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Season 4, Episode 1: Greek Week

Jesse’s Greek grandparents come to San Francisco to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary, but things go rather crazy when both Jesse and D.J. “marry” other visitors. After a walk around the kitchen table, one of Jesse’s old girlfriends, Elena Banalakis calls him her husband and her younger brother Sylvio calls D.J. his wife. During the anniversary, Jesse and D.J. dump their spouses and Jesse proposes to Becky, who says yes.

Season 4, Episode 2: Crimes and Michelle’s Demeanor

When Michelle starts pushing the boundaries, Danny must discipline her. Meanwhile, Jesse’s attempts to buy an expensive engagement ring for Becky leads him to sell a valuable item.

Season 4, Episode 3: The I.Q. Man

Jesse is chosen to be the star in a cologne commercial, but he feels like he is not being treated fairly, when his wardrobe is stripped. After a series of calamities, Joey and Jesse quit working for Malatesta and form their own business, with a loan from Danny. Meanwhile, Danny and Becky find themselves as replacements for Connie Chung on Career Day, when D.J. and Kimmy find out they were scammed by a friend who doesn’t even have an aunt Connie, and Stephanie has a terrible cold, so Michelle tries to take care of her.

Season 4, Episode 4: Slumber party

Joey volunteers to take Stephanie to her first mother-daughter sleepover party after Becky is unable to take her due to her car breaking down. Danny goes through some old memories as Jesse and Joey move their productions into the attic, and Danny tries to let go of his precious items.

Season 4, Episode 5: Good News, Bad News

DJ is promoted to newspaper editor and has Kimmy do sports, but after Kimmy screws up her first assignment, the two go into bitter newspaper and oral arguments. Two subplots have Danny and Becky arguing during a promo for Wake Up, San Francisco and Stephanie trying to avoid Michelle during a game of “Shadow” which involves Michelle copying every word that Stephanie says and copying her every move.

Season 4, Episode 6: A Pinch for a Pinch

Jesse accompanies Michelle to preschool since has to fill in for Joey, only to pull her out after an argument with the teacher and Michelle pinching another student after he pinched her. Meanwhile, Stephanie fears the worst after reading her horoscope from the middle school newspaper and Joey gets a filling.

Season 4, Episode 7: Viva Las Joey

Joey performs in Las Vegas, but – surprisingly – comes face-to-face with his strict, estranged father, Colonel Gladstone.

Season 4, Episode 8: Shape Up

D.J. tries to lose weight for Kimmy’s pool party, but her choice of an exercise routine includes no food for several days, which puts her at a dangerous risk and Stephanie in a bad position.

Season 4, Episode 9: One Last Kiss

Jesse attends his ten-year high school reunion, but reunites with his old girlfriend, Carrie (Erika Eleniak) – even though he is engaged to Becky. In the sub-plot, Stephanie hosts a birthday party for Comet. The birthday party then becomes a search party when one of the dogs goes missing.

Season 4, Episode 10: Terror in Tanner Town

Rusty, the son of Danny’s girlfriend, Cindy, pulls a number of pranks on the Tanners, such as Danny getting his hair green from the shampoo, Jesse spilling salt, Joey spilling milk, Danny having the tablecloth tucked into his pants and pulling the dinner off the table, giving D.J. and Stephanie gum that blackens their teeth, Rusty feeding Comet the rump roast while D.J. and Stephanie are washing him, locking Jesse, Becky, Stephanie, and D.J. in their rooms, taping over Joey’s tape, making Danny fall into a mud puddle while he and Rusty are playing football and getting Michelle’s eye painted black from looking into his kaleidoscope. Danny learns that he’s been doing all that because his parents are divorced and he wants his parents to get back together. In the end the sisters pull the perfect prank on him for revenge: When he opens the cupboard, Michelle starts spraying whipped cream and her sisters join in.

Season 4, Episode 11: Secret Admirer

During the Tanners’ family picnic, Rusty – intrigued by DJ’s liking for Ricky, the paperboy – types a love note for D.J. as a prank, and tells Michelle to give it to her sister and say it’s from the paperboy. However, Michelle mistakenly gives it to Stephanie and says it’s from Rusty. Through a chain reaction, Danny’s girlfriend, Cindy, believes that Joey loves her, Joey believes Cindy loves him, Becky believes that Danny loves her, Kimmy believes that Jesse loves her, Jesse believes that either Danny or Joey is in love with Becky, Danny and Joey both believe that Becky loves them, and, ironically fooled by his own prank, Rusty believes that D.J. loves him. Finally, Michelle tells them that Rusty typed the note, and they all chase him. This episode was implied to be a spoof of Secret Admirer, a 1985 film in which Lori Loughlin, who plays Becky, co-starred.

Season 4, Episode 12: Danny in Charge

While Jesse and Joey are out of town, Danny tries to become “Superdad” and spend time with his daughters “all by himself”, but problems ensue when he finds that he has two events at the same time. Stephanie wants him to come to her science fair and DJ wants him to come to her drama festival. Meanwhile Jesse and Joey attempt to film a fox in the wilderness for an advertisement. Michelle turns four in the beginning of the episode, finishing her birthday cake in bed after the guys tuck her in.

