T.V. Series Review: CatDog Season 4

CatDog Season 4 Trailer

CatDog Season 4 Summary

Season 4, Episode 1, 2 and 3: CatDog and the Great Parent Mystery

The Nearburg parent day festival is happening and CatDog are feeling left out. Dog eventually convinces Cat to go on a parent hunt. Along the way, they run into aliens, a sea monster, fire ants, and hillbillies. Eventually, they find their parents, a frog and Sasquatch, only to be told they do not know where CatDog came from and that they are CatDog’s foster parents; it turns out they were separated by a tornado when CatDog was a baby. Since then, they have searched for their true parents. Winslow then shows up confronting them for leaving, but when offered to stay, he rejects the idea and leaves. Suddenly, the Greaser Dogs and the other characters they have met gang up on them for the trouble they’ve caused. Luckily, they are flown back to Nearburg by another tornado. Everyone else was gobbled up by the sea monster that popped up afterwards.

Season 4, Episode 4: Harasslin’ Match/ Dog the Not-So-Mighty

Harasslin’ Match: Winslow’s niece and nephew humiliate their uncle and force him to leave the house, following Winslow’s family tradition.
Dog the Not-So-Mighty: Cat refuses to be Dog’s superhero sidekick anymore, but then he realizes how popular “Mighty Dog Day” is and wants his position back

Season 4, Episode 5: Mean Bob, We Hardly Knew Ye/ CatDog in Winslowland

Mean Bob, We Hardly Knew Ye: Dog starts a fight at the Mean Bob theater production and causes the actor who plays Mean Bob to lose his memory. CatDog brings him back to their house only for Dog to make him think he is the real Mean Bob.
CatDog in Winslowland: Cat tricks Dog into going into Winslow’s house, where they learn of Winslow’s secret life.

Season 4, Episode 6: Cat Gone Bad/ The Old CatDog and the Sea

Cat Gone Bad: CatDog’s new “cool” cat neighbors keep CatDog awake at night, and soon Cat wants to be just as cool as them.
The Old CatDog and the Sea: While appearing on a talk show named “Talkin’ with Tallulah”, CatDog make up a tale about a catdog who hunts a swordfish named for Saw-Nose.

Season 4, Episode 7: Cone Dog/ The Ballad of Ol’ 159

Cone Dog: Dog is forced to wear a cone on his head after experiencing an ear injury.
The Ballad of Ol’ 159: Pete the Polecat sings a ballad about a garbage truck called Ol’ 159.

Season 4, Episode 8: Vexed of Kin/ Meat, Dog’s Friends

Vexed of Kin: Cat thinks his parents love Dog more than him.
Meat, Dog’s Friends: Dog finds out that meat comes from animals, which causes him to have a crisis of conscience since his friends are animals

CatDog Season 4 Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

This season is short and just eh. Had a weird ending to it.

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