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Full House Season 7 Summary

Season 7, Episode 1: It was a Dark and Stormy Night

D.J., Stephanie, and Michelle anxiously return to the site of their summer camp, but they are surprised with how everything turns out. Meanwhile, Nicky and Alex will not sleep in their own beds, preferring Jesse and Becky’s bed.

Season 7, Episode 2: The Apartment

Steve moves into his own apartment, and D.J. is excited about how much privacy she and Steve can get over there, but a worried Danny spies on them through a window when D.J. breaks curfew. Meanwhile, Michelle is unable to find a hobby for Hobby Day at school, so she begins collecting leaves from the yard, much to Stephanie and Danny’s dismay. Jesse and Joey try to pave the driveway – with disastrous results.

Season 7, Episode 3: Wrong-Way Tanner

While playing a soccer game, Michelle accidentally scores the winning goal for the opposing team. Her team gets angry at her, which leaves Michelle feeling terrible and never wanting to play soccer again by feigning a broken leg. Joey isn’t fooled and tells her that she shouldn’t let others bring her down for making one unintentional mistake. Meanwhile, Stephanie is videotaping her family for a school project, but catches all of them in humiliating moments.

Season 7, Episode 4: Tough Love

Jesse and Becky, with some guidance from the rest of the family, realize that the twins are not being disciplined enough, when they roam aimlessly around the house and end up destroying Michelle’s science project. Danny bribes the girls to pretend to like Vicky’s cooking.

Season 7, Episode 5: Fast Friends

Stephanie goes to junior high school, and attempts to make new friends, thanks to a new redistricting plan. However, the group she meets tries encouraging her to smoke cigarettes. Meanwhile, D.J., Kimmy, and Steve join Jesse and Joey on a special segment of their radio show, of which Jesse and Joey argue about the segment’s title.

Season 7. Episode 6: Smash Club: The Next Generation

Jesse inherits the “Smash Club”, but needs a bank loan because the place needs to be brought up to code. During an interview, Jesse uses D.J., Stephanie, and Michelle to help him pass code inspections. Meanwhile, Michelle gets two new assistants: Nicky and Alex.

Season 7, Episode 7: Hugh Anxiety

Danny forgets how fast Michelle is growing up, and unintentionally treats her like a baby. Michelle gets mad at Danny, and he agrees to let her grow up and be a “big girl”, even though it hurts so much. Meanwhile, Jesse struggles on making decisions for the reopening of the Smash Club.

Season 7, Episode 8: Another Opening, Another No Show

Jesse officially opens the “Smash Club”, but inadvertently gets locked in a storage closet with Kimmy, and other calamities ensure. The kids become waiters and Danny is mostly hyper from drinking too much coffee. Ben Stein makes a guest appearance.

Season 7, Episode 9: The Day of the Rhino

Michelle and Denise get “ripped off” when they order Rigby the Rhino dolls that end up being miniature plastic figures. They, Stephanie, Kimmy and Joey protest at a Rigby showing. Meanwhile, D.J. and Steve face their own problems when preparing for an opera, including hair and focus with Danny, Jesse, Becky and Vicky

Season 7, Episode 10: The Prying Game

Stephanie incurs DJ’s anger when she tries to investigate Steve after witnessing him flirting with another girl. Meanwhile, Danny, Jesse, and Joey try to sell a new hair-spraying product on an infomercial, but they find out that it was already made via a live phone call directly from its inventor.

Season 7, Episode 11: The Bicycle Thief

Michelle loses her bike and assumes that someone stole it. Jesse, Danny, and Joey each go look for the bike, but they unintentionally steal three bikes that look like Michelle’s. The neighborhood “crime catchers” (Kimmy and Mrs. Carruthers) start to investigate, while the family hopelessly tries to hide the stolen bikes.

Season 7, Episode 12: Support Your Local Parents

Jesse and Becky join a local support group when Nicky and Alex will not interact with other children in their playgroup, just each other. Meanwhile, D.J. gets a traffic ticket for vision obstruction when Kimmy decides to air out her socks by sticking her feet out the window of the car. Stephanie and Michelle blackmail D.J. with the ticket to take her clothes from her closet.

Season 7, Episode 13: The Perfect Couple

Joey gets a job as the host of a local game show, The Perfect Couple. He gets the family to do the first show with him, with D.J. and Steve as the dating couple, Jesse and Becky as the married couple, and Danny and Vicky as the engaged couple. Vicky cannot make it on time, so Danny has to pair up with an old woman named Estelle. The director of the show tells Joey to embarrass the contestants, and he does, much to the family’s dismay. At the end of the show, Vicky arrives and tells Danny that she accepted a job as a network anchor in New York City. Danny tells her that he cannot take a long-distance relationship, and the two break off their engagement and break up, although they still have feelings for each other. Back at home, Kimmy babysits Stephanie, Michelle, Nicky and Alex and has trouble getting Nicky and Alex into their pajamas and in bed.