Season 4, Episode 13: Happy New Year

Danny and Jesse set up Joey with a date for New Year’s Eve, but he becomes so smitten with her that he wants to elope. Meanwhile, Rusty convinces Stephanie that he is going to kiss her at midnight, but when midnight comes and Rusty reveals he was just kidding, Stephanie ends up kissing him.

Season 4, Episode 14: Working Girl

Danny allows D.J. to get her first job to earn money for the new sneakers she really wants, as long as she can keep her grades up. But D.J. is in a lot of trouble when she gets an “F” on her science test and Kimmy changes it to look like an “A.” Meanwhile, Michelle drives everyone crazy with politeness week at preschool. Also, Becky and Jesse attempt to agree on a place for their wedding before finally deciding to marry in San Francisco, thanks to a suggestion from Joey.

Season 4, Episode 15: Ol’ Brown Eyes

Danny wants to sing with Jesse’s band at D.J.’s school fundraiser to prove to D.J. that he can be “hip and cool”, but D.J. is totally humiliated by the idea. Meanwhile, Michelle hides Jesse’s ring when no one else wants to play “hot and cold” with her, and her game with Joey goes awry when the ring is gone.

Season 4, Episode 16: Stephanie Gets Framed”

Stephanie has to get a pair of eyeglasses, which makes her feel “like a geek”. When Julie’s (D.J.’s friend) cousin, Steve Urkel is in San Francisco for the big science fair, Julie and D.J. get irritated with him, and he meets Danny and Jesse who are also irritated by him; later, he meets Michelle, who he finds has a lot in common with him about money. When Stephanie meets Steve, he helps her out with her glasses dilemma. Taking his advice, she borrows all of Joey’s funny glasses, but the teacher confiscates them. Meanwhile, Michelle learns how to use a piggy bank. Jesse is confused about whom to pick for his best man – Joey or Danny.

Season 4, Episode 17: A Fish Called Martin

Michelle wins a goldfish at a carnival, but then gives it its first – and last – bubble bath, and it dies. Later, Danny gives her a big fish tank, but she is worried that she will kill another innocent fish. In the subplot, Becky teaches the family (and a reluctant Jesse) square dancing for their upcoming wedding.

Season 4, Episode 18: The Wedding” (Part 1)

Jesse and Becky’s wedding day arrives but a talk with Becky’s father the night before the wedding makes Jesse become nervous about possibly losing his life. So in an attempt to have “one last adventure” as a single man, Jesse has Joey take him parachuting, which ends up with him getting stuck in a tree.

Season 4, Episode 19: The Wedding” (Part 2)

Continuing from the previous episode, Jesse remains caught in a tree after jumping out of Joey’s airplane. He eventually gets down, but ends up in jail for smashing someone’s tomatoes in “Tomato Country.” Becky goes to bail Jesse out, and in the end, they finally marry, and Jesse plays the song “Forever” for her. After the party, Jesse and Becky ride off on Jesse’s motorcycle to go on their honeymoon.

Season 4, Episode 20: Fuller House

Now a married man, Jesse moves out of the Tanners’ house, only to realize that he misses his family very much, especially Michelle; Becky comes up with a solution. In the sub-plot, Stephanie struggles to learn fractions.

Season 4, Episode 21: The Hole-in-the-Wall Gang

D.J. and Stephanie accidentally put a hole in Danny’s bedroom wall during a fight. Meanwhile, Jesse attempts to make a makeshift apartment in the attic for him and Becky.

Season 4, Episode 22: Stephanie Plays the Field

Stephanie becomes the new star pitcher for Danny’s Little League Baseball team, but her “boyfriend”, who’s on their rival team, tries to bribe her into throwing him “easy pitches”. Along the way, Michelle is locked out of Uncle Jesse’s room when he is with Becky.

Season 4, Episode 23: Joey Goes Hollywood”

Joey auditions for a TV sitcom, Surf’s Up, which stars Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello. Also, Stephanie wants to change her first name after continuous taunting, and Michelle is running up the phone bill by calling Tokyo, Japan.

Season 4, Episode 24: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

D.J. has Becky cover for her while she sneaks out to see a boy she likes. Meanwhile, back at the Tanner household, Stephanie teaches Michelle a lesson about fibbing, and Danny shows off his billiard skills when Jesse gets a pool table.

Season 4, Episode 25: The Graduates

Feeling that his youth is fleeting, Danny tries to be young again by “hanging out” with a college student. DJ makes a speech for her junior high graduation, and Jesse helps with Michelle’s preschool graduation song. Stephanie feels left out because (in Danny’s words) she’s “only” going from third to fourth grade, and wishes she could have a cap/gown graduation like DJ and Michelle for going into “upper elementary”.

Season 4, Episode 26: Rock the Cradle

Jesse and his band are going on tour for the summer, but plans change when Jesse and the family find out that Becky is pregnant.

Full House Season 4 Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A family full of love laughter and lessons that are somehow relatable and yet not.

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