Book Review: Xtreme Ops Book #2 To The Xtreme by Em Petrova

Summary of Xtreme Ops Book #2 To The Xtreme by Em Petrova

Special Operative and second-in-command for the Xtreme Ops team, Harris Lipton, aka Lip, finds himself sidelined after an accident. Then he’s saddled with a free-spirited hippie park ranger set on nursing him—and driving him crazy with a cute factor he never saw coming. 

Pain-in-the-neck Lipton is demanding and bossy with monumental ideas about nabbing the park bomber…but he does have enough fire in him to warm her through the coldest of Alaskan nights.

While they band together with the Xtreme Ops team to stop the criminal, they find enough time alone to discover that opposites DO attract. With sparks flying and a heavy mix of sexy chemistry, danger and passion, what they’re discovering is how to create some fireworks of their own in this extreme adventure.

Review of Xtreme Ops Book #2 To The Xtreme by Em Petrova

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This spicy vanilla book is action packed. While the erotic scenes are vanilla in terms of positions, it was still enjoyable on all levels. Liption is exactly what you would want in a man when it comes to protectiveness, sexiness and finally letting loose. His actions prove his feelings for Jenna. Jenna on the other hand is very relatable with her mix of masculine and feminine energy. Despite having Lipton over power her at times, she is relentlessly stubborn, just as he is.

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