Short Movie Review: Gerri’s Game

Gerri’s Game Trailer

Gerri’s Game Summary

In an empty park in a large city, the title character, Geri, brushes the leaves off a table and sets up a chessboard. He proceeds to play a chess game against himself, playing the parts of both participants by moving to opposite sides of the board and either removing or replacing his glasses. The “player” without the glasses is aggressive and confident, while the “player” with the glasses is timid and makes several mistakes. The confident player soon captures all the timid player’s pieces except the King – the timid player fakes a heart attack and falls to the ground, startling the other, who quickly starts to take his own pulse. The timid player surreptitiously turns the board around so the confident player has only the King left and he has nearly all his pieces. He then gets up and tells the confident player he is all right, and takes his turn. The confident player, confused, concedes defeat and gives the timid player the prize – his false teeth. The camera pans back to remind the audience only one person was playing the game the entire time.

Gerri’s Game Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Pixar Shorts are the absolute best. Funny, captivating and a great way of storytelling in a short span with very little spoken word. Great for all ages, especially Gerri’s game.

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