Season 7, Episode 14: Is It True About Stephanie?

Gia (Marla Sokoloff) and Stephanie both have a crush on Jamie, the new boy in school. When Jamie asks Stephanie out on a date, Gia is enraged and attempts to make her life miserable if she does not cancel it. Stephanie and her friend Mickey attempt to take revenge against Gia and then learn that it is not the right way to go.

Season 7, Episode 15: The Test

D.J. is nervous about taking the upcoming SAT test. The night before the test is given, D.J. has a nightmare about the test going all wrong. Meanwhile, Michelle goes overboard with her whistle reporting “safety violations”.

Season 7, Episode 16: Joey’s Funny Valentine

oey’s girlfriend, Roxy (Felicia Michaels), meets the family for the first time, but then makes fun of them during her stand-up comedy routine, which alienates the Tanners. Meanwhile, after finding the parrot of a huge store owner, the girls get a store credit, but what will they get?

Season 7, Episode 17: The Last Dance

Jesse’s grandfather, Papouli, comes to visit the Tanner family. During his visit, a strong relationship builds between him and Michelle. He promises Michelle that, for show and tell at school, he will come and do a Greek dance with her. Sadly, Papouli dies of a heart attack in his sleep the night before. Everyone is mourning, but especially Michelle and Jesse, due to their strong relationship with Papouli. Jesse ends up saving the day by going to school with Michelle and doing the dance for show and tell. Two subplots: DJ and Kimmy get into a fight over a pair of sunglasses, and Danny fulfills a longtime dream of his and Joey’s by buying a boat. Both stories tie in with the main plot as the men decide to christen the boat “Papouli”, and Kimmy and DJ resolve their feud after Steve intervenes by informing Kimmy, offscreen, about what happened to Papouli.

Season 7, Episode 18: Kissing Cousins

The series returns to comedic form when Jesse comes home from Papouli’s funeral in Greece. To the family’s shock – Jesse brings back his sleazy doppelgänger cousin Stavros, who ends up taking advantage of the Tanners’ generosity and kindness. Stavros later apologizes, claiming his village was destroyed in an accident, for which the family stages a dance marathon at the Smash Club. However, he actually lied and was planning to go to Orlando, Florida, which comes to light when Rebecca tricks him into revealing his plan over the club’s PA system which angers the family and Jesse kicks Stavros out of his life. Jesse initially plans to end the dance-off, and return the swindled money, but the family and patrons opt to continue it, and donate the money to a children’s hospital.

Season 7, Episode 19: Love on the Rocks

Feeling that her relationship with Steve has drifted apart, D.J. explores all other options, before ultimately breaking up with him. Meanwhile, Joey plays a pre-April Fool’s Day prank on the family and they try to get back at him with a prank of their own, involving a lottery ticket.

Season 7, Episode 20: Michelle a la Carte

Michelle decides to enter a Soap Box Derby. She and Becky begin working on the car that Michelle will ride, but Michelle quits after a fellow racer makes fun of her for being a “girl racer” and saying girls are not good with cars. However, Danny and Jesse help Michelle prove her fellow racers wrong. Subplots include D.J. trying to deal with her recent breakup and Stephanie teaching Joey ballet.

Season 7, Episode 21: Be Your Own Best Friend

Michelle is assigned a project to draw the outline of her best friend on paper, but Teddy moves back to San Francisco, leaving Michelle to choose between Denise (new) and Teddy (old) with their possessions. Meanwhile, Jesse feels left out when Joey and his girlfriend, Roxy, hog the mic on Jesse and Joey’s radio show.

Season 7, Episode 22: A Date with Fate

D.J. and Danny go out on separate blind dates, but end up alone together at the same restaurant. Jesse prepares for Mother’s Day, but the twins want to celebrate it a day early, much to his chagrin.

Season 7, Episode 23: Too Little Richard Too Late

Joey decides to run for PTA President to help save Michelle’s art class, but finds it hard to compete with Mrs. Carruthers’ extensive promotion campaign, only for Denise’s uncle, Little Richard to come in to help.

Season 7, Episode 24: A House Divided

The whole family complains about the lack of space in the house, including Joey hogging the bathroom for an hour when DJ needs to use it and Stephanie complaining about Michelle using the room to practice “Down in the Valley” with her harmonica when she needs the same room to study homework and projects. But when a millionaire (Keene Curtis) who lived in the Tanner house growing up wants to buy it from Danny, offering twice as much money as the house is worth, everyone agrees and is excited about moving and starting new lives, except little Michelle, and she will stop at nothing to stay in “the only house she’s ever lived in”.

Full House Season 7 Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

It really feels like we are growing up with D.J, Michelle and Stephanie. More lessons both as a child and as an adult, great parenting advice and fun.

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