. However, a national scandal (dubbed “Muffgate”) erupts when Patricia “Fat Amy” Hobart accidentally rips her pants in front of U.S. President Barack Obama during his birthday performance at the Kennedy Center, exposing her genitalia due to her lack of underwear. The incident leads to the Bellas’ suspension from the ICCAs. 

However, they are not stripped of their competitive titles, leading Beca to make a deal that they can be reinstated should they win the Acapella World Championship. Freshman Emily Junk begins her college career, hoping to follow in the footsteps of her mother, Katherine, by becoming a Bella. At orientation, she watches an Acapella performance by the Treblemakers, now led by Beca’s boyfriend Jesse Swanson. Jesse’ best friend, Benjamin “Benji” Applebaum, develops a crush on Emily at first sight. The Bellas learn that Das Sound Machine (DSM), a German powerhouse group, has replaced them on their victory tour and is the favorite to win the Worlds. Additionally, Beca has started an internship at recording studio Residual Heat, something only Jesse knows (and Fat Amy later discovers).

As the Bellas’ suspension means they cannot hold auditions, Emily goes directly to their sorority house. She sings her unfinished song “Flashlight,” impressing them; they decide she can join, as since she came of her own accord, they technically aren’t breaking any rules. The Bellas meet DSM when the latter performs at a car show; the group, led by intimidating duo Pieter Krämer and Kommissar, takes delight in mocking the Bellas. Later, both groups are invited to an exclusive riff-off; also in attendance are the Treblemakers, the Tone Hangers (a group composed of former Treblemakers, including previous leader Bumper Allen, with whom Amy is in a no-strings-attached relationship), and the Green Bay Packers. 

The Bellas make it to the final two, but lose to DSM when Emily panics and sings “Flashlight”, violating the tradition of singing non-original songs. Bumper surprises Amy with a traditional date and asks her to officially be his girlfriend; she refuses, leaving him devastated. At a practice performance for the Worlds, the Bellas’ planned set ends in disaster when their incorporation of pyrotechnics sets Cynthia Rose’s hair on fire. In order to rediscover their roots and synchronicity, Chloe takes them to a retreat led by former Bella Aubrey Posen. The truth about Beca’s internship comes out, and she starts a heated debate with Chloe over her obsession with the group and accuses the other Bellas of not thinking about their futures. She angrily storms off, only to step into one of the camp’s hidden bear traps. In a panic, she apologises for her harsh words, before being saved by Lilly. Later, the Bellas accept that they must go their separate ways after graduation, and regain harmony by singing “When I’m Gone”, the song Beca used to audition for the group. 

Amy realizes she regrets ending things with Bumper, and the two reconcile the next day. Meanwhile, Beca’s boss at her internship has been unimpressed with everything she has presented to him so far, so Beca offers to help Emily produce “Flashlight” at the studio to demonstrate her true abilities. When they show him the demo, he expresses envy for their talent and says he looks forward to working with them. The senior Bellas graduate, and the group heads to Copenhagen for the World Finals. Before their performance, Emily and Benji share a kiss. The Bellas deliver a stellar stripped-down performance, ending in a harmonized version of “Flashlight” with Aubrey, Katherine, and other past Bellas joining in. They win the championship, repairing their damaged legacy. As the senior Bellas leave Barden, they give Emily a belated initiation ceremony, with Amy demonstrating the last tradition: christening the house by sliding down the staircase.

Pitch Perfect 2

Rating: 4 out of 5.

More great song tracks, funny and competitive. Great for the family of older kids.

